Forget Me Not

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Chapter 5


Justin got up and got the den ready with items he found in her
bathroom and bedroom. He set up the floor and couch area. Then he
went to the TV to check and see if the channels were finally
working. They all were still static and fuzzy. He then remembered
her showing him how to work her old vcr and he went through the
video tapes she had on a shelf. He grabbed a couple and played then
to see what was on them. One was a movie. Then the next two were
music videos. The last one had some songs from *NSYNC. He pushed
pause on the remote and looked around to see if the den was
finished. He smiled and pushed play as he wondered if he was a fast

Irish finally finished cleaning the kitchen, living room, and
bedroom. She found her old weather radio and put some fresh
batteries in and tuned on. The automatic announcement report, stated
that the blizzard knocked lost of lines in the surrounded area of
the ski resort, the lines varied in different areas. Irish made a
mental note and agreed. Her phone line and the TV channels were out.
Thank goodness her electricity was still working and the pipes
didn't freeze.

Feeling tired she turned off the all the lights except the stove
light and wearily headed toward the bedroom, when she heard Justin
in the hallway. "Irish?! Can you come to bathroom? There seems to be
a problem." Irish sighed and headed to the bathroom door and opened
it. What she saw made her gasp.

There was the tub decorated in lavender scented candles and the glow
gave off a warm feeling peace and serenity. She choked on her voice
as she tried to speak."W-What seems to be the problem?"

Justin stepped from the shadow to walk up behind her and turn her to
face him. "The problem is that you needed to be in that warm,
relaxing tub twenty minutes ago." He smiled as he slowly unbuttoned
her shirt and took off her sweats.

Silently, Irish gave in and let Justin take off her clothes. Justin
became concerned at how quiet she was and thought she was
angry. "Irish, are you okay?" "MMM-huh." Was all she muffle as
Justin completely stripped her down and helped her into the tub. He
eased her head back and started to wash it with the pear shampoo and
conditioner that was in the closet. He gently washed it as he heard
a soft sigh. He looked at the candlelight reflect off of her face
and saw a smile.

He smiled at the fact it made her day. He finished washing her hair,
when she began to speak. "Thank you, Justin. You didn't have to do
this." Justin started to wash her arms and legs. "You saved me. Now,
I want to repay you." He shrugged, even though she couldn't see him.
He gently caressed the plush bath sponge on her feet and, then used
a scrub to wash her back. "Okay, my time is up." Says as he gets up
and turned on the light. Irish opened her eyes and sat up a
bit. "What? That's it? Why?" Justin laughed a bit as he headed for
the door and opened it. "I have to leave the room. There is more.
And because, there are places I am not allowed to bathe, if you
catch my drift."

Justin softly smiled as he blushed, still keeping his back to
her. "Take your time. And your big towel to dry off with is right
next to your robe." He said before leaving. Irish stared at the
door, before she hurried to finish her bath. She wondered what else
he had planned.

She had finished up, then got out and drained the tub. She blew out
the candles and dried off. She wrapped her hair up and slipped on
the robe and her slippers. She opened the door and went looking for
Justin. She searched, until she saw the den was dimly lit. Walking
in, she saw Justin sitting on the couch waiting for her. He stood up
and led her to the couch to lie down and began to give her a full
body massage.

He lightly massage her back, legs, shoulders and head. "Justin, this
was wonderful. Thank you for this day. I won't ever forget it." He
smiled and pulled her to sit up on the couch while he massage her
feet, then he soaked them in a foot spa she had, while he massaged
her hands slowly. "I hope you never forget. But there is one more

Irish looked up from watching him massage her hand. "What, could you
do to top this?" Justin smiled and stopped massaging her left-hand,
to push play on the VCR. There played a music video as Justin
resumed to massage her left hand and began to sing along with the

(A/n: I know there isn't a video for this song, but its fan-fiction.
so I can make-believe there was one.)

Yeah yeah yeah

I don't know how
I don't know why
But girl it seems
You've touched my life
You're in my dreams
You're in my heart
I'm not myself
When we're apart

Justin sung to Irish as she focused on his face. She wasn't sleepy
anymore as his singing, made her hang on every word that floated
from his lips.

Something strange has come over me
A raging wind across my seas
And girl you know that your eyes are to blame
And what am I supposed to do?
(Supposed to do?)
If I can't get over you
(Get over you)
And come to find that you don't feel the same

Without missing a beat, he finished her left hand and moved to her
right hand and massaged that one as he continued to sing.

'Cause I'm falling, falling
Girl I'm falling for you
And I pray you're falling too
I've been falling, falling
Ever since the moment
I laid eyes on you

I've been falling falling, falling falling, falling
When I laid eyes on you
I've been falling falling, falling falling, falling

Through the dimly lit room, she watched how Justin's eyes sparkled.
Irish could feel his strong hands kneading into hers. He took care
of each finger and caressed her knuckles. She even noticed that he
lingered some when he massaged her palm.

