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After all the guys she didnt want it came down to the two she did.
One fed her soul ,while the other ignited her passion.Which one was
gonna be the one. What will happen to the one who won't get her. If
only she could have both.

rating: NC-17

After a long day at her office,Nikki sighed as she sat in the driver's
seat waitng for the red light to change to green. Ten more blocks
until she's on the highway and on the way home. The traffic light
finally went to green as Nikki started to drive off.
She turned on the radio and heard the smooth sounds of Sade. She drove on until she got on the highway and relaxed from her hard day of work.Listening to Sade always put her in the mood to have a man. She didnt want to go there again. One dork after another. One jerk after another. One dud after another dud.For once she wished that she could have her soul and her passion..it'll be like having your cake and eating it too.

"Yeah, I wish.." She mumbled when all of a sudden her car stalled
after she drove off the highway.Before it got stuck in the middle of the road, she pulled over and got out. She looked around the tires and then smelled smoke . She saw the smoke float up from the hood of her BMW. She grumbled and then kicked the car."Why?! Why now, you
stupid car?!" Nikki grabbed her cellphone and dialed a
number. "Hello, Triple-A ? Hi this is Nikki Ford and my car has
stalled on the corner of 5th and Trent ..Yes off the highway. Well,
it has smoke coming out of it...yes. Twelve minutes?!..Okay, see ya
then." She puts her head in her hnads "I should have wished for a
some tools.." She grummbled."Will, I do?" A deep voice answered.

Nikki looked to see a tall ,handsome , gorgeous man with blonde hanging down to his shoulder and gorgeous , hypnotizing eyes. "You look like you need help. I have tools if you want me to take a
look." "I - I dont talk to strangers." She said looking at him grab his tools off a motorcycle. " I didn't hear you come up." " You were
talking to the 'Triple-A' people, it sounded like. Then you were talking
to your car."
"Oh, well if you wanna help."She said moving out of his way. He took
off his leather jacket and got down to the root of the problem. As
he started to fix the car, Nikki stared at his biceps wondering how
those arm would feel around her. The owner of the biceps, voice called
her back out of her thoughts. "Hey you. I figured the problem out .
It's your motor. Its gone. You'll need a new one. I can wait with
you." "You dont have to." She said swatting her hand as if it didn't
matter. "I think I should. The sun setting . By the time the truck
gets here, the street lamp will be on." " Okay. Thank you. For
everything. By the way, my name's Nikki. Nikki Ford. What's yours?"
She smiled extending her hand. "Jason. Jason Morgan." He took her
hand and smiled back.

"Nice to meet you Jason." She stared at him as her hand stayed in
his. "Is there somwething wrong, Nikki?" His deep voice sent waves
through her body making her wet in a certain place. She thought
about his question and closed her eyes . "Yes, there something
wrong. Why wasn't I warned about my wish comming true?"
"What wish?" Nikki opened her eyes wide and put her hand over her
mouth. Oh, no. I thought I said that in my head. I said it out loud.
In front of him! Damn! Jason just looked in her eyes while she tried
to find a lie or excuse to get herself out of answering him. He was about to ask her again when the Triple -A truck came.
The driver took down her info and then hitched her car to the truck. "Ma'am, do you need a ride?" Nikki was about to say yes, when Jason snapped out of his thoughts."No, she's riding with me." The driver looked at Nikki for answer repsonse, while Nikki looked into Jason eyes and saw a look that needed answers or at least had the answers she
needed. "Yes, he's right. I'm riding with him." "Okay suit yourself.
We'll deliever your car tomorrow evening." "Thank you."

