Forget Me Not

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Chapter 12


~9:15 am~
Irish finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes as Justin packed
his things in the bag that Irish found with him. They both remained
quiet as she walked into the room and took off her pajamas and
slipped into a pair of jeans. She noticed Justin sat there ready and
dressed , watching her taking her all in. She slipped on a
turtleneck and a sweater. She felt his eyes follow her to the chair
to put on some thermo socks and her snow boots. He walked to her and
gave her the keys to the house as she zipped her puffy coat. She
gently touched his hand as she took the keys. He held her hand and
grabbed his bag with the free one. They walked outside and he let
her go to lock up. They walked in silence for minutes as they went
down the trail. At the end of it, Justin stopped walking. Irish
noticed he wasn't near her and she turned around to see him
standing there. "Justin, what's wrong?" He began to shake his head
and walked up to her. "I can't leave you like this." Her face
saddens as she tried to shrug it off. "Justin you don't belong here.
You don't belong with me or belong to me." She held her head down.
Justin tilted her head back towards his and gave her a deep kiss.

Irish pushed him away and started to walk away." No, Justin! We are
not going to do this! We can't do this to each other anymore. You
can't do this to me anymore. Go home and get your memory back and
live happily ever after!" She yelled over her shoulder as she walked
faster, blinded by her tears. Justin tried to catch up to her as he
saw the end of the steep trail. "Irish! Wait!" She ignored him and
continued walking on. "Justin, I take back what I said. I want you
to just forget me!" At that moment, she crossed over to what Justin
thought was a huge patch of ice. Irish walked across and heard
Justin yell. "Irish!" Irish turned to see how far she walked and
where she walked to. In all her crying, she walked across a frozen
pond and as she moved she heard the ice crack beneath her. She
stayed in the spot as Justin ran to her. The moment he reached her,
she took a step and fell through.