Forget Me Not

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Chapter 4


Morning came and Justin's face was buried deep in Irish thick, long
dark brown hair. As he slept, he inhaled the scent of pears coming
from her scalp. It just made him snuggle deeper.
Irish snuggled deeper also as he tried to find his voice to
speak. "Irish, are you awake?" "Yes. Why?" "I wanted to just lay
here and hold you for as long as I can. When it is all over, I may
not be able to do this again." Irish simply nodded to that truth as
she let him hold her.

"So, what do you want to do today?" She asked breaking the silence
again. "I was hoping you let me take care of you today. I was
reading some of those teen magazines and I want to give you a day of
beauty. I will be your Spa." He smiled. "Wow, then I can't wait."
She kissed his cheek and started to get up. "Where are you going?"
Irish stopped at the door and looked back. "I am going to fix us
breakfast. No playing Spa on an empty stomach. You just rest, until
it's done." He smiled as she walked out of the door.
He had a small flash of memory as he stayed in bed. He sat up about
to jump out of bed to run and tell Irish, but decided not to. For
some reason, he felt it wasn't the right time.
Irish brought in a dinner tray for two, with two bowls, spoons, a
box of cereal and a half of gallon of milk. "Justin, breakfast!"
Irish spoke loudly. Justin sat up and watched her gently set the
tray over his lap while she climbed in bed. He noticed that Irish's
reddish-brown skin looked like the finest silk that money could buy.
At that moment, he smiled and grabbed the box of cereal as he poured
his bowl.

"I love Apple Jacks. The old ones, not the new ones..." Irish
chatted to him as she started to eat. Justin's saw another small
flash of himself, this time pouring the same cereal while talking to
four other guys on a bus. As quickly as it came, the flash of memory
went away. Irish stopped talking as she watched a blank look on his
face and his eyes followed something. He came back quickly. "Justin,
what's wrong?" A pale look of his face made him seem more injured
than before. He swallowed hard as he looked at her concerned
face. "I saw a strange thing." Irish lost her appetite and put the
tray on the table next to he bed. "What? What did you see?" Justin
looked down and started to eat a little of the cereal in the bowl
that was starting to get soggy.

"I saw myself pouring this same cereal and I was on a bus talking to
these four guys. They look real familiar." "The guys." She
whispered as she jumped off the bed and went to get the magazine.

She handed him a book with him and four other guys on the
cover. "*NSYNC." "What?" "Remember, when we watched the tapes,
those are those guys. They are your friends." His brain searched and
remembered. "So, we traveled by bus?" "Yeah, sometimes. And
sometimes by jet, plane, etc.Whatever led you to your destination to
sing at .But, I think you were remembering that this is one of your
favorite cereals." "Really?" "Yeah, in fact if you read that, it
says that you really are grouchy in the morning until you have had
your first bowl." Justin laughed as he skimmed the book and found
the page, where it actually said that. "Well, I like your breakfast
too. And I haven't bitten off your head." Irish smiled as she slowly
got off the bed and grabbed Justin bowl and the tray to take it out
the room." Well, I am very grateful you haven't. I will clean the
kitchen and check on the blizzard while you get your day of spa
ready." She smiled as she left the room.