JC was blindfolded as his friends led him into the club. “Come on JC. Don't knock over any babes that might wanna be with me." Joey joked. "Whateva, Joey. You mean me. They're gonna flock to me." Chris gave a smug look as smoothed his jacket looking around. JC stumbled a bit into a chair. “A little help would be nice. Great gift guys, and on my birthday no less. I can break a leg while you guys oggle girls." Justin patted him on the back. "Sorry man, it’s just that all the honeys are here with us, in this club. Man look at that one over there." Justin put his hands over his mouth, "Oops. My bad. You can't check her out because you’re blindfolded." While walking, JC caught the corner of a table. "At this rate, I'm gonna look like I've gone a couple of rounds with Tyson." He impatiently reached for the blindfold. Chris smacked his hands away from it. Chris saw a redhead at the bar and gawked at every inch of her body. “Too bad ,Lance couldn't be here. But he's gonna score some chicks by going into space." He caught Joey by the arm and pointed at the redhead. Joey expressed a goofy grin as they both leered at her. Justin grabbed them by their collars and yelled over the music to get their attention. They relunctantly encircled JC. Joey cracked, "Okay guys, let's take off the blindfold. JC is about to make sure he'll never dance again." JC ripped the blindfold off. "I should've known Club Harbor." Joey wiggled his eyes. "Hey JC, here's one of the best parts. Go check out the VIP area." JC looked questioningly at his friend. "Man, they don't have a VIP room, they've never had a VIP room." Chris interrupted him by tapping him on the shoulder. "They do now. Consider yourself special and check out the 3,000 gallon salt- water fish tank in the VIP room. All that man, all for you.”

Joey led Adoria to JC, and he graciously hugged her and swung her around. “I can’t believe you did this for me.” Adoria laughed at his golly gee reaction. “Didn’t I tell you that I would hook you up the next time you came home?” JC felt overwhelmed as he took in everything. “Adoria it’s too much. You didn’t have to go through all this troub…” Adoria hushed him, “Baby, please. You deserve this and more. You all do. So just shut up and make this a night to remember.” He gave her another hug as the guys beckoned for him to follow them. Justin led the way as they walked into a carpeted walkway area to the VIP room. At the entrance of the room Justin swung the door open and a room full of people yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JC!" JC looked around at his guests and the newly done room in awe. His eyes got misty as he realized that a lot of time and energy was put into the room and his party. He turned to see the guys opening Louis VIII and Courvoiser by the case. Instead of handing everyone glasses they each drunk out their own bottles. The music was loud and the energy level was high. The atmosphere was jumping, and started to pick up as some girls found their way into the room.

A petite blond haired vixen made her way over to JC. "So this is the birthday boy." She looked seductively at him and grabbed him by his neck. She made him lean into her and whispered something into his ear that caused him to laugh. She grabbed him by his shirt and pinned him against the wall. She twirled around and took his free hand and allowed it to explore her body. She grinded her behind into his body. JC whispered something in her ear and her eyes shot open and her mouth hung open in amusement she whirled around to face him and clawed at his body. With seductive eyes on him, she then moved up and down running her hands all over him. When she reached his crotch area she stopped and grinned wickedly. She crouched down in a dance move that was alluring. Grinning deviously, JC took another swallow from the bottle as he watched her.

Justin quickly grew bored watching JC's Dirty Dance Show. He tapped Chris on the shoulder. "Hey man, I'm gonna head out here to the main floor and see what's up." As he walked down the carpeted area towards the dance floor he eyed many of the sistas that passed his way. He passed each of them and gave them once overs quietly asking himself why they weren’t in the VIP room. Scratching his lightly stubbled chin, he saw one sista that knew she had it going on, She strutted by like she owned the place. “Damn,” he replied as he saw the view from behind. She twisted around to see what he was peepin’ at. Justin tilted his head to the side and gave her his Hollywood smile, She jokingly rolled her eyes and continued on her way. Justin stood in the middle of the hallway and watched her until she disappeared around the corner. Regaining his senses he headed to the main dance floor.

