Chapter 7
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Weeks went by and fast as Justin and Nicole went on with their

own lives. The last words they both heard were when Justin 

said he was falling in love with Nicole.  When he got home,

Justin silently kicked himself for blurting outh is feelings

for her. He wasn't about to fight for her when she wanted a

man who probably really  didn't want her.He made sure he was

busy with work and tried to forget Nicole. Maybe for the

rest of his life.


Nicole kept her mind off both Jason and Justin by not only

working hard in the day , but bringing home more work at

night. She groaned and threw down her pencil and pad as she

stepped away from the computer. She  remembered when she

made that wish about having the perfect guy. Maybe it wasn't

such a good idea after all since what I got was all this

drama, she thought. Nikki got ready for tomorrow's grand

opening of the museum's website. She went to closet and

pulled out a beige skirt that stoped at her knees. It

matched with a v-shaped  sweater  and she completed the

outfit with flesh -colored stocking and beige pumps.  Nikki

then sat down in front of her dresser and started to heat

the  flat iron for her hair. She sat there wait for it to

heat up and clicked her teeth as Jason and Justin. One man

started up the passion inside of her  while the other man

started up her soul and heart. Nicole groaned in agony again

and turned off the flat iron. Her mind was on them so much,

she would burned her forhead or ears from thinking about

those two. 

She quietly  packed up her work for tomorrow and got ready

for bed. As she got in bed and closed her eyes, Nicole

started to dream about Justin.

She  walked out a back door onto a patio and saw people  in

the backyard having fun, barbquing, and swimming in a huge

pool. She felt a warm breeze on her skin. She glanced at her

outfit and noticed that she was dressed in a two piece baby

blue bikini with a wrap around skirt of the same color. She

looked back up and noticed the people in the yard. Some

of them were her friends, some from work, and some she

didn't know. Nicole looked to the grill and there stood a guy

that had dark hair with highlights, cooking chicken,

hamburgers, hotdogs, and grilled vegetables.

She closed her eyes, letting the  warm breeze hit her face

as she listened to all the laughter. Nikki was standing

still for a few minutes when a pair of strong, muscluar,

hairy arms went around her. Her eyes opened up as a

butterfly kiss was placed on the back of her neck. 

She turned around in the arms that held her and looked

into a pair deep blue eyes.

"Hi." She spoke.

"Hey." He smiled.

"They're all having fun." She said glancing over her

shoulder. "Yeah, it's a success. I'm glad all of our friends

are getting along together." He said taking in her beauty.

"Nicole, I'm sorry." He said seriously. "I shouldn't have

said what I said."  "I know. I'm sorry too. About

everything. I love you, Justin." "I know, sweetie. I love

you,too." He smiled as they kissed.

Nikki jumped out of her sleep and held her head as she came

to realize the meaning of them dream. She looked into the

darkness and yelled out."I'm in love with Justin?!"