Alexia watched as Justin led Lauryn to his bathroom. "Dont be all day girl," she jokingly called after them. I won't." Lauryn said following Justin down the hallway. Lauryn followed Justin to the bathroom in the huge suite as JC went into his room and changed into his sweats and a t shirt leaving Alexia in the living room. As he reentered the room in his grey sweatpants and t shirt, he glanced and saw Alexia sitting on the couch watching tv. Alexia looked from the television, "I thought you'd be in bed now." JC smiled a devilish grin, Why? You wanna come?" JC held his hands up. "Just kidding. I knew you were in here by yourself." Alexia changed the channel and glanced at him, "And so...." JC finished her sentence. "I thought I could keep you company until Lauryn gets through with whatevers taking so long." Alexia turned her attention back to the tv. "Well that's very kind of you. Can you turn the heater up or something. I am extremely cold." JC looked at her and sighed. He got up and turned up the heat and sat down on the far end of the couch and ran his hand through his hair. Alexia turned her attention to JC. "I'm sorry. To a certain degree, I am used to being a certain way and it's odd to see it coming right back to me." She tossed the remote to him. "Here you can turn it on what you want." JC slid the remote back to her. Naw, I'm good. Im getting sleepy anyway.So the tv will be watching me soon."

They continued to sit in silence. Alexia looked over to JC and cracked a joke to break the tension. "That is a really snazzy outfit. Is it Prada? House of Dolce and Gabana?" JC grinned at her and gently pulled at his shirt. "Nope. More, like WalMart and House of JC Penny's." Alexia nodded her head in agreement. "House of JC Penney's has it going on. Especially the outlet stores. Primo Bargins," she threw her fingers into an OK gesture. JC laughed as she finally relaxed and got goofy. "Really? Cause I was thinking of modeling this at the next FuMan Skeeto fashion show." He stood up and did silly super model poses. "Oh its you. Walk the catwalk like you own it!" She laughed as he gave her his best serious model stare and sat back down on the couch. Alexia looked back over to him and began playing with the tv remote. You know back in the car, Lauryn asked you about you guys partying hard. You mumbled something and acted like you didn't hear her."

JC folded his arms and stared at the tv. "It was nothing. Just sweatin' cause of J. I was trying to get from under your painful stare." Alexia scoffed, "My painful stare. Didn't know that I even had one." JCs eyes never left the screen."Yeah, you do." She turned the channel to the digital RnB music station. "I'll take note of that and put that under my to do list of things to work on." She yawned and streched her arms to the ceiling. JC glanced up at her when she was looking then quickly went back to watching tv. He felt that he'll play this by her rules and he was willing to wait. Alexia sat in silence and knew he was trying to play her. She turned back to the RnB station and they both sat bobbing to the music. "What's Your Fantasy" by Ludacris started playing. She leaned over to JC and waved a twenty dollar bill at him.

[Ludacris] Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah give it to me now, give it to me now give it to me now, give it to me now [Shawnna] Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah give it to me now, give it to me now give it to me now, give it to me now

JC stared at the money and it hit him what she wanted.He bugged out as he couldn't believe the steps she's jumping. "What's this ?" He said taking the money.

Alexia leaned slightly forward to answer him. "Well its just that everyone else has had a lapdance tonight...and I was feeling left out of the group. I feel...a bit deprived."

wanna li li li lick you from your head to your toes and I wanna move from the bed down to the down to the to the floor I wanna ah ah I make it so good you don't wanna leave but I got to kn kn kn know what's your fan-ta-sy

The music played on. JC grinned and leaned in to her. "So, who gets the lap dance me or you?" Alexia squinted her eyes, "Have you not had many lap dances already. You are hella greedy." JC stood up, "Okay. Well, this is my first. So, here goes. Alexia stopped him holding her hands out. "Wait!" JC stood over her waited. "What,now?" Alexia smiled, "I have to get my chair....realism and all."

She grabbed a chair and placed it in the middle of the room. "Okay twork it for me, get this money, make this money." She heartily laughed and threw her head back allowing her curls to fall behind her. JC cocked an eyebrow and shook his head. He watched her hair bounce and heard her deep throaty laugh. It sent shivers down into his groin and gave him inspriation.

JC did all the moves he does during Digtal Get Down. He got on the floor and humped it . His face turned to her, making sure he got her reaction. She smiled broadly and licked the top of her lip. She shook her head from side to side and covered her face in her hands. You are so nasty." she laughed. JC then got up and gyrated his hips in front of her face and suddenly stopped. He got an Idea as he took a curtain rope and walked up to her. "You haven't seen nasty yet."

