Lauryn walked into her house after dropping off Alexia at her place. She sighed as she curled up on the couch and turned on the tv. An marathon of nsync videos were on Much Music. She saw Justin's face on the screen. Suddenly she remembered she had his number. She dialed it and held on to her cordless phone nervously as she waited through the rings.Justin sleepily picked up his cell phone. "Hello?" He wanted to hear another voice but heard nothing "Hello?" he asked again. "Um, Hi. May I speak to Justin Timberlake, please?" "Speaking" He replied rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "Hey.It's me, Lauryn. Did I wake you? I'm so sorry I forgot that we all have been up late. I'll let you go." She babbled on. Justin smiled into the phone and sat up in the bed. "No, I'm good. I'm glad you called, that way I know you made it home safely." "Oh, okay. "She became quiet." Maybe ,this wasn't a good idea. I don't know what to say." Justin lay with his back against the headboard. "You could always start by telling me you enjoyed my company, and when can I see you again?" Lauryn laughed softly as she tried to come up with her own way of telling him how she felt about the whole night. "I want to start off by saying I am so sorry for how I acted towards you. And I did have fun with you deep down in side and I would like to see you now, but that imposssible since you have things to do."

"I want to start off by saying I am so sorry for how I acted towards you. And I did have fun with you deep down inside and I would like to see you now, but that impossible since you have things to do." Justin felt her starting to retreat again, "I do have things to do, but I can always make the time for you." "I wasn't gonna bother you, but I'm sitting here and I'm seeing you on tv. So I thought to call you." Justin clicked on the television. "Aw, you were thinking of me. I'm flattered, cause I was dreaming about you." Lauryn laughed louder, finally getting comfortable. She pulled up her feet on the couch. "Okay, right. I was watching you in 'Tearing Up My Heart'and you in your porno shot winking at the camera. Oh yeah I was wanting you and your hot bod!" Justin gasped, "Is this the same girl I spoke to all of 10 hours ago, who told me to leave. My word!....It's all about the Timberlake magic." He sighed ever so content with himself. She grunted and laughed."Okay, sure. Do you want to come over and tell me that to my face?" Justin playfully chuckled, "I've got my car keys and I'm half way out of the door. So whatcha got now?" "I'm calling your bluff, Timberlake!" Lauryn said satnding up and walking to the kitchen."My address is 3120 Georgetown Rd. Its 2 miles from your hotel.Now, what?!"She stuck out her tounge and made a sound into the phone. He stood up from the bed and looked at the phone and kidded around. "You dare challenge the mighty Timberlake. Girl, you don't know but your're about know. You just make sure to have my breakfast ready when I get there." "Yeah, I'll be serving you a bowl of air pudding!" She said grabbing a bowl of grapes. "Where's the incentive for me to come out. Hmph! Definately not air pudding.", He grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom. "I may as well stay in the bed and dream about you." "Ha! Ha! Well, I guess you can get some oatmeal or prune stew." She laughed as she grabbed the eggs and bread. Justin brushed his teeth and tried to talk into the phone. "If that's all that there is, I take oatmeal. It keeps me on the regular." "I don't have the oatmeal, just the prunes.Oh, wait..I have sugar water and butter and bread!"Lauryn joked as she made a western omlet in a mixing bowl. "Well just make sure to add a little nilla' flavoring to my prune stew. Unlike most white folks I like my food seasoned." wynteraura (11:16:08 PM): "Oh, so that's true , huh? You tend to have a little soul. More than other white people." "People always say I'm a black man more ways than one." "Okay, maybe you'll explain that one later." She mumbled as she was in the middle of cooking. "Well, I guess you wanna go back to sleep. It's not like you on your way here. So, I'll let you go." "I'm comming over, so you just better be ready." "What? " She jokingly said shocked."You're not?!" Justin walked back into his room and searched the floor for his shoes. "After I take a shower and etc. I'll be sitting on the couch watching you feed me my breakfast." "Excuse me!"She said as the omlet cooked and the rest of the food was ready and waiting on a plate in the oven. "Don't make me get ghetto girl on you! I don't feed no one! Do you look like my man? Are we dating ? No, therefore you can feed you yourself." Justin laughed, "Spunky and ghetto. Just the traits I'm looking for in a woman. Like Ja Rule says, 'I need a down ass chick' could that be you as time passes? Think about it while I finish here and head out to see you. Bye, Boo." and he hung up the phone. Lauryn stared at the phone and shook her head while she put the omlet on the plate and back in the oven to keep it warm. She cleaned up and sat back down amd alid her head down. She glacned at the clock as saw it was morning. She wouldn't had known with her curtains so dark. True to his word he came over. He knocked on the door and waited for her to answer the door. It took him 30 minutes to get there. Lauryn started to nod off, when she heard a knock. She stumbled to the door with her hair all over herhead and in her face. She opened it up , barley holding on. "Hey beautiful." he waited at the door for her to invite him in. He looked damn good. He had on his slightly baggy jeans and a white t-shirt. He wore a baseball hat to cover his head. Lauryn eyed him quick as she wished she hadn't answered the door yet."Hey , come in. Sit down in the living room." She told him as she walked off. She quickly retutned with his plate that had a omlet , hash browns , toast and bacon on it. She sat it down with a fork and napkin. "What do you like to drink?" Justin took his hat off and laid it on the table. He was surprised she was actually doing as he said and sat down on her sofa. "Orange Juice." Justin thought for a moment and recanted his earlier statement. "Or if you have red I can drink that too." Lauryn laughes softly as she walked back and brought him some kool -aid. "Here ya go. Red flavor." She sat down next to him and yawned. Justin reached for the glass and held her hand as she gave him the glass. "Thank you." "You're welcome." She soflty spoke as she watched him eat. "This is delicious." He looked her up and down. "All that and you cook too." Lauyrn rolled her eyes. "Yeah white boy! I can do all this and more. I can be a girl and still hang with the guys. I am all woman and more! And don't you forget it!" She told him with two snaps in the air. Justin laughed at her sassy nature. "The breakfast is good but Its missing one thing." She looked at the plate and then at him."What?"

