Forget Me Not

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Chapter 7


       The blizzard finally stopped ,but the snow was still piled
high ,still trapping them inside. Justin and Irish were wrapped in
terry cloth robes as the heat gently blew through the vents
throughout the house and bathroom. They sat on the couch snuggled
next to each as the television's channels came through and started
to show . Irish got up and went to the kitchen to make hot
chocolate with marsh mellows ,while Justin channel surfed. He
stopped on an entertainment news program.

"Yes, that is right. Justin Timberlake , member of world known
super -pop group, *NSYNC is missing. He was last heard, heading to
Trout Lake Ski Cabin, up in the mountains right before the terrible
blizzard hit earlier last weekend. So far there is no word on where
he is or if he is alive. Stay tuned for further updates."

JC stood next to Lynn as she sobbed for her missing son. "Ma, he
will be okay. This is Jay we're talking about. Our Curly. He
wouldn't let this blizzard get to him." Lynn looked up at JC with a
heartbroken gleam. "Joshua, help me find my baby. Please?" JC nodded
as he gave her a hug, wondering how he can keep this promise,
without loosing it himself.

Irish stood at the side of the couch as they both watched the news
report and a picture of Justin flash on the screen. She quietly sat
down next to him and handed him, his cup. They quietly sat next to
each other sipping the hot, sweet liquid both deep in thought. Irish
grabbed the remote and flipped to a classic video station and let
it rest there. Justin slowly got up and took both empty cups to the
kitchen and sat them in the sink. He stood there ,deep in thought,
when he heard that sweet voice of the person he was falling for.

"Go." She whispered. He sniffed and looked up and turned to face
her. "What?!" "Go," She said walking up to him. "I can help you dig
out the best ,I can. I can get a small enough hole through to where
you could squeeze through." Justin went to follow her as she left
the kitchen. He spun her back to face him and held onto her
arms. "And what about you?" "I will be fine. This is my home, after
all. You are needed and wanted back home. You mother and family and
friends." She spoke hoarsely and looked away. "And whoever you are
in love with back home."

Justin's heart jerked inside of his body and made her face
concentrate on his and he poured his heart out. "Memory loss or not,
I won't leave you until the snow melts. And then I will search for
my family once I know you are okay. And if or when I get my memory
back, you will never leave my heart." He choked out his words as he
lifted her up in his arms. "Know that I won't ever forget you. I
worry you will forget me." He said as he carried her to the bed.

He pushed play and repeat on the cd player as he took off his
robe and undressed her. Irish looked up toward the CD player,
hearing the beginning chords of "Fallin' ". Reading her mind,
Justin smiled as he grabbed a condom, putting it on. I want us to
make love to this song until it becomes us and we become it." He
whispered against her lips ,before kissing them and making love with
her over and over that night. Each time, brought flashes to his

His mind struggled to find itself completely. To become whole again.
Flashes of him singing came to him. Him singing this song. It made
him smile as he began to sing it to Irish while he slowly made love
to her once again. The gray light from the sky outside shown
through little patches of snow that covered up to the windows and
doors. Hours later, Justin made sure that their bodies were
intertwined under the sheets.

The song was still on replay and it made him want it to be that
song. He wasn't sure if he couldn't stand the song this much before
the memory loss, but right now he down right loved it. He looked
down to Irish snuggling and gripping him tight as she slept. He
didn't realized that his stay here is about to end.
Justin kissed her forehead and snuggled with her as he tried to go
to sleep, holding her tightly as well.

Dusk had finally settled on the house as Justin woke up to Irish
gone. He sat up fast and groaned. He then looked up to see Irish
there with Orange Juice and some baby aspirin. "Sorry, it's all we
have left. I changed your dressing and saw that it all was healed
with scabs. As long as you don't pick at them and keep putting on
this Neosporin, it will help heal it faster then normal. Justin
nodded as he took the aspirin and juice and then handed her back the
He then took the Neosporin and put it to the side as he looked down
and noticed he was wearing boxers. He looked up and smiled. "Irish,
did you put on my boxers?" Irish smiled as she was fully dressed in
pants and t-shirt. "I did. I couldn't take seeing it and wanting
more." She spoke ,cracking a smile. He arched an eyebrow as he put
on a robe and some socks and followed her to the kitchen. He walked
up to her ,slipping his arms around her and kissing her on the back
of the neck. "Ohh, you couldn't take this Mandingo!" He got silly
with her. Irish paused from cooking to turn around and stare at him.

"Justin, where did you hear that word?" Justin grabbed a plate and
helped himself to some just fried chicken ,rice-a-roni, and yams. "I
heard it from a movie in your collection. Some silly comedy." Irish
looked at him and laughed hard as she finished cooking and made her
a plate. "Okay, yeah. Justin that is it. You are my stud muffin."
She smiled as they grabbed their drinks and food and headed for the
den. Kissed her with chicken grease on his lips. "That's my baby."
He continued to eat and got to watch TV.