Chapter 8
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As expected, the museum's grand opening gala for the website was a success.
Through all the congratulations, Nikki thought she saw a glance of Justin. She
tried to find him, but it was too late. She sighed as she went back in the room
and  continued to celebrate.
When she got home, Nikki kicked off her shoes and fell on the sofa. She
reached over the arm of the sofa to hit the play button on the answering
machine.Nikki heard a message from the bank talking about  a new checking
account  that she wanted to open up.The second message was from Justin.
She sat up to hear it better.
"Um..hey, Nikki. It's me, Justin. I wanna say I'm so sorry. For everything I
said. But it was what I felt. I think that guy is using you. And that is so wrong in
my book.  That's all I'm gonna say , because I don't want to fight about it.I'm
saying goodbye. I can't stay around and see that happen to you. Bye!"
"What? No! " She said reaching for  the phone. She was about to dial his
number when she heard the third and last message. "Hey, Nik. It's Jason. I'm
back in town and wanted to hang out with you. Come by if you have time."
Nicole jumped up and stepped back into her shoes. She grabbed her keys
and wallet as locked up and she went to her car. Nikki knew deep inside why
she had to go see Jason. And it wasn't to hang out. Not anymore.
Nikki stood in front of Jason's door, knocking until he answered. The door
opened and there he stood with his blonde hair wet and a towel around his
neck. He was dressed in jeans with no shirt and barefeet. He smiled and
stepped aside to let her in. "Hey Nikki. You want something to eat or drink
before we start?" Nikki turned to him and sighed. "Before we do anything, I
need to ask you a question. "Is this serious between us?" Jason stood there
looking at her as he registered what she was asking. "What do you mean? As
in a relationship?" Nikki played with her keys and nodded as she  looked back
at him. "Yes. Is there more than sex? Honestly, Jason." Jason dried his hair
with the towel. "Honestly, Nikki? No, there isn't anything beyond the sex.
There won't be either. Why? Do you want more?" Nikki paced back and
"Hell yeah, I want more! I want to be loved and cherished in every other way
besides sex. Don't you?"  Jason sighed as he walked back into his bedroom
and grabbed a t-shirt, He had a feeling that this was the last time he's ever see
Nikki again. He walked back into the living room as she was still waiting for his
answer. "Well, Jason?" "No,Nicole. I don't want a realtionship. And I don't
sleep around. I wanted sex with you, because you are very beautiful woman.
And  I'm attracted to you." He said as he walked up to her and caresed her
brown skin. Nikki  watched Jason's hand gently move against her cheek.
She sighed and stopped his hand. "Well, I can't do this anymore. I don't
want to be used. By accident or on purpose." She gave him a hug as he
hugged her back and whispered in her ear. "Goodbye, Nicole." "Goodbye,
Jason."They pulled apart and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Nicole went
to the door and looked back at him one mroe timeas she left his house forever.
She got back in her car and smiled. "Now to win back, Justin."