Chapter 4
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A/N: For those who don't recognized, Jason Morgan..he's taken from the
soap opera, General Hospital. A friend of mine is totally crazy about a lustful! So this chapter is dedicated to!

It had been a week and a half since Nikki saw Justin and longer since
she was with Jason. She looked at the number he left her and decided
to dial it. The phone rang three times before being picked
up. 'Hello?' A deep ,groggy voice spoke. 'Hi , Jason. It's me ,Nikki.
I - I - need-.' Jason looked at the clock , which said 3:30am. He
knew what she needed ,cause in his sleep he needed it too. "Get,a
pen, so you can write my address down."
Nikki grabbed a pen and
paper from her night stand. She wrote it down and told him she'll be there in ten minutes. She got out of her bed and put on her sweats
and a t-shirt. She put her hair in a clip and grabbed her keys and
headed out.

Ten minutes later, she was outside his door about to knock. Nikki
raised her hand as the door open showing Jason, naked from the waist
up. His muscular arms pulled her in and lifted her into them.
He began kissing her soft lips and walked into his bed room.In a blink
of an eye, Jason layed her down on the cool, soft sheets and removed
her clothes and his jeans as she gripped his back.He grabbed a
condomn out the box on the nightstand next to bed and slipped it on as they still kissed.

Nikki felt his hardness in deep inside of her. Their kissed
deepened, then stopped. Jason turned Nikki on her back, arching her
butt in the air. He then he entered , pumping her harder , making her orgasm constantly.Nikki arched more as her body begged for his. Jason reached out and grabbed her ass , pumping her more.

Hours later, the sun peaked through the blinds and Nikki wakes up to
an empty bed. They was a note in place of Jason , next to her.

If you need to take a shower and grab something to eat, be my guest.
I had to go to work.When you leave, put the key at the bottom of
this in the planter outside. Later


Nikki sat up and wrapped herself in the sheet she was under. She
hopped in his shower and cleaned up , feeling weird after the 'booty
call' they both had. She got dressed and left the key where he told
her to and got in her car. Driving home , she just wish that she had
more than this sexual thing with Jason. She likes Jason ,but in
sexual, lustful manner. She wishes for more, with out it seeming like
more. She wish she had someone to talk to, like a friend.She walked
into her house and sat at the lonely table , when her phone rang.

"Hello?" "Hey,Nikki. Its me, Justin. I was wondering if you needed a