I lose my step
I lose my ground
I lose myself
When you're around
I'm holding on
For my life
To keep from drowning
In your eyes

Justin finished her right hand and set it in her lap and moved up to
sit next to her. He took her face in his hands and made sure she
heard the next lines.

Girl what have you done to me?
(Yeah, yeah)
To make me fall so desperately?
To think that I don't even know your name
(No, no)
And how am I supposed to live?
(Supposed to live?)
If I can't get over this?
(Get over this)
And you decide that you don't feel the same

'Cause I'm falling, falling
Girl I'm falling for you
And I pray you're falling too
I've been falling, falling

Irish's eyes never left his face as she tried to remember this
moment, by recording it in her memory.

Will you stay or will you go?
Heaven knows what my future holds
Questions linger on my mind
From daybreak to dark of night
I'm falling
I don't know what's come over me

Can't you see that I'm falling, falling
Girl I'm falling for you
And I pray you're falling too
(Yeah, yeah)
Falling, falling
(Girl I'm falling, falling)
Ever since the moment
I laid eyes on you
I'm falling...

~falling-sung by *nsync~

Justin didn't care at that moment about his past or what may happen
when or if he gets his memory back in the future. The only thing
that matter was the present with her. He leaned in to kiss her
softly as he utter the last line, looking deep in her eyes as their
lips connected.

The tape moved on to the next video as the kissing started to heat
up. Justin grabbed her arms gently as he pulled them both up.

Standing up, the kissing continued and hands went everywhere. His
all over her and her all over him. In one swift moment, he lifted
her in his arms and took her to the bedroom.

Their lips never left each others. As he kicked the door opened and
laid her on the bed they both stripped the other quickly as she
stopped him.

"Justin. Are you sure? I mean you aren't a virgin. You had have sex
before. You just don't remember right now. And I'm not one either.
But I refuse to do this if you end up feeling bad later or now."
Justin reached out to her face and caressed it. "Do you care about
me?" He asked in a husky voice. "Yes." "Do want me?" He caressed
her shoulders. "Yes." She closed her eyes and melted with each
touch. "Do you need me close as I need you?"

He reached over and grabbed a condom he had out and ready, which he
found deep in his bag. He tore open the wrapper and slip it on as he
waited for her answer. Irish sat quietly before speaking. "You need
me?" She asked in disbelief. "Yes. I feel a connection with you. Not
only cause you saved me. But for the past few days we have been
holed up in your home from a blizzard. And it made us bond faster. I
knew from the first kiss." He smiled at her. Irish touched his right
hand with her left hand and grinned. "I felt the same. I need you,
too." She said as they kissed once more.

Justin laid her down as they started to kiss deeper. He kissed her
all over her body as he listen to her seductive moans. Each moan
made his manhood grow, until he instantly knew he was ready.

He was about to enter inside her, when Irish rolled over with him.
She ended up on top of him and she helped guide him inside of her

"Don't worry. I'll take care of you." She said as she began to move
her body on top of his. He softly smiled as they both felt desire
and warm feelings tingle through out their body, trying to connect.
The energy flowed from him to her and vice versa.

Justin's hands freely roamed upwards on her body. He wanted to
preserve the feel of her skin, her breasts, her lips, her butt. He
right then that he could love her forever, instead of just the
moment in time they have now.

Was he so wrong to wish that the storm would last a bit longer. Like
eternity. Justin reached out to touch her hair and ran his fingers
through it and silently tried to fight the tears that push against
his eyes.

Irish could feel their bodies starting to explode as she knew it was
almost over. She knew that thought could be explained in many ways.
The thought tugged hard at her heart. They both cried out loud as
they felt they were about to climax. Justin pulled himself up as he
held onto her. They moaned and groaned loud as they sat up enjoying
the sensation.

Once they last sound uttered from their lips, Justin pulled her
into a passionate kiss and gently laid her down. He reached down and
pulled himself out of her and felt her breathe against his lips. He
stopped to get up and go to the bathroom. He cleaned himself up and
walked out to see her waiting. She walked in and cleaned herself up.

He went back to bed and saw she put fresh sheets one the bed and
softer pillows to make sure he slept comfortable. He eased in bed as
she went to grab her gown. Justin stopped her and tugged her hand.
She went to him as he held the covers open for her. She noticed he
was still nude and figured that he wanted them to be skin on skin.
She climbed in bed and snuggled with him. As they drifted off to
sleep, Irish started to mumble.

"Justin, I'm falling...."

He bitter sweetly smiled as he held her tightly and silently cried
until he fell asleep.