Forget Me Not

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Chapter 15
Irish up and out of bed, with a clean bill of health. The doctors
just wanted her to take it easy and be careful for another week. Her
body was sore and a little bruised. She agreed as she was given
papers to sign, releasing her and her clothes. She handed the papers
back for them to process as she put her clothes on and waited. When
she walked out of the room and to the desk, she was given her
papers, free to leave. She was in the wheelchair being rolled out
toward the lobby door as the nurse asked her did she have a way
back. Irish didn't think that far ahead and was about say no, when a
voice spoke for her. "Yes, she does. I `m taking her." Irish looked
in front of her as the nurse looked up and saw Justin in a brand new
brown suede jacket, over a tan turtleneck and tan jeans. She looked
down as the nurse talked to him and handed her papers to him. Justin
silently, rolled Irish to Cherokee 4x4 jeep outside. He helped her
in and then got in himself as they buckled up and he drove away. He
asked for the jeep because it would get them both safely to her
place or the lodge without any problems. He didn't want a driver
this time, though his mother had to be reassured more than once that
everything would be fine.

Justin knew she would treat him different. Not because he has his
memory back, but because he had to leave her life and it would break
her heart. They finally arrived at her house. Silence still
surrounded them as the snow was mush around her home and the only
sound was drops of water falling off the half-melted icicles hanging
from the trees and roof. She unlocked her front door and turned on
a few lights as Justin walked in and closed the door. He looked
around the bright living room and sighed. He felt like he was coming
home in a way. Irish went to make her a hot drink as Justin
followed. He tried to gather up courage to tell her what they both
were scared to deal with when he was just Justin with no memory.

Irish stirred her mug of hot apple cider as she kept her back to him
and began to speak. "You know Justin; I forgot to tell you that you
and Britney broke up because she was pregnant." Justin's mouth
dropped as his face was full of shock. "What?! Irish, that isn't
true! Britney has never been pregnant with my child. She and I broke
up because of-." Justin stopped talking as he figured out what she
was doing. She turned around looking into the cup as she carefully
sipped the hot liquid. Her eyes were filled with tears that didn't
fall. "When did you get your memory back?" She quietly asked him.
Justin walked up some and answered question with a question. "When
did you know I got it back?" Irish quietly finished the hot liquid
as the last drop heated up her throat. She swallowed once more
before answering. "I wasn't sure. But you seem different that when
you didn't know who you were." Justin sighed as he slowly stepped to
her. "I saw you gasp and the ice cracked and you fell under.
Instinct took over and I went after you. I tried to grab you and
pull you up, but the weight of your clothes plus other things I
began to almost pass out." He closed the distance and eased the
hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. "Then I began to
see flashes of my whole life. It all came back to me, Irish. So, I
am finally over that hurdle. One more hurdle to go over." "A-And
what is that?" She stuttered as the tears won the battle to fall.
He agonized at the pain in her face and caressed it as he whispered
to her. "Us."