Forget Me Not

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chapter 2



A pair of blue eyes slowly opened up as they looked around and saw
unfamiliar things in an unfamiliar room as they landed on the body
nearby. A reddish-brown arm linked around the body the eyes belong

The entire body turns to reddish-brown body, to get a better look.
It was a woman. She had dark, thick, long hair that was all over the
pillow she slept on. Her eyelashes were full and thick, curling
perfectly. Her lips were small and the color of her skin.

The body eased from under the reddish-brown's body. The body's hand
lifted the covers' to get up and noticed that both body's had little
clothing on. And that it was bruised. It got up and went to find a
bathroom. It found one and went in.

Irish woke up and noticed that Justin was gone. She grabbed her
shirt and pj pants and started to search the house, when she bumped
into him coming out of the bathroom.

"Ahh!" He screamed. "Ahh!"She screamed back. "Justin, you scared me.
I didn't know where you went." A confused look appeared on his face
and moved closer to her. "Justin? Is that my name? Do I know you? DO
you know me?" It was in that moment, Irish noticed that Justin was
fresh from the shower. Water dripping from every inch of soap-fresh
smelling skin and the towel was perfectly wrapped around his waist,
showing the line of brown-blonde hair leading to places that made
Irish blush. She shook her head quickly as she answered him.

"Yes, Justin is your name. You don't know me. But I know of you."
She swallowed hard as she kept her eyes focused on his face.

He arched an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side. "I-I don't
understand." Irish moved away from him to get the duffle bag she
recovered from his SUV."Here," She said handing it to him. "Here are
some clothes. Get dressed and I will explain everything I know while
I fix us breakfast." She walked out the room to let him get dressed.

Justin was sitting at the table, dressed in a pair of sweats and a t-
shirt and a pair of thermo socks that Irish gave him. He and Irish
were in the middle of eating while she told him of how she heard the
crash and all up to saving him.

"Wow. I guess I owe you my life. If I ever remember it again." Irish
looked up as she took a bite of her pancakes. "Well, what do you
remember?" Justin chewed and swallowed a piece of bacon, before he
answered. "Well, I know of things in basic life and knowledge. I
just don't know of Justin Timber-." "Timberlake." She finished for
him. "Yeah. Or his life. But, I will eternally gratefully, Irish, if
you can help me." He gave a half-smile as he touched her hand. She
touched his hand back with her free one and smiled. "Of course,
Justin. I have a lot of stuff around here in this big house, so I
can help you."