As Justin entered the floor he walked around the room and greeted various people that he knew. Club Harbor was a god send to him and the rest of the guys. They each had an appreciation for African American culture and were free to express that without scrutny. Justin felt a hand grab his and he turned around to see who it was. "Hey Justin do you remember me?" the tall leggy brunette asked. Justin quickly searched his brain for an answer. "Yeah, of course I remember you. How could I forget?" Her tanned skin and green eyes illuminated under the floor lights. She quietly nodded her head and smirked at him. "You don't remember do you?" Justin breathed deepily and almost replied, "Trish" The girl cut him off and corrected him. "Tiffany, Justin. I met you at another club and we danced all night." Tiffany cuddled up to Justin and ran her finger up and down his throat.

"As I remember, we did a little bit more than dancing that night." A huge black man come up behind them both. "Tiffany are you ready to go?" Tiffany let go of Justin and put her hand on her boyfriend. As her man grabbed her hand to lead her away, she stuffed her number into Justin's hand. As she walked away, she mouthed the words "Call Me." Justin let out a sigh of relief as he spoke to himself. “And that's what happens when you drink Jack Daniels all night long." He headed for the bar and tossed the number into the ash tray.

Justin took his place at the bar and turned around to observe his fellow party goers. All of a sudden DJ Trini got the party jumping with the Welcolme to Atlanta remix by JD and various artists. Justin sat for a moment dancing on a his bar stool when he spied a beautiful woman. She had dark, straight hair that grazed her shoulders. He looked her up the length of her body, paying special attention to her long legs that had a split widely exposing those legs. He grinned as he could see her flat midriff briefly exposed behind the table. Just as Snoop Dog started to rap about the LBC, Justin hopped onto the dance floor. He wasn't alone for long as a two white girls and a black girl formed a circle and danced with him. Despite some of the scandleous things they did, he couldn't keep his eyes off of the mystery woman dressed scantily in black. He smiled as she crossed her legs in the opposite directions. Her high heel shoes set off her legs perfectly and made Justin feel a bit warm. At the end of the song, he thanked the girls for the dance and made his way to the woman that snagged his attention.

Lauryn stared off into space as she continued to stab at the now watered down soda. She watched Alexia in the distance dancing alone, as Sade began to play. Justin swaggered over to the table and pointed at the empty chair beside her. "Are you saving this chair for anybody?" Lauryn looked up and stared at the white guy before her. She stopped playing with the straw and cocked an eyebrow. “Yeah, that sista with the fly dress on, dancing by herself." Even though she pointed towards the floor, his eyes never left Lauryn. Justin licked his lips before he spoke, “Why is it a beautiful sista like your self is sitting her at the table instead of being on the floor."

Lauryn shook her head and let out a scarastic laugh. "Look white boy, I don't talk to strangers and I'm defintely in the mood to talk to you." Justin laughed and rubbed his scruffy chin. "Oh, it's like that huh. It's white boy. Interesting.....very interesting... well...ms. black girl since you don't talk to strangers, my name is Justin. And since you aren't in the mood to talk to me, I'll just talk to you and you can listen." He ended his statement by rolling his neck and folding his arms.

He searched for a reaction and grinned a cheesy smile. Lauryn shifted in the high stool-chair and re-crossed her legs. "I don't think you have anything to say that I wanna listen to, Justin Timberlake." Justin looked amused as he realized that at least she knew who he was. "Well I just wanted to talk to you about your favorite subject." Lauryn crossed her arms and huffed, “Which is?" Justin leaned towards the table and looked seductiviely into her eyes. "You." Lauryn stared at him and then rolled her eyes really slow to give him a hint or how bad that was. “I suggest you leave , NOW."

Justin sat back on the stool chair and chuckled. "And I should do this because why? I'm having way too much fun agitiating you. You see when you get mad your forehead wrinkles up and I find that sexy."

