Forget Me Not

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Chapter 13


The rescue team combed the area the found that Justin's On star
system last recorded before it was destroyed. JC and Lynn walked
around and called his name until a rescuer worker yelled that he
found what was left of Justin's car trapped in snow. Everyone ran
towards it and helped dig it out of the snow the Lynn kept calling
Justin's name, getting no response. They dug out as much as they
could so Mr. Peterson and a few workers searched it. Pulling out
luggage and his wallet, they saw lots of blood. JC started to hang
his head ,holding Lynn when he heard a faint cry.

~11:22 am~
Justin watched Irish fall through the ice and into freezing water.
She tried to pull herself up ,but her puffy coat and bulky clothes
weighed her down much quicker. Acting on instinct, Justin pulled off
his shoes and coat and dove in to get her. The coldness of the water
sent shockwaves through his mind as he searched and looked ,until he
saw her hair. He moved as fast as he could and grabbed the hood of
her coat until she was in his arms. He was loosing strength as he
need to breathe. He was struggling to reach the surface, when his
entire life flashed before his eyes. His childhood, he being on the
Mickey Mouse Club, *NSYNC, his break up with Britney, the accident.
He open his eyes and shot up to the surface and grabbed a piece of
broken ice from the pond with one hand while he struggled to keep
Irish afloat with the other. Right then, he inhaled deeply and let
out an earth shattering scream.

JC, Lynn, and the workers all followed the cry which was more of a
loud scream. "HELP! HELP! HELP US!" They got near a trail and
across from it was pond iced up. Except for the area where they saw
a familiar face. "JUSTIN!" Lynn and JC screamed as they ran to the
edge of the pond. Mr. Peterson and as few workers tied rope to two
workers as they went slowly to the area. "Justin Timberlake?" Mr.
Peterson asked. "Yes!" "Are you okay?" He yelled back as the
workers safely made it to Justin and Irish. "Yes! I'm fine! But
she's in trouble! She fell in the water when the ice broke and has
been out for a bit!" The two workers grabbed Irish first. Worker
one safely took her back to land. While worker two, fished Justin
out and got him back safely. The other workers drove the vehicles
near the area. Once there, they grabbed the bags the saw on the
ground and gave it to JC. Workers spilt up and worked on Irish in
one vehicle while Justin was in the other. Safely inside, they all
were transported to the nearest hospital.

JC and Lynn hugged Justin and talked at the same time. "Mom. C. Calm
down. It's a long story. I was on my way to the lodge……"