Forget Me Not

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Chapter 11


Justin went back to sleep before the sun came back up. Irish woke up
to his body practically on top of hers, with his arms tightly
wrapped around hers. She tried to get from out of his grip ,but he
was strong. "Justin?" She cleared her throat and found her
voice. "Justin ?! You got to let go. " At that moment he tightened
his grip more. Irish started to laugh and squirm more. "I have to go
to the bathroom and you aren't making it better." Justin open one
eye and looked at her before reluctantly letting her go. She got up
giggling as she hurried to the bath room. Justin open both eyes as
he got up and walked to the front door. The sun heated the snow
more than yesterday. The front stoop was full of slush.

Irish quietly walked up behind Justin and saw the outdoors. It then
hit her why he had such a tight grip on her before. Today's the day
she had been waiting for and scared to meet. The he was going home.
She looked at the clock as to remember the exact time her heart
broke. 7am. Her eyes closed as they walked away from the door and
got ready to eat one more time together.

~7:30 am~
"Okay, everyone make sure you are bundled up." Mr. Peterson told
them. "The sun is shining warm enough to melt the snow. It is still
freezing for our bodies. Now Mr. Chasez and Mrs. Harless, you are
the only two come with me and my crew. I want you to be prepared
for the fact this might be a search and recover. Okay, let's move
out." Mr. Peterson told everyone as the fifteen people climbed in
the three rescue vehicles.
Lynn sat next to JC and whispered in his ear. "Josh, `search and
recover'?" JC sighed and closed his eyes before answering. "It's a
term for a person not alive and just missing."
Lynn grabbed his hand and gripped it tight as she worried, tears
falling fast.