Justin leaned forward in his chair again and placed his hands on the table. "Let's review what we know here. Number one I'm no longer a stranger because you know my name. Number two you were looking mean before I got here and you're doing a damn good job of maintaining that.

Number three you are intent on giving this white boy a hard time. The least you could do is let me know who I'm pissing off." Lauryn got really frustrated as Justin tried to charm her. “I know your name, cause it’s damn well everywhere. And, I don’t talk or associate with white boys. Another thing, I like to be mean. As for the last thing, you don’t need to know my name because, you'll never need to use it," she stated rolling her neck as she sassed him. Justin playfully huffed,

“Again with the angry vibe." He smiled coyly again. "I think I'm breakin' you down. I already said how sexy you look when you get angry. You must be feeling something ‘cause you keep doing the same thing, knowing very well what it does to me." Justin got up from the stool and walked behind her. As she looked away and turned back he was now in front of her. He leaned down to her face just inches between them.

His eyes, icy blue met her dark brown eyes. Lauryn leaned back as far as she could. She became a little intimadated by his stare and outgoing nature. Suddenly her shyness and nervousness from earlier came back in one quick feeling. “Can you please just go away. I was happy sitting here by myself." Justin stood back up and looked smugly at her knowing that he cracked a different emotion from her. "I might very well believe that if I hadn't seen you sitting at this great big table all alone. I know you didn't put this much effort into looking good and spend money on this sexy ass outfit, just to stir a watered down Sprite." Justin stared at the dance floor as the DJ started to play "Someone to Love You," by Ruff Ends. Justin started to slowly move his hips to the music. He looked into her eyes again as she watched him. He reached his hand to her. "Be real. Give yourself a chance." Lauryn halfway reached out her hand, then hesitated. "Look, if I dance this one dance quickly…will you then leave me alone for the rest of my life?" As he fully extended his hand to hers he nodded, "Maybe. Are you gonna dance with me?" She sighed as she gave in. "I guess I have no choice. Do I? Seeing how you won't leave me alone." Justin took her by the hand and led her to the floor.

As he turned to face her he gently held her and placed his hand on the small of her back. She looked everywhere but at him as she agonzied over him dancing with her. “So, are we almost finshed doing this?" Justin grinned again, "Maybe, maybe not. Have patience." He drew her closer to him and whispered the lyrics into her ear.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for a man from all your fairy tales

Or maybe just a man from all your dreams

Try and think reality, enjoy the possibilities

‘Cause girl, you now you’ve waited so long

For someone to love you, you, you, you, you

{Someone to love you}

Lauryn tried to fight the smile that tugged at her lips as he sung into her ear. “Damn, Laur!' she thought to herself. 'Don't let this white boy charm you! Remember what the girls have said about these snake white boys.'” Justin could feel the tenseness in her body loosen. His hand caressed the small of her back. He nuzzled his lips ever so faintly against her neck. Lauryn jumped back from him and fidgeted with her belly chain and midriff. "Look, I think that’s enough. Now you’ve had your dance. I’m about to leave," she stammered walking away. Justin caught her hand before she was to far away. "I’m sorry.....I’d call you by your name if I knew it." She rolled her eyes once more as she grabbed her both purses Alexia's. Taking her phone out and giving Alexia's purse to her cousin, she turned to Justin and sighed. "It's Lauryn." Justin kissed her hand and released his hold. "Lauryn, thank you for this dance. It's been a pleasure." She passed him and walked out to her car and opened the driver side and sat down. Raising her head she saw Justin standing at her door. He motioned for her to roll down the windows. She rolled down the window as the cool air hit her in the face. She sighed and closed her eyes. "Yes?" He leaned against the door and looked up at the stars for a brief moment before returning his attention to her. "I really do apologize for coming on strong. I didn't mean to scare you away." Lauryn, chalked her behavior up to tiredness, loneliness, and remembering the feeling of his lips against her neck as she finally broke down and became sweet to him. "That's okay. Justin, I want apologize for being a bitch. I just don't like guys hounding me when I go to clubs. I just normally sit and let my friends have a good time." Justin pondered what she told him. "Lauryn It's okay. If I was in your position I might do the same thing. I really didn't mean to bug you. If I'm bugging you now, you say the word and I'm outta here."