Alexia nervouisly sat back in her chair. "Wha...What are you going to do with that?" He grinned wide as he took her hands and tied them up. "Something, I learned while touring with Janet." Alexia struggled with him. I don't know about this." JC stopped in mid- tie and gave her a look of trust. "I promise I won't hurt you. Besides, J and Lauryn are in the other room." Alexia relaxed a little and tried to regain her composure. "What kind of dance is this that I can't touch you?" He finished tying her hands and then blindfolded her. He changed the music to Luther Vandross. "A good dance." Alexia relaxed a bit more in her chair and searched for his voice. "JC?" she called out. "I'm here." Alexa grinned. "Just checking to make sure you were still here. So what are you going to do?" His hands graced across her shoulders and through her hair. She murmred at his very touch. That feels good," she replied in a lower sexier voice. He played with her fingertips and then he bent down in front of her and swayed his hands side to side in her lap. He grinned at her expressions and her voice. "Tell me there's more," she asked in her best sex kitten voice. He knew he was getting to her. The song the Power of Love came on. JC sat down on Alexia on her lap facing her. He held up her hands as moved his face to hers. "May I kiss you Alexia?" He whispered in a husky tone against her lips. She spoke softly as she repied, "Yes!"

He kissed her softly, tugging at her lips gently. Michael Jackson's You Rock My World, switch on and JC totally agreed with Michael's words. He gently moved in her lap and gave her soft, slow , sensual and deep kisses. JC moaned as he untied her hand above their heads, his eyes still closed and never leaving her lips. Alexia let one arm drop above his shoulder and placed her other hand on his neck. She allowed her nails to carefully graze up and down his neck. Do you want me JC?" she murmured into his lips. "Yes, " He said while he untied the blindfold."But,I'm willing to wait for you." He opened his eyes and looked at her . He caressed her cheek. "You're my queen and youre worth the wait, remember?" She looked seductively at him and took one of his fingers and began to gently suck on one before she popped it out of her mouth. "Is that your final answer?" JC squeezed his eyes shut. "I don't want this to be a one-night stand. I want this to be right. Right time, right place, and right atmosphere. And I want this to be forever.So, can I take a raincheck? " He opened his eyes, his blue ones staring into her brown ones with honesty, desire, and intensity."Please?"

She smiled and replied coyly, "You pass. "You passed the test." Alexia held onto his hand and started playing with his fingers. JC blinked and stared as he got up then helped her up. "Passed? Passed ,what test?" Alexia stood up and started turn away from him. "This was a test to see if you would be the type of man, I would want to deal with. If you had answered "yes" then I would have known you were just about the sex. By answering *no" I can tell you have honorable intentions..." She twirled back around to face him, "I think this is something I'd be interested in pursing." JC stood there in shock. He didn't even know he was being tested. He walked up to her and put the money into her hand and held onto it. "I think this is yours. I don't need or want it. But I do want and need you." Alexia felt a shiver race up her back as he spoke. He put the chair back and sat back on the couch, waiting for what she was gonna say or do next. She stood motionless for a moment. She walked over to him and stood in front of him looking down on him. She knealt down beside him. "So what happens next?" JC cupped her chin and smiled. "I want to see you again and then we see where this goes." He played in her hair and kissed her nose. "I wanna fall in love with you, Alexia. I wanna love until nothing exists anymore." Alexia grinned and stood up, reaching for him to stand up. "I want that too." As he stood, they stared into each others eyes. Alexia put her arms around his waist and hugged him."

I don't know how, but we'll see each other again. " He went and got his wallet and pulled out a card, that had his cell and 2way on it. "Here, call me day or night. Lonely or busy day." Alexia took the card from him and looked at it and stuck it in his side pocket. "I don't call boys," she teasingly replied, "I'll give you my number and such. If you want to talk to me, you are going to have to make the effort to seek me." She took a few steps and backed away from him gradually releasing his hand. JC shook his head...Two steps fowards and six steps back he thought. When he thought she was making an effort, she pulled way back. "Now before you get the wrong idea.." JC interrupted her, I will, but you gotta make an effort too. I can't do all the work. I am not the only one in this , you know." Alexia nodded in agreement. "I know. It's a two way street. However, you have to understand something. I need a man to be a man. If I am someone you want, you have to show that. I don't want to have to chase you and beg you for your attention. I can and will meet you half way."

JC put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. "I don't want you to chase me, sweetie. I just want you to call and I'll call you back. Meeting me half way is fine. I don't ever want you to think that I would want you to beg or any woman. The one who does, isnt the one for me. My queen is an independent , successful, intellgent woman who can hold her own. And I found that all in you." He said kissing her again. Justin and Lauryn stood at the door and started clapping. Lauryn wiped a fake tear from her eye, "You guys that was so sweet." Justin continued to clap as he jokingly added, "My personal fave was the lapdance. That was a hoot."

"You guys saw it all! How long have you been there?" JC said loosing his hold from Alexia. Lauryn grabbed her bag from the floor and placed it on her shoulders. "Long enough to jot down some really good lines." She held up a piece of paper. "I liked the line about you tworking and making and getting this money." Justin looked over her shoulder, "May I kiss you Alexia? That was another classic." Lauyrn started rolling, "Or how about...Do you want me, JC?" she said mocking Alexia's voice. JC and Alexia just stood there and ignored them. "Bye, JC. Remember, what I said. Come on, Lau!. BYE JUSTIN!" She said as she went to the door , with Lauryn's keys. "I'm gonna leave you if you dont follow me now. Lauryn walked out the door yelling goodbye to Justin and JC. Alexia pushed her out of the door. "See you later." and she closed the door.

