Forget Me Not

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Chapter 14

After getting checked out by the doctors ,they stitched his old
wounds from the accident. They ripped open as pieces of ice banged
into him in the water. He sat at Irish's side as she lay
unconscious still. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked
up. "Hey. How's Mom?"
"Ready to get you back to the lodge and then back home. I can safely
say she won't come back." They both chuckled. JC watched the look
on his friend's face and spoke. "Justin, why do I get the feeling
that long story you told us, has more to it." Justin looked at JC `s
soft smile and smiled himself. "Because it does. But I'm not ready
to tell you that part, C. When I do, I only want to tell you. It's
too private for everyone to know. And I am sure she doesn't want the
whole world in her business." JC nodded as they both got up and left
the room to go back to the lodge where his family and friends, and
old life waited for him.

~A week later~
Justin settled back into his old habits when he was awake, but the
moment it was time to sleep, he found himself back with Irish. To
when he was laughing and kissing her. Making love with her. Tonight,
as he lay in bed in his room, he dreamt he was at the hospital
going to her room. He heard doctors in her room saying how she
doesn't want to wake up. "Her dreams are keeping her unconscious.
Why wake up, when the love in her dreams is better?"
Justin bolted up out of his sleep as he looked around and grabbed
some clothes. He put on a fresh pair of jeans and a gray sweater and
slipped on his new snow boots. He went downstairs into the huge
lobby and asked for a driver. He followed the driver to a car and
got in , telling him he wanted to go to the hospital.
Once there, Justin left a message for everyone telling them where he
was . He went to the floor and slipped into her room. He grabbed a
nearby chair and sat down next to her bed. Taking her hand , he
leaned near her ear and began to whisper. "Hey, sweetheart. Wake up
for me. Don't take the easy way and go deep asleep. I have good
news. I need you awake to tell you." Justin's eyes watered as he
moved closer to kiss her passionately. He was about to move away ,
when she began kissing him back. The kiss deepened a bit more.
Justin reluctantly pulled away to see her face. Her brown eyes full
of tears and she spoke hoarsely. "Was that what you meant when you
told me you would have to find out a way of waking me up?" Irish
looked at him as the tears flowed down her face. He sniffed back
the tears that welled up in his eyes and nodded. "I told you I would
have to figure a way."
"So what is the good news?" "You heard me?" "Yes, Justin. I was
sleep, not in a coma. I didn't want to face whatever was waiting."
Justin thought about his dream and kissed her on her forehead. "I
will save it for when you get out of here. I'll come back to pick
you up tomorrow." He kissed her again and left out the door.