“I guess you hang out with me. Its not like well see each other again, right?" She said getting back out of the jeep and locking it back. As she turned around she bumped into him. "What would make you think I wouldn't want to see you again?” he asked. She looked into his face and laughed at him. “Because you have your life ‘Mister White Boy Pop Star Celebrity.’ And I have mine. This thing here is like that 'two ship passing in the night' thing." As she spoke she pointed between the two of them. She accidently touched his chest while pointing at him. Justin held his gaze of her finger touching him and casually raised his eyes to meet her. "This thing doesn't have to be a two ship passing in the night thing....It can be whatever we make it, but more than one person has to want it." He put his hands around her waist and pulled her to him. As he leaned down, his lips barely touched hers. "I know what I want. What is it that you want?" Lauryn closed her eyes taking in every sensation from his hands touching her, to his arms holding her giving her security, to his lips giving her sensuality. “I want what you showing me." She whispered, feeling his warm breath on her mouth. “But, I want the man who's showing me this to be a brotha." She leaned back, still in his arms. Justin stood stunned for a moment, he released his hold and took a few steps back. "Oh. So you can't...feel anything for me because I'm not a brotha? Oh, ok. I understand. Well "I'm always gonna be white and That's something I can't change. So I have clearily misunderstood what was going on. Cause see i thought this was about two people getting to know each other." Justin sighed deepily and beckoned for her to follow him. "C'mon Lauryn let's go back into the club and find you a brotha."

Lauryn suddenly felt bad ,now that she said. Once they got inside the club, she watched Justin walk around and decided to follow. Her couriousity got to her as she wondered what he was gonna do. As she sat back down at a table, she saw Justin talking with an attractive brotha. She looked away, seeing a tinge of hurt in Justin's eyes. The crowd of people started to shift as the tempo in music changed. She could no longer see Justin. As she scanned the room for him, the guy he spoke to approached her. Lauryn looked away as the handsome man approached. She regretted leaving her phone and purse in her jeep. She fiddled with keys to make it look like she was busy. "Excuse me miss", he said in a low barritone voice. A friend sent me over to ask you to dance? Would you like to?” She tried to appear to be sincere as she spoke, “I'm sorry, but I'm about to leave and don't want to dance. If you will excuse me." She quickly got up and moved away from the table and went to the VIP room to find Justin.

The party continued on, gaining more and more visitors to the VIP room. JC sat on the couch with another groupie. She was the same old type of woman that normally rolled up on him, only this time, it was for his birthday. As she sat on his lap nibbling on his ear, he realized he wanted something different. He took another swig only, now from his glass of Louis VII. He patted her on her thigh, “Hey honey, I need you to get up. I want to walk around and visit my other guests.” She relunctantly got off his lap and started dancing with some random guy. JC made a beeline for the door when he was stopped again. One girl stepped up to him and started to move up and down in front of him. Any other time, this groupie would have been under him in a back room somewhere with the quickness. Most of the time he could let this situation ride but tonight was different. He tried to enjoy himself, but trashy girl after trashy girl kept ruining his perfect buzz. JC was being cordial before but now he was down right exasperated. Tonight for some reason something changed in him. He felt it when he blew out his candles. He needed a change, his life needed a change. He wanted something different. Finishing the glass of Louis VII in his hand, JC walked away leaving the girl looking foolish and alone.

As he walked onto the floor, many of the guests and party goers greeted him. Walking through the crowd all he could think about was his birthday wish. His wish was to find someone like himself, a kindred spirit to spend his life with. Glancing around the club he mumbled to himself. “I know I won’t find my kindred here.” He'd been wanting for that one woman that would make him want to drop everything. He wanted there to be not only a physical attraction, but an emotional and mental attraction. JC toured the outer edge of the dance floor, and headed for the bar stool to observe the people in the club. Dancing on his bar stool he noticed one particular guest. He was intrigued by her everything. She was beautiful and classy looking. Definitely a rarity in the club. She danced all alone, enjoying herself. He grinned as he watched the waves in her hair grace her shoulders. While she danced in her own world, he could only imagine where her mind had journeyed. He wondered if he could if he could join her. He observed for a few more minutes and couldn’t help himself. Maybe it was the alcohol that gave him liquid courage. Whatever he was feeling he knew he had to act on it, the chance may never arise again.