Justin looked over to JC and started to mimick his dance moves. "Man, I was so proud of your dance. You had the hip action and you really put your back into it. I felt like the proud papa." Justin gave his friend a bear hug that lifted him off the ground. JC pushed him away in a playful manner. "Whatever, man. Don't worry about me. What about you and Lauryn? She took a long time in the bathroom and came out in a new outfit.jJeans and the top of her previous outfit." JC grinned , as he wiggled his eyebrows. Justin mischeviously grinned and rubbed the stubble on his chin, "A gentleman never tells." JC burst with laughter, "We know youre not one, so tell." Justin laughed and punched him in the arm. "Naw, really it was cool. While she was changing the door was open and I saw her changing a little. Man, the girl got a body on her."

"Really? What took you so long? Did you, do more?" Justin rubbed his hands and continued on. "We argued a bit...then I laid on my bed cause I was tired of her drama. She crawled on top of me and we kissed." JC slapped his hands against his own face. "Dang,J! For real? What was the reason for the arguement? Is she trying to play you." Justin shook his head. "I think she has some issues about the whole interracial thing. Earlier tonight I thought she was feelin' me and she treated me like Tyrone and gave me the boot. She said she wanted a brotha to make her feel the way I made her feel." JC leaned back against the sofa and nodded. "I see where shes coming from. Even though DC and Maryland are racially mixed, DC is mostly black and alot of black girls here still don't feel comfortable or tight dating interracially. So you have to understand how hard it is for her ,Justin." Justin strolled over to the sofa and turned off the tv. "Okay, but I don't understand all the drama, why can't it be about two people who like each other. Shouldn't be about black or white. But I think I'm slowly breaking her down."

"I know you will. But, Justin remember there are a lot of people in this world don't like races mixing. Hell, there are a lot of our fans who don't like it when we do r&b or hang out with our celeb friends who are mostly black. You see how some of them tripped about you 'havin a thang for tha sistas'. So don't be too pissed, at her for treating you like that, okay? She was just being on her guard. I 've had several black friends who went through the same thing." Justin listened and took the advice to heart. "So basically leave it up to time and chance?" JC stretched as he stood up, ready to go to bed. "Yup. That and a little romance will win her over. Every woman wants to be treated as a queen and princess. And you can't help who you fall for .Night, J."JC said as he walked to his room. Justin shut off the light, "Night man.'

JC walked out of the bathroom, dressed in his sweats and gray t-shirt. He climbed into the hotel and crashed on the pillow. He started to fall asleep when he dreamed that he was back at the club. He noticed that Alexia was dancing in front of him again. He decided to take it upon himself to enjoy the dance. After a few minutes, she turned around and hooked her arms around his neck. "Hey, you." She smiled as they danced. JC arms went around her waist, as he pulled her close. "Hi yourself." "I've been waiting for you." JC was surprised at her statement. "Really? Why?" "So, I can give you this." Alexia said as she moved her face to his and licked his lips. JC pulled back some to see her face. Her eyes showed desire for him. He grinned as he moved his face back to her and kissed her nose. Alexia then licked his lips again, begging to be invited in. JC willingly opened his mouth and she crushed her lips to his. JC felt Alexia's hand roam all over his back as they fell in slow motion. With Alexia under him, they landed on a soft bed . JC stopped kissing her for a moment to see they were in his hotel room. He stood and saw and noticed that she was in a blue silk mini gown with spaghetti straps. She had her hair pinned up as she sat up to take it down.

JC climbed the bed moving to her as she fingered the rim of his black boxer-briefs. He smiled as he worked his fingers through her long hair. They kissed each other passionately while JC ripped off her gown. He stopped, thinking that maybe she wouldn't want him really. Until she moved her hands across his six pack chest. "Make love to me Joshua." That sent JC into the most sweet and wonderful love ever. As he moved in and out of her, Alexia's nails gently grazed up and down his back. She moaned and arched as she closed her eyes trying to hold in her orgasm. "Open your eyes." He spoke in a forced whisper. "I want to see your soul when I come with you." Alexia opened his eyes and held his gaze. Suddenly the gently thrusts and movements came quickly and more frequent. JC and Alexia both started to moan and sigh as they never lost eye contact. "Alexia, I 'm coming baby." "I am too, Joshua." As they gripped each other, they both exhaled and moaned loudly. Settling back into the sheets and then snuggled. JC held her with love and passion as they started to fall asleep. " Before, I was falling in love with you Alexia. Now, I just want to tell you how much I love you." JC said worried he'd scare her off. Alexia faced him and wrapped her legs around him and snuggled into his strong body. "I love you too, Joshua." He smiled as he heard her voice echo that sweet sentence over and over, until his eyes opened up and he saw the sun shine through the curtains. JC sat up wit ha disappointed look on his face. He suddenly realized it was a dream. His mind teased him with the vision of her sweetness. Of her beauty and her smell. His nostrils still smelled the sun-dried roses on her skin. JC just shook his head as he got up wondering after that hot, exciting, but tiring dream if he was going to make it through this birthday year with that gorgeous woman on his mind.