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Come Close
Chapter One
A/N: ~ "is used for when someone is thinking to themselves.

Come Close

Rating: PG-R

By Kelley Li
Rashona sat at the far end of the table absently minding picking apart a paper napkin as she stared out the window watching the rainfall in what looked like slow motion. She sighed deeply as she tried to figure out what was wrong with her, when it came to men and relationships. She knew it went back to her father and mother. They had a bad relationship and an even worse marriage. However, the real damage was her father treating her bad. How he could not want her; it did not make any sense. She knew the reason, but it still was not right. At a young age, Rashona made a promise to herself to have the best and be the best. If she couldn't have the love she deserve at least she can everything else.

Tired of watching the world slow down and the rain making it all dreary, she walked into the living room and turned on the TV. Sitting down on the sofa, she channel surfed until she came across an interview on ESPN.

"..Therefore, we're back with point guard for the Tennessee Timber wolves, Justin Timberlake. So Justin, we have covered your life, sports career, and your love of the game. How about we conclude this interview with what you consider the perfect woman. I'm sure your female fans will love to know any information on how to win your heart."
Justin smiled a little as he shrugged. "Not much to tell. I am not difficult in trying to figure out. I don't have a certain look I am in or age. That stuff does not matter to me. What are important are trust, honesty, and love of life, love of family and good self-esteem. I don't like phony females, gold diggers, and stuck-ups." The interviewer nodded in agreement, as he began to speak. "Well, that's it. Thanks for being here, Justin." "No problem." He smiled.

The interviewer spoke about the next show and the credits started to roll. Rashona nodded towards the screen. She silently agreed with his view on dating. Keep it simple and look for someone who has your same values. She sat there and thought about Justin Timberlake. She had been to a few games in person, when her favorite team LA Lakers would play against him and his team. He was an excellent point guard and he made every free throw shot with ease.

He was also somewhat cute in a bad boy/thug looking way. But she had a feeling looks are very deceiving in this case. She got up and went to her bedroom, to get dressed to go out. She was starting to get cabin fever. She walked to a local coffee shop a block from her posh LA home. She lived in a nice, safe neighborhood where she can walk down the street without cameras in her face or her agent in her face about using a limo. She liked the rain bouncing off her raincoat and her umbrella.

Rashona arrived at the coffee shop and stepped inside. She orders herself Cafe Mocha and went to find a seat. She looked around and saw the place was full of actors, musicians, athletes, and some tourists. She was about to just take her coffee home and drink it there, when a hand reached out grabbed hers. She jumped a little and turned to see the hand belong to a very handsome and tall looking man sitting at a table for two. "Here's an extra seat, if you don't mind sharing the table with me?" He smiled softly at her.

Rashona nodded as she sat down facing him. She set her umbrella on the floor, near the wall and started to drink her coffee. "Thank you. I'm Rashona Christian." She smiled and extended her hand. "I know." He took her hand and shook it. "I'm Justin Timberlake." "I know." She said sipping more of her coffee. "What are you doing here, soaking wet?" He smiled at her as he drank his Mocha Latte. "I live a block from here and I wanted to get out of the house. So, what brings you all the way here? You're a long way home. And I know you can't be playing a game, because basketball season is over." "I have a house here, in LA. About thirty minutes away. I just moved into it.

To celebrate, I came out and treated myself to a nice hot drink." He said as he raised his cup. "So, the famous Miss Christian is a fan basketball and of mine?" He leaned in and grinned at her. Rashona looked up into his face and observed every single part of it. From his neatly trimmed goatee-looking beard to his haircut to his slow smile and his bright, yet wise eyes.

From what she could see in them, it seems they held a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Pulling back, she went to sip more of the coffee, before answering. "Yes, I am a big fan of basketball. No, I'm not a fan of yours." Justin began to pout and clutch his chest. "What? You're not. Why?" Rashona laughed and shook her head. "You and you're team are serious competition for my boys; The Lakers. I'm a big Kobe Bryant and Shaq fan." Justin leaned back comfortably and nodded. "That's good to know. That way I can win you over with my natural charm and grace." He leaned in and whispered. "Plus, I can ask you out sometime and know your answer will be honest and not because of what I am."

Rashona smiled a bit and nodded. "Well, let me think about it and I'll give you an answer soon." She took felt around in her pocket and found an old eyeliner pencil. She took a paper napkin and wrote on it. Justin slyly eyed what she was doing and continued to drink his coffee. Rashona slid the napkin to him as she grabbed her umbrella and the now empty Styrofoam cup. "I suggest that you think about what you said very seriously. And I will too." She looked at him and stood up. "Call me after you're done thinking about it. Nice to finally meet you, Justin." She smiled before walking away and out the door to leave. Justin watched her through the window and down the street as he looked at the number and name on the paper before putting it in his pocket. He finished the last bit of his coffee as he thought on it some more. ~Don't worry; I’ll make sure I think about it. Nice to finally meet you too, Rashona. ~