Ater the Triple -A truck left Jason got on his motorcycle and put on
his helmet. He gave her the extra one and reached for her hand.
Nikki put on the helmet and straddled the motorcycle seat with is help. She put her arms around him and held tightly. She made sure he
purse had everything and was on her in a sercure way."Ready?" He
asked. "Ready." She gave him directions before he started off.
The ride lasted fifteen mintues. But when she sat behind him , holding on it felt like forever. Before she knew it, they were at her house. She loved the nice comfy -sized house. It had three bedrooms and two
full sized bathrooms. But the best part was that it was on a private
beach that her and few neighbors shared. She had the most privacy,
since she was at the far end of the beach, blocks apart from her
neighbors. Nikki slowly got off motorcycle and lingered near him.
She didn't want to leave and she didn't him to go either. Sensing
her vibes , Jason got off put the extra helmet back up on the bike.
He then took off his and set it on the motorcycle's seat. He followed
her to the door and then in the house. He took off his leather jacket
and placed it on a nearby sofa. "So , Nikki. Are you gonna tell me
what you meant by that statement you said out loud or should I tell
Nikki turned around and took off her purseand jacket and walked into
the kitchen wet her mouth. With Jason standing so close to her , Nikki's mouth got very thirsty.

"I was thinking about a project for my latest web design. That what I
do ,you know. Design webpages and websites." She said quickly and
continued to drink her bottle of juice. Jason waked to her slowly,
his boots softly clicking on the tile floor. He stood directly in
front of her with only two inches left between them. He took the
bottle and put it on the counter. Then gently he put his left hand on
her back and starts to rub it in small, slow circles. "Well, since
you don't want to tell me, I'll tell you. " He whispers in her ear,
his warm breath making her hot all over."You are a lonely, beautiful,
sexy woman who's been dreaming about someone to hold. Someone to hold
her. Someone to kiss. Someone in her bed, making love to her. Someone
giving her passion." He said as he trailed his soft lips down her
caramel-colored neck. "Heating her desire. Making her wet in places
that haven't been wet by a man in ages." Nikki sighed and closed her
eyes as Jason continued to open up a huge gate that has been sealed
shut for a very long time. "And as she wished one more time for that,
fate stepped in and took over."
Jason's right hand moved up her skirt up and found the key to the gate so he could open it and let it all flow free from her . Nikki gasped when he slid his hand in her
panties and moved it around.Nikki sighed as he lifted her up onto the
counter and continued to whisper.

"Her car stopped working , leaving her stranded and alone again.
That's when her wish and dreams came true and that someone appeared
to her. He saved her from the silence of being alone, even for just a brief time. You wanna know what he's gonna do to save her?" Nikki slowly nodded as she opened her eyes and looked him in the face. "He did
this." Jason lifted her of the counter and wrapped her legs around
his waist and passionately kissed her as he walked down the hall. He
walked into the first room he found and put her on the bed and took
off her clothes. He took inthe sight of her beautiful body and smiled
at her. Nikki then took off his clothes and they started to open
that gate which overflowed with locked up passion,heat, and desire
together. He opened her legs and and slid himself in. Nikki just let
her inner passion flow out and let this gorgeous man take her away.
They constantly swtiched positons, moves and sweet whispers until
there wasn't anything left. At the last climax , they both fell back
on the bed.

After awhile, Jason got up and got dressed. "What happens now,
Jason?" Nikki asked hoping she can she him again."What do you want
to happen?" "I-I, What would you do if you were me?" He finished
zipping up his jeans and started to put on his boots. "Well, if I
were you I'd want to do this again. And maybe take it real, real
slow. And we'll see from there. Would you like that?" Jason said as
he touched her face. "Yes. I would." Nikki said as she got up and
wrapped the sheet around her. She walked him to the door. "Well, I'll
see you around." She said holding the door and the sheet around her
body. "See ya, Nikki." As he got on his motorcycle, she yelled after
him."Jason?" "Yeah?" "Thank you." He smiled and waved."Your're very
welcome, Nikki."
She watched him ride his motorcycle away. She went to her shower, with a smile and thanked whom ever made that wish come true. That's as good as it'll get, I guess. If only she knew that it was gonna get more wonderful and more complicated very soon.