Justin narrowed his eyes at her as he spoke, "You feeding it to me." Lauryn cocked an eyebrow up. "You didn't hear what I said. No, you are not a baby nor sick , nor my man. You have two hands that work perfect. Use what god gave you. She leaned her head back to go back to sleep.

Justin moved closer to her and gave him his best sad doggie expression and laid his head on her shoulder. "White boy, feed your self. Why is it so important that I feed you." She looked him in the eye. Justin gave her the sad eyes again. "Because...we'll let me show you." Justin used his fork and offered the omlet piece to Lauryn." She reluctantly took it and chewed it ."Now ,what?"

He used the fork and dug into the hash browns and offered it to her, as he watching her mouth take the food off the fork. She again took the bite and chewed. "I don't get this." She said after swallowing it."What are you trying to prove?" Justin slyly smiled, "You don't feel anything?" "Full?" She said holding her stomach.Justin laughed out loud and turned his atttention back to her. He noticed a bit of ketchup on her lips. "Wait a minute." He leaned towards her and used his thumb to softly wipe away the ketchup. "This may not be doing a thing for you, but its doing wonders for me." He kissed her paying close attention to nice full bottom lip. He kissed the crease and journeyed all over. Lauryn 's eyes went from wide to calm. She relaxed and kissed him back.She pulled away and pushed his plate to him. "I think you need to finish eating , so we can get some rest." He took the plate back to the kitchen and washed and dried the plate, and put it away. Lauryn was stretched out on the couch when he came back. Her back was facing him. Justin lifted her legs and took a seat, safely placing them in his lap. "Thank you for Breakfast,Lauryn." She cleared her throat. "You're welcome. You can have my bed, so can sleep, Even though its morning." "Are you sleeping out here?" he asked placing his arms over herlegs. "Sure." She yawned. "I'm actually suprised you drove all the way over here just to eat, when we had food early this morning." She mumbled. Justin yawned and stretched his out his arms. "I always have a hunger for something... Are you sure that you want to give up your bed, I can sleep on the couch." "You can do what ever. Its up to you. We can talk.. so you can spend time with me." She continued to lay there. "I think sleep sounds nice. I'm fine where I am." He yawned again and lifted his head back. He cocked his head to the side. "Look what you've started, now I can't stop yawning it's all your fault. She looked up at him and smiled. Her hair was over her eyes. "Here." She said getting up. "You lay against the back and I'll lay in front.I'm sorry for making you sleepy. This should be payment enough." As she slid in front of him she lay the back of her head on his chest. "That's a half way decent repayment." She elbowed him in the chest and they both drifted off to sleep. Justin's phone started ringing madly. He heard it on the third ring and jumped to retrieve from the end table. "Hello," he answered. ""Hey man its JC where are you?"

