Chapter 3
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A/N: When you see^*^*, that means its a flashback.If you read chapter
two, you all know that Justin Timberlake is the other
guy that came into Nikki's life.I've had problems putting this up
before, so I have to go by memory of what I wrote the first two times
and type it on notepad to save just in case the internet cuts me off
again.The flashback takes off when he started to kiss her.

This chapter will be short, cause I cant remember some scenes.If I
remember them ,I'll just add them in later chapters as thoughts or one
of the characters brings it up in conversation. Thanks for the

Nikki sat at her desk remember what happened last night at Justin's
house. She knew after last night , there was no way she was getting any sleep. She couldn't believe that she went over his house and ate dinner with him, when they just met.
Then again she and Jason had some incredible, hot sex the first time they met. She stares off into space with a smile on her face remembering what happened with Justin.


Justin held her close as he gave her their kiss. He slowly rubbed her
arms gently and suductively. He stopped kissing her and
caressed her face. Nikki's eyes automatically closed to his touch.
His fingers caressed every part, curve, lash, and shape of her face,
making her moan and sigh. He smiled as she bent his face to hers and
and whispered for her to open her mouth. Nikki obeyed him and she
felt him give her a butterfly kiss on her top lip, then the same on
her bottom. Nikki sighed and moaned as Justin did this gentle
sensation that made her panties wet.

Justin smiled when he heard Nikki moan from the pleasure he was
giving her lips.Justin was taken aback when Nikki pulled him closer
to her body crushing her breasts against his muscular chest.
Slowly her hands inched their way to his small brown curly afro.Nikki
massaged her fingers through the thickness.

Justin groaned and kissed her deep. He then took her tongue and
grabbed it with his. He sucked on it like it was a tasty strawberry
popsicle. Nikki knew at that moistness between her legs was over
flowing now. Justin then slowed down and stopped. He just held her as
they were still standing in the same spot they danced in .

Nikki couldnt wait for what was next. She snuggled in his
arms ,wanting more of the feeling. It was as if she had been here
before with Justin. Like deja vu. Justin let go her and Nikki opened
her eyes, smiling. "I guess I'll see you later." He whispered.

Nikki looked at Justin with amazment "So,this
asked disapointed. Justin saw her try to hide her shock and disapointed face. He cupped Nikki's chin and smiled. "No, it means
that I'll see you later." Justin walked Nikki to her car and kissed
her goodnight.He watched her drive off and then went back into his


Nikki sat at her desk comming out of that wonderful memory. She still
can't believe that Justin didn't want her the way Jason did. I guess I got my wish, just in the form of two instead of one. She thought. One
thing Nikki knew of for sure was that things could only get
interesting from here, even if she has to make it happen herself.