Alexia felt at ease when she left Lauryn at the table and partied on the dance floor. She was going to enjoy herself even if it meant dancing alone. She was an excellent dancer and on occasion had a guy that wanted to step with her. Sometimes she'd get a person dancing next to her wanting to have a dance off. Tonight she wasn’t feeling that type of vibe. She felt like she needed an emotional release. When she danced she was in a world of her own where no one and nothing mattered. Music and dancing gave her an inner peace. When Alexia heard the opening lines to “Rainy Days” by Mary J Blige and Ja Rule, the jam playing sent her into a world of her own.

It’s just those rainy days Spent a lifetime tryin’ to wash away ‘Til the sun comes out and shines again Smile for me, smile for me On all those rainy days Spend ya lifetime tryin’ to wash away Until the sun shines and I see your face Smile at me, smile at me

She drifted off, never loosing her step or beat to the music. The song proved to be one of her favorite songs. The lyrics had a depth that called to her very soul. . It kinda feels like I’m drownin’ in the Lord’s pain Until the sun comes out and shines again, smile Gimme reason to keep believin’ that everything ain’tis mean and I kiss the clouds on the rainy days And smile for you when the skies are gray Baby cuz I’ma teardrop away from cryin’ And a few shots away from dyin’ Dear Lord would you shower my pain Let it rain, let it rain on me While I cherish the air I breathe I’m an angel- that can’t soar, can’t fly And I imagine the Lord knows why

Alexia's hip swayed as she closed her eyes and went deeper into the music. It was then, a pair of

hands unlike her own, gently moved near both sides of her waist. Alexia kept dancing and hadn't

noticed them. She kept her back to the body and stared to dance into the strong, buff, and very

male body. They grooved to the music, their bodies connected, in perfect unison.

Til the sun shines Just smile for me Just smile for me, just smile at me Know in your heart that we are free Free to believe whatever we feel So feel something real baby, yeah

After a minute of her still not noticing him, the body so close behind her, spoke. He

whispered in her ear, "You know its kind of rude to not face your dance partner." Alexia's eyes

shot open as she noticed a pair of tanned-colored arms swaying at her sides. She kept her back

to him and started to speak. "I didn't hear you walk up." The man leaned enter her ear and

whispered,"I noticed. But you didn't see me either. Afraid of what you may see?" His breath smelled like fine liquor and yet was so warm, hitting her ear and neck. Alexia shook her head, side to side as loose curls fell around her shoulders. "No, it's not that. I was just into the song.” The unseen man’s voice lowered as he spoke, “I know, beautiful. I was just teasing because I was jealous." Alexia asked confused, "Jealous? Of what?" He voice grew more sexier as he continued to tease her by rubbing his hands across her flat abs and holding her body a little closer to him. "Of the fact that I couldn't be with you. Where ever you were." Alexia smiled, as she was about to give a comment to that. When she turn around, she saw a face to match the voice. Alexia's face held a blank look, but had fire in her eyes and a smile on her lips.

"Well, finally I can finally look into that beautiful face up close." He smiled.

