Chapter 2
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A/N: The poems that Justin will speak and/or write are written by
me. The songs he write are gonna be *NSYNC songs or songs from other
The poem "Melanie" was written by me (c).

A month goes by. Nikki only saw Jason two other times. Jason has
given her passion and great sex. But the sex and passion was only
part of her wish. Where was the soul and romance? Nikki looked in her
appointment book to see that she had to go check out an art museum. 
She saw was only a block away from work, so she walked to the museum
and spent her lunch hour and the rest of the day there.
She wanted to get an idea for the website for the museum, so she could present it to the owners. She walked through the doors, taking
in the sites and picking up a few brochures on the place.

After an hour of walking from statue to statue, portrait to portrait;
she stopped in front of this gorgeous painting of an african-
american woman in a beautiful aqua-colored gown that fit every
curve she had and flowed down to her bare feet. Her long, thick
brown hair blew all around. Her head was down as tears came streamed
out of eyes. In the back , there was sillouette of a man walking
away in the distance.

Nikki felt the woman's pain as she tried to figure out the meaning
of the painting. "What happened to you?" Nikki whispered to the
painting."Do you understand what I'm going through?" "Why , is it
that bad?" A male voice whispered, causing Nikki to turn around. She
stood face to face with a tall, handsome man with a small curly
brown afro and the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. He had a look of
concern on his face as if he knew her and was making sure she was

"Um, is what bad?" She said clearing her throat. "What ever you were
trying to ask Melanie." He spoke to Nikki seriously as he stared at
her intently. "Melanie?" "The painting of the african-american woman you were so deeply conversating with." The man said nodded toward the painting "How do you know her name?" Nikki asked amazed, not seeing the name of it anywhere. "I named her. I come here for inspiration. I was here the day she first came to hang on this wall. I had to write about her. She looks like a 'Melanie'. When I saw her
beautiful face, I had to put down all the words I felt that she had
to be feeling."
His voice spoke with emotion as he stared at the face of 'Melanie'. "Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Nikki. Nikki Ford." She said as she remembered that neither of them knew the other's name.

"Justin. Justin Timberlake." He said holding his hand out. She took
his hand and shook it. Justin looked at her and started to speak.

Beautiful black woman
with the deep sad eyes
Her smile is voided from
her face.
The silver tears flow like
a river from her heart.
She searches for something
thats out of reach.
She wants someone that
she can never keep.
She feels a raw pain deep
She has cut off her feelings
for there is no love for her.
Living alone.
Seperated from reality.
Estranged from people
because of confusion.
'Will I ever find love?'
She wonders.
'Will I ever find the
one that completes me
body and soul?
Or will I die before
I'll ever know.'

Nikki stood there with tears in her eyes after Justin finished
reciting the poem he had written about 'Melanie'. So she does
understand what I'm going through. Nikki thought while looking
at 'Melanie' and she wiped her eyes.
"So, do you share her pain?"
Justin asked , trying to read her mind. "So, what do you do for a
living Justin? Are you a writer?" Nikki asked changing the
subject. "I'm a poet/songwriter." He said. "What do you do, besides
talking to paintings in huge museums?" He said trying to make her smile.

"I'm a web designer. Here's my card. And no, I don't normally talk
to paintings. I'm here checking out the museums to get a feel of the
place so I can present the owners of how I'm gonna make their website."
Justin took the card and read it. He then put it in his back jean pocket and looked back at her. He was fasinated with her and wanted to get to know her more.
"So, Nikki are you hungry?" Justin asked her as they started to walk away from the painting. "Why? Are you buying,Justin?" She smiled. "Depends. Do you like collard greens, yams, fried chicken, and cornbread?" Nikki
stopped in her tracks when they stepped outside. "What restaurant
sells that around here?" A smile played on his lips. "Justin's

Nikki sat back drinking her coffee while Justin walked in the dining
room with dessert."For the final dish. My very own recipe for sweet
potato pie." Justin cut a slice for her and then for himself. He sat
down as she bit into what was on her fork. "Wow!This is great and
that was a wonderful meal! Justin you are a great cook. Who taught
you how to cook soul food?"
"What? You don't think I got the skills naturally?" He asked her with a surprised look. "My grandmother is a intelligent southern woman who taught me to now how to cook all
kinds of food."

After dinner, Justin escorted Nikki to the living room. He sat on
the sofa across from the chair she was sitting in. Justin turned the
stereo on by remote control to drown out the silence.He then got up and
walked to Nikki , taking her hand and pulled her up out of the chair and into his arms.He held her close as they slow danced to the sweet sounds of Sade echoing out of the speakers.
Nikki just went along and melted against him. Her slender brown
fingers massaged their way into his soft curls.His hand massaged her
back as he looked at her before giving her a deep, passionate