Forget Me Not

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Chapter 8


Another day came as light shone through the window more. Justin was
the first one up and looking out the bedroom window to see the sun
shone brightly enough to melt a bit more. The snow was low enough,
where you could open the window if you wanted to. He eased from
under Irish to get out of bed and went to the front door. He opened
it to see snow melting ,but standing about waist level. He closed
the door and locked it back. He wasn't ready to try to dig his way
out. He wanted to stay here with her and enjoy her while he had
time. But time wasn't on his side. So he let nature melt it away. He
saw on TV how worried the people who said they were his friends and
family, are. But he was falling in love with Irish. And she was the
one thing that was his right now. He didn't have to share her or be
bothered. He sighed and went into the bathroom and changed the
dressings on his wounds. He remembered how she took care of him,
these few weeks. He had been making mental notes on what she did.
Incase he was in need and she was too tired.

He finished ,then cleaned up the bathroom before taking some of the
baby aspirin. He sighed as he took a look in the mirror. His curly
hair was getting long and his face grew a beard. He looked like how
he felt. A different person. He would have to ask Irish about a
razor and some shears to trim him up. He took a shower and had a
quick flash. There was a girl. She was blonde and nice looking. But
she had a mean look on her face. They were arguing. Before he knew
it, he got fed up and walked out the door on her. Justin gasped and
shook his head. It must have been a girlfriend, or former by the
looks of that memory. He decided to ask Irish about that too.

Irish, finally opened her eyes to see the bright sun shine through
the window and Justin nowhere in sight. She did smell something
wonderful coming from the kitchen. She got up and put on a shirt and
a pair of jogging pants and her slippers. She waked into the kitchen
but it was clean and no one there. So, she walked into the den and
saw Justin on a warm blanket on the floor watching TV with enough
food for two people. He looked up at her and
smiled. "Hey,sleepyhead. You finally got up. I was thinking I had to
come in there and find a way to wake you up." She sat down and
grabbed her plate before giving him a kiss. "Ooh. Sounds
interesting. Maybe I can go back to sleep later and you can try."
She laughed and looked at the food on the plate. "You, cooked
breakfast?" "Sure, I just watched you a couple of times. It was
actually easier than I thought." He said as the snuggled and
ate ,while watching TV. "Wait. Don't I know how to cook?" Irish bit
into a piece of pancake and shrugged. "I don't know." Justin nodded
and sighed softly. "Irish, I had another flash." She perked up and
looked at him. "About what?" "About this pretty blonde girl. We
were arguing and I walked out on her." "Britney." She whispered.

"Britney? Is that the pretty blonde in the teen magazine with me?"
He asked in mid chew. "Yes. She's your girlfriend. But by the flash
you described and the rumors I heard, she might be your ex-
girlfriend." Justin finished his food and took a drink of orange
juice before asking the question Irish knew was next. "What rumor?"
Irish sighed heavy and pushed her plate away and cleared her throat
before speaking. "That she was unfaithful. And the trust between you
was broken. That is all I heard. Only you and she know all the
details." Irish watched Justin's face fall as he leaned his head
back, when he had another flash of Britney and him arguing and they
both were walking away in different directions.
Justin sat his head back up and groaned. But he couldn't figure if
it was from the flash of memory or the headache it brought.