"You've been watching me?" She asked with an aire of amazement. "Of course. I'd be blind not to see you. Why is it that you’re dancing all alone? I was surprised when I didn't see any of the men push each other to get to you." She shyly smiled at his statement. "Seems like that's a question you should pose to them, no?" JC shrugged. "Nah. Their loss is my gain." He beamed as he circled his arms around her waist. Shocked by his aggressive nature but him in check. "Whoa there buddy," Alexia said grabbing his hands from around her waist. "I know you're the birthday boy and all....Happy Birthday. But I'm not your gift and it ain’t that type of party." She smirked as she backed away from him, “You should find one of the girls you were dancing with in the VIP room. I'm sure that's right up their ally." JC smiled as he shook his head. She just didn't get it. He leaned in to speak softly in her ear. "Sweetheart, if I wanted that, I would have stayed with them. When I saw you I saw a kindred spirit in you. I see a part of me that I don't get to be, when I looked at you dance. Being free and able to dance like you did in my own world at peace."

Alexia stepped up to him and used her hands to beckon him to come towards her. JC unhurriedly stepped to her as a fast song finished and a slow jam started. "Kinderd spirits huh? Which greeting card did you get that from?"

JC swayed with the slow song, careful not to invade her personal space. "I believe in all that stuff." He said stopped dancing and held his arms out. “Aren't you curious to see what I want?” He brought his arms towards himself and placed his hands on his chest. “Don't you wanna know what kind of adventure I wanna take you on?" Alexia started laughing as she put her face in her hands and shook her head. "Man I just know these lines are coming courtsey of Louis , Cristal, and Jack." She flirtatiously put her hands on her hips and leaned her head to the side. "Those lines are so horrible that they can't possibly work. I couldn't say that stuff with a straight face if I had to. "You are to amusing to me." she turned around and walked away from him”

JC smirked as he realized he was going to have to approach her differently. He went to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "May I ask your name?"

Turning to him and glancing at him she looked at him up and down. “Alexia.” JC played with his chin as he caught her glance. "I guess you know my name, but I'm still going to be respectful and introduce myself. I'm Joshua Scott Chasez." He said extending his hand. She took his hand in return. "It's been interesting to meet your acquaintance." JC held on to her hand and kissed it. He then looked up and there was sincerity, seriousness, and some soberness in his eyes as he spoke. "I hope I didn't offend you. But it wasn't the alcohol talking. I was being real. It was nice getting a chance to meet you, Alexia." He smiled and then headed back toward the VIP room.

Alexia stood on the floor for a moment and watched him walk away. She thought about following him back to the VIP room. Then she discarded the thought as she went to the center of the dance floor. As she danced again, she had those thoughts again. "I should follow him," her mind begged. "But why should I. I am so tired of being the chaser. Why do I have to do the wooing, why can't I be the woo'd. Don't I deserve at least that much." Angie Stone's 'I wish I didn't miss you so much' filled the air Alexia noticed all the couples around her and she relunctantly left the floor. She looked around for Lauryn but she was no where to be seen. So she grabbed the first empty table she could find. As she waited she sang Angie's heartfelt words and soon forgot where she was. The waitress awoke her from her haze as she continued to hum with the track.

Suddenly she felt a warmness in her ear. "Did you really think I would leave like that?" Alexia followed the voice and saw JC looking crazy sexy cool. "I didn't think you were capable of spitting weak game but you proved me wrong. Take a seat and drink with me....water." JC sat across from her and thanked the waitress for his water and took a sip. "So, what do you want to talk to me about?" Alexia took a sip of her water and sat it back down on the table. "Hhhmm. That's a toughie...what should we talk about? Ya know I really don't know what we can discuss." She leaned over the table and looked him dead in the eye. "I guess if the conversation suffers we can always sit here and stare at each other."

A smile tugged at his lips, making his beard look thinner. "How about I get to know you? What do you do?" Alexia raised her feet onto the chair beside him. “I am a fashion designer.” She stood up and gave him her best sexy pose. He looked her up and down. Clapping as she twirled for him and continued with a few more mock poses. "That's a beautiful outfit. Very sexy. You must make mad dollars with this kind of talent." He asked as signaled for another water. “I do ok. I'm livin well,” she answered. She sat back down and put her feet back on the chair. "I notice you keep looking at the chair beside you. I promise my feet don't stink." Alexia watched his face as he focused on her feet. "It's the shoes. I'm trying to keep my ankles from swelling so that's why I'm keeping my feet raised. Not that you really wanted to know that, but you were real with me..." He smiled as he nodded in agreement. “Maybe we are kindred. My game is weak too."