"Justin, I've been looking for you . I thought you were in your room. " JC said pacing on his cell phone. Justin wiped his eyes as he looked down at a sleeping Lauryn on his chest. "I'm at Lauryn's sleeping or at least I was sleeping." "What? How'd that happen? Dude, you gotta give me details later. I just wanted to know where you were you scared me. Next time leave a note,okay buddy?" "Not a problem. I think I'm on my way back to the hotel in a little while anyway. "Everyone's out cold from the party ,so just chill and relax.Go back to sleep while you have peace and quiet. I'll check you later, man." "Ok, Jace. Later. " He hung up the phone and watched as Lauryn changed positions. He grinned as she place a hand on his chest muscle. "Mmm" She mumbled in her sleep. "Oh baby, that feeels so good. You know I love you, right?" She mumbled softly in her sleep. Justin chuckled as he continued to listen to her speak. "I'm sorry that we fought baby. " She frowned still sleep."I can make it up to you though. We can do the usual." Justin raised an eyebrow as she kept on. "Don't you know the usual, baby?" Justin softly whispered to her, "Refresh my memory, love." Lauryn smiled , deep asleep she mumbled."When we make love in the shower." She rubbed his chest. He closed his eyes taking in the vision that lay in Lauryn's mind. Justin's eyes questioned her some more. "And what else do we do." She sighed snuggling into him deeper. "We wsh each other and stand under the warm water kissing and you love it..playing with my lips so slow, teasing me." The phone intruded yet again. "Damn!" He angerly said aloud.The phone rang again, this time it was Lauryn's phone. Justin picked it up on the second ring. "Hello?" Alexia was on the other end shooked to hear a male voice. "Justin?" He had a bit of an attitude as he answered the phone. "Yeah and this is?" Alexia got an attiude right back with him. "This is Alexia, the person who's gonna stomp a mudhole in you and walk it dry if you don't change your attitude. Put Lauryn on." Justin gently tried to wake Lauryn.

At his touch, she mumbled something else. "Yes, Taye" She smiled at his touch. Justin froze for a moment. "Taye? Lauryn what's my last name and who am I to you?" He waited for a response.

"You're my man in my dreams. You're Taye Diggs, silly." She snuggled deeeper in his chest. Justin rolled his eyes. "Alexia give me a minute. She won't wake up," He put the phone on hold as Lauryn wouldn't shut up. He thought it was kinda funny. He thought she was talking about him, but the man of her dreams wasn't him. He kept shaking her arm and calling her name until she finally woke up. Justin took the phone off hold and handed it to her. Lauryn woke up , really tired. "Huh?" "Lauryn, what is Justin doing at your place?" Did you have a sleepover complete with activities?" "We just talked and he had breakfast. Then we dozed off on the couch.Dirty girl.Why are you calling? I was sleeping and dreaming of Taye again." Alexia smiled, "Yeah, how I love me some Taye. He and I have spent many a nights too. But I'm getting side tracked. You never called me when you made it home, so I was just checking up on you." "Oh,I'm sorry I was talking to Justin and got side tracked when I cooked him breakfast." Alexia whispered into the phone. "Before you were moaning and stuff. I could hear it in the background. Are you sure you're not holding out on me?" Lauryn sat up and looked at Justin. "Moaning? I wasn't moaning,unless...Oh my gosh!" She looked at Justin with wide-eyes. "I was talking in my sleep. I gotta go, Lexi, I'll see you later." Justin smirked, "That taye would be a very lucky man. Do you always talk in your sleep?"