Chapter 9
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Justin sighed as he at at his desk in his livingroom. He got up and walked back
and forth in front of it. "Snap out of it, Timberlake! You gotta stop thinking of
her! You've gotta stop writing song with her in mind! Damn! Fuck!" He
screamed to himself. Justin went to the couch and plopped down as tears
fought at the brim of his eyes. "She made her choice. Just live with it."
As Justin started to feel sorry for himself, there was a knock at the door. Justin
slowly got up and dragged his feet to the door. "Hold on! Damn." He
mumbled as he answered on the eighth knock. He opened the door and saw a
messenger popping gum. The messenger was a teenage guy who had a spiked
blue mohawk. "Hey, you Justin Timberlake?" He asked. "Yeah." Justin
answered. "This message is for you. Sing here." The guy said handing him the
board to sign. Justin signed it and gave it back as the kid handed him the
envelope. "Thanks." Justin said as he pulled out a ten dollar bill out of his
pocket. "Thank you." The guy said as he walked away and Justin closed his
door. Justin walked back tot he couch and sat down as he opened it up.
He saw it was a letter from Nikki.
      I got your message. I want to appologize too. For everything. Especially
about Jason. I know I'm probably too late , but I want to tell you something
to your face. About your feelings for me and my feelings towards you. Meet
me at 'The CoffeeHouse' . It's Open Mic Night. Be  there at seven-thirty.
There will be a table with your name on it. Take care.

Justin tried to hide his smile as he went to the closet and pulled out a pair of
blue jeans  and a white t-shirt. He grabbed his jean jacket and a pair of white
Fila tennis shoes. Justin got ready with a grin on his face and his heart racing.
He couldn't wait to see what Nikki had planned . Whatever it was, he knew it
was gonna change his life for the better.
At seven-thirty, Justin arrived at the hang out , The CoffeeHouse, and saw a
table with his name on it. It was about two feet away from the from  the
stage. He sat down  and watched a few of the acts for open mic night. By the
fifth act, he ordered his third cup of Cafe Mocha. He started to wonder where
was Nicole. His question was soon answered when the MC announced her.
"Everyone  for our next act for open mic night, is a newcomer to the stage. But
a regular customer here at the CoffeeHouse. Welcome, Nikki Ford!"
Justin sat up straight and loooked at the stage in surprise as she and everyone
clapped. Nicole walked up to her mic. She had her curly  brown hair flowing
free to her shoulders. She wore some jean hip huggers and a red baby doll t-
"Thank you, everyone." She smiled. "I want to sing a song to someone very
special to me. We had a fight over something and I wantto tell this person I
was  wrong  and that they were right. Also, I want to  tell this someone how I
feel about  them. And this song will explain everything." She said , never taking
her eyes off Justin. The band started to play as she held on to the mic and
began to sing.
Hoo ooh
Hah ah
I found out what Ive been missing
Always on the run
Ive been looking for someone
Now youre here like youve been before
And you know just what I need
It took some time for me to see

You give good love to me
To me baby
So good take this heart into your hands
You give good love to me
Never too much will never be
Baby you give good love

Never stopping, I was always searching
For that perfect love
The kind that girls like me dream of
Now youre here like youve been before
And you know just what I need
It took some time for me to see that




Never, cant stop looking around
Its not what this loves all about
Our love is here to stay, to stay
Baby, You give good love


Repeat Chorus:



You give good love baby
You give good love darling
You give you give baby
You give good love honey

                                       (-You Give Good Love by Whitney Houston)




Nicole's angelic , yet soulful voice rang out like she was in church. People

were on their feet swaying and clapping as she was almost finsihed. They all

enjoyed her signing. Justin looked around nad back at her. He listened  to

every word and understood. She's in love with him. As the song ended, he got

up and went to the back. Nicole got off stage and walked backstage to get her

things. She chatted with a few people and then looked for Justin. Near her

purse, she found a note from him.


I'm near your car.See you soon.



Nicole beamed and grabbed her stuff. She pulled out her keys and walked 

outside to see Justin pull up near her  and got out of his car. "Hey." She smiled.

"Hey." He smiled back. "Was I silly with the song?" She asked. "No, Nikki.

It was beautiful. I totally understand. But what about, Jason?" Justin asked and

flinched when he spoke Jason's name. "I went to him and he didn't want more.

You were right. But before that, I had a dream about us and I told you I love

you." He  stood up against his car and pulled her to his body. "You do? I love

you, too. Nikki will you be my lady? My girl?"  "Yes, Justin. Always." She

smiled and said to him as they kissed. "Now about this dream, can you tell me

about it ?" He asked her as he caressed her hair from her face. "Sure, over

dinner. At my place. We can rent some movies." "It's a date. One of many."

Justin told her as they there kissing and talking a little while longer. The both of

them falling deeper in love ...each second ...each minute....