What JC did next surprised Alexia. In one quick move, he lifted himself into the other chair grabbed her feet and proceeded massaging them. Alexia let out a soft moan which caused JC to grin. Alexia caught herself and changed his focus. "And you are dong this because..." JC rubbed her foot intensely before he leisurely responded. “I wanna. And you did do a lot of dancing. So consider it a gift from me to you." He spoke in a husky tone as he worked his magic. He noticed what beautiful feet she had. Alexia leaned back into her chair. "Hhhmm, you have wonderful hands,” she cooed. “That's some magic you have there," she closed her eyes as he continued the massage. “That’s why I'm here tonight. To make a sweet lady like you feel wonderful…if even only for this night," he smiled.

Her eyes popped open when he hit massaged one area of her foot. "You know what that spot..." JC nodded. She continued on, “That part is connected to…" He laughed and nodded again, fully aware of what he was doing to her. Alexia stuck her pointer finger at him. "You are a naughty boy. Cut that out." He massaged that area again and Alexia squirrmed. “Stop that she sexily murmured. She looked around the club to see if anyone noticed.

“Only if I can you again and maybe take you out to dinner." Alexia kept looking around the club as her breathing quickened. "If you keep doing this, then yes is a definite possibility.” JC slowly moved one hand up her calf and grinned, "How about we have dinner the next time we see each other?I'll be back to DC sooner or later, this year. Or you can have dinner with me now." He told her as he stopped massaging her feet and moved up to her satin smooth legs. Alexia caught her breath and sat up in her seat as his fingertips grazed up and down her calf, causing her to become ticklish. "Your friends came here to spend time with you on your birthday. How are they gonna feel about you dumping them over some girl?"

He stopped and grabbed her shoes and her hand. With a look of seriousness, he asked the waitress over and had her bring Alexia's purse. “They'll live. Besides, they are probably too drunk to notice." He took her hand and walked out to her car, "See, I'm now sober, wide awake, and starving." She looked up at him and squinted her eyes. JC i didn't drive, how could you possiblly be sober that quick and yeah I'm starving too but nothiing is open at this time of night. Plus the air is a little cool right now. Drinking all that water can flush you good as long as you dont drink any more alcohol. If you didn't drive..we can take on of the limos. And as for a place to eat, haven't you ever been to Waffle House? They're open 24 hrs a day."He crossed his arms looking at her."Anymore excuses? You still owe me breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And they have all three." He smiled. "You seem to have all the questions answered but one. She headed back to the club rubbing her arms. "And I came here with my friend, that would be incredibly rude of me to not leave with her. No matter how bad I want to go with you." JC ran after her. He wanted to get to know her and didn't want to let her go yet. "Alexia, wait." He stopped her and smiled. "I'm sorry that I didn't realize that you had a firend with you. Let's find her and see if she's hungry. It will be my treat to let you guys eat what ever you want. Dessert, too." He pouted as his hands clasped together. JC stopped her in her tracks. He looked like he was this eager big kid.

"JC?" JC waited with bated breath to hear her response. “Yes , Alexia?" He looked at her wondering what she was gonna do. “JC you talk entirely too much...I'm gonna have to do something about that." JC gave her a confused look. “What?" Alexia sauntered over to him and reached her hand to stroke his neck. She gazed into his eyes and used her free hand to direct his hand around her waist. "Your the birthday boy, you tell me what I should do?" JC smiled as he got the hint. He leaned in and stopped at her lips. “Go get your friend and lets go eat." He pulled back and gave her a cheesy smile. Alexia pouted. "Okay I'll get her." She started walking back to the club. She turned around and put her hands on her hips. "That was cute JC. That was really cute. I just want you to remember this moment cause its not likely to happen again." JC mumbled under his breath as she waked ahead. "Oh, I wouldn't bet on it." He smiled and caught up with her.