Chapter 6
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(Later that night.)
Nikki started to  move and stretch as she opened her eyes slowly. What she saw was darkness. The last thing she remembered was listening to the smooth sounds of Janet Jackson and her and Justin breathing. Justin! She thought his name as she bolted up from the couch. Nikki sat up  some, only to be  stopped by a strong arm locking her in place.
She looked down to see  a  cream colored arm snaked around her waist. Nikki followed the trail of the arm to the body it belonged to. She looked into the face. A smile
krept across her lips.
The face's eyes open to see her staring , smiling. The eyes looked her up and down. Her brown skin illuimating in the dark. Finally, the face's lips spoke. "Hey , you. Are you okay ? Did you have a bad dream? I felt you bolt up." "No, I forgot where I was for a moment. I guess because we slept late." "I liked it. You felt good in my arms." "I bet you say that to all the girls, Justin. "
Justin sat up and stretched his legs as he pulled her onto to his lap. "No, I don't. But I will say this . You are a beautiful woman inside and out, Nicole Ford." Nikki blushed and held her head down. "Thank you, Justin Timberlake." She smiled as she tucked a curl behing her ear.
"Nikki, may I kiss you?"  Nicole looked up and stared into Justin's face. "If you really want to." She spoke timdly. "Yes, I really want to." He said slowly leaning in and kissing her. Justin's fingers moved up into her hair as
he had Nikki facing him on his lap. Nikki straddled
Justin'slap and moved closer as  their soft kiss deepened.
Nikki heard a moan escape from Justin's lips before they broke away. "You are very beautiful too, Justin inside and out.  You are so good for me." Justin smiled a sexy grin and cocked his head to the side. "You said I'm beautiful. You are the first woman to say it and you actually mean it." "It's true. Thank you for this wonderful day. I really needed it."  Justin noticed concern. "I saw you looking  down this morning, but decided to wait until you were ready to speak about it."
"It the other guy I told you about, his name is Jason. I saw him again last night.And we had some incredible , raw sex..but I want more, Justin. And I got this feeling he can't or won't give it to me." She sighed. Justin held in his feelings when she mentioned the guy's name. It made him wanna boil. How can a man use a woman like that. Even if she wants it in return.
"Nikki, I have to say that no man should treat a woman like that even if she wants just sex too. She should be treated likethe most precious thing in the universe." Nikki laughed and playfully pushed him in the arm. "Where did you hear that at? A Gerald Lavert song?!" 
Justin moved her off his lap and stood up. "This isn't funny.I'm serious.You're letting this guy treat you like your second best!" He yelled at her. "Why are you trashing Jason? You don't even know him! You should just mind your business, Justin!" She spatted back at him.
Justin looked at her as he had been slapped in the face. "Fine, then I will mind my own fucking business! " He yelled as he grabbed his CDs and stuff . "I thought you were special. But you aren't . You let this dumb ass guy use you for sex. And that makes you a dumb ass too. And I don't have friends that are this stupid!" Nikki turned him around as soon as he put his belongings in the bag and grabbed his keys.
"Fuck you! I am a dumb ass for letting you in!" Nikki pushed him. Justin had fire in his eyes but remained cool. He went to the door and opened it. He turned to face her one more time. "You know what, Nicole Ford. I beleive in love at first sight.So, you're right I am a dumb ass. A dumb ass for starting to fall in love with you." He said before slamming the door. Nikki stood there shocked as she saw him slam the door. She screamed and picked up a empty glass  that he had and threw it against the wall causing it to smash into pieces, just like her sanity.