Latise exited the shower and snatched the shower cap off of her head. She wrapped herself in a humongous towel when she heard the phone ring. She made a mad dash for the phone. "Hello?" She said picking up the phone, out of breath. JC was a little taken at how quickly she answered the phone. "Hey, Tise. Did I interrupt something?” Latise quickly tried to catch her breath and senses as she plopped down on her bed. "Uh, yeah. I was in the shower! JC, I almost slipped and bust my ass!" JC wiped his forehead and smiled, "The shower? And you almost slipped and bust your tush? Hhhm. I would definitely pay to see that." He started chuckling before voicing his concern. "You are ok, really though?" Latise started to take the towel and dry herself. "Yeah, laugh it up buddy. If I had hurt myself. I was gonna sue you!" She smiled reaching for the lotion on her night stand. "Sue? Sue me? Wouldn't be the first time I've had a lawsuit." He stretched his legs on his bed and turned on his television. Latise she sat back on the bed and started to lotion her legs. "Lawsuit, shmall suit. Lou ain’t got nothing on me. I know all your dirty little secrets from all the conversations I overheard you and Daryl have. I know about your bunny footie pajamas that you wore when you were 12 and you aunt took a picture of you in during Easter…Should I go on?" Latise told him with an evil grin on her face. “Ok, ok. Let me get the checkbook out. What’s it gonna take to keep you from chirping to the tabloids? 10 maybe 12?" He closed his eyes knowing that was too cold of her to mention the bunny picture. "Damn, I swear, you do one thing and people never let you forget," he thought to himself. Latise threw her head back and laughed. "No money needed, just remember I own you, Chasez." JC sucked his teeth through the phone. "Aw right, aw right. I got it. So what are we throwin down tonight?"

"Well," She said trying to figure how to tell him., "I can't tonight. I have a date. "JC sat up in the bed and swung his legs over the side of the bed. "Tise, I thought you weren't seeing anybody. A date can be rescheduled. Your friend only comes into town once in a blue."

"Well, I know. But Josh, this guy is only in town for a little bit and I don't know when or if I'll ever see him again." JC was a bit saddened as he leaned forward with his elbows on his legs. Rolling his eyes, he reluctantly responded. "Well why don't you bring him along, he can hang with us. I want to meet this man that's taking up my friend's time." He smacked himself on his forehead for that flub. Latise chewed her bottom lip and wondered why she was keeping this from JC. "He's tall. Sweet, funny. very strong and muscular. He's a musician too." JC tightened his lips and snapped his eyes shut. It was going to take a lot of him to pretend that her dating someone other than him was alright. Sounds cool. What type of music does he perform?" Shook her and hesitated to answer. "Popular/Top 40 music," she said closing her eyes. “He's gonna keep asking me questions until I end having to tell him,” she thought to herself. JC frowned again. "Great," he thought. She’d rather date a second rate cover band type of guy than me. Even with celebrity status she still chooses any and everybody but me. Damn! Why doesn't she notice me?" JC's thoughts were interrupted as he heard her calling his name. "Sorry Tise, I have quite a bit running through my head. I was listening. I'd love to hear his stuff sometime. He sounds cool. Maybe we can all have a jam session or something."

"You have." Latise spoke softly, as she got tired of this game of run a round. "What...what? You mean he's someone I know? Who?" “Justin." She spoke so softly she could barely hear herself. "Did you just say Justin? As in Timberlake? NSYNC's Justin? The guy that dated Britney Spears?" He had to catch himself cause he was about to catch a case. "Yes, Joshua Scott Chasez. Justin Timberlake. As the Justin that's all those things and your friend." She said standing up and walking with the cordless in her hand and into her bedroom closet. Sensing the tension in her voice he backed off. "I'm sorry Latise. I'm just shocked that's all." Justin knocked on his door and peeped his head in. JC's eyebrow went up and face froze. "Hey, girl. I don't mean to cut things short but I know you have a lot to do and I don't want to keep you." JC held a finger out for Justin, signaling for him to wait a second. "Lala?" Latise looked at the phone and JC could sense her anger over the phone. "Joshua , I know you better than you think. Better than your own Mother. Who's in the room with you?" She asked , as she stop moving in her closet. "Girl, you worry too much. I just have some things to address with my little brother. He just walked in the door." JC waved Justin in. "Joshua, you went from almost biting my head off to understanding. You would have it out with me , even if your brother was there or not!"

JC sighed into the phone, "You're a big girl and I know you can make your own decisions. I trust your judgment and you made a good choice with...him. Now you need to go on and get pretty for him. You don't want to disappoint, do you? I'm cool with this. Really." Latise narrowed her eyes and gave up." Fine. Whatever." And she hung up before he could say anything else. JC looked at his phone and became agitated. He started to call her back, but hung up before he hit the last number.

Justin came in and watched JC on the phone. He looked pissed off. "Hey, C. Is this a bad time?" JC turned his phone off and placed it on the other side of him. Looking Justin sternly in the face, he spoke, "So what's going on with you and Latise." Justin's mouth fell for an instant and quickly shut. He stood straight and walked to JC's bed and sat down. "What do you mean? I like her and she likes me." JC sat back on his bed and narrowed his eyes. "Justin...Don't bullshit me. Cause I'm not playing with you and I'm serious as hell." Justin looked at JC like he was crazy. "JC, I am serious and I don't like your tone. We do like each other and I'm going out with her tonight!" He said standing up, becoming pissed off. JC sighed to himself and tried to keep calm. "J do you think I'm blowing this out of proportion? Because givin' your track record of love them and leave them, I think I have cause to worry for her." Justin squinted his eyes, as he became defensive. "I would never hurt Latise! I care for her in a different way, than I did with the others. She's in a class all by herself. She's more of a real woman physically, mentally and as a friend." JC stood up from the bed and walked to his door. "Justin?" JC stepped closer to the door. "What?" Justin said as he wished he was somewhere else right now.

JC hung on the door. "J...Latise is different. She's a special woman. There's a lot of stuff you don't know. She has a tough exterior, but when you get to the core, she just...Be careful with her. I just don't want her hurt like you hurt Britney. You know she's all twisted now to the point she doesn't even know who she is." Justin started to fume as he stepped up the opened doorway and looked at JC. "JC, there's a lot you don't know. For one thing Britney wasn't the only one hurt. And if Latise didn't want me to be with her , she would have told me," he said pointing his finger in JC's chest. "I respect her too much. If she said go away or let's just be friends I would respect that .I've grown that close to her and like her that much."

JC face remained serious. "I hope so." JC stuck his finger in his chest. "You hurt her and its on between you and me. Believe that." JC opened the door and gave him room to get by. Justin walked by him, pushing JC out of the way so he could go pick up Latise.