Justin was awakened by the noises of pots and pans clanging. He rubbed his tired eyes as the sunshine filtered in through the thin, floral curtains. He rolled out of the bed, and grabbed his gym bag to retrieve his tooth brush. On the way to the bathroom, he caught a glimpse of Latise mumbling to herself and walking around the kitchen. He laughed to himself, "She is so cute, crazy, but cute." Entering the bathroom he searched the cabinet for toothpaste and squirted it onto his brush to get rid of his morning breath. As he garguled with minty mouth wash, he heard pots and pans hitting the floor. He rushed into the kitchen to see a scowling Latise amidst a sea of pots and pans. "Damn!" She angerliy shouted. Standing against the entryway to the kitchen, Justin looked amused watching her scuttle around and shove the pots and pans back into the cabinet.

"Those are some organizational skills you have there, girl. Do you need some help?" Squatting on the floor, Latise slowly admired the body standing before her. Latise thought to herself "It is way too early in the morning to look that damn good." Justin looked incredible sexy in his wife beater and gym pants. Her face was flushed from embarrasement when she realized Justin caught her not so obvious attempt at leering. "I was just working on my rendition of STOMP," she replied. "Yes, help would be greatly appreciated right about now," she soflty agreed to his help. Justin sat down on the floor beside her and helped her get her cabinet in order. "From what I've heard, you aren't much of a cook. Don't tell me you were gonna burn stuff up on our account, it's a sweet gesture but I think the firemen having more pressing issues," handing her a pot. "Too funny, Justin. Seriously, you should take that act to BET or the Apollo and get booed." She took the pan from him giving him a devilsh smile. "Where did you hear about my cooking abilities or lack thereof anyway?" she asked placing the smaller pots inside of the larger pots. "Your mom, she made a few comments about it through out the night." He handed her another pan and she accidently touched his hand. They both stared at each other for a moment and Latise broke the moment. "No, when we get on that subject I tune my mom out. Besides, I'm a decent cook, I just don't cook the way she does." Justin gave her a yeah right look. "Now Latise, you really don't burn water?" She leaned into him and mocked his voice. 'You can't burn water, it evaporates into the air." She stuck her tongue at him as he laughed at her childlike nature. "Okay, okay. You know you don't have to go through all this trouble. I could be happy with a box of fruit loops." He stood up from the floor and extended a hand to help her up. "Thank you. It's no bother for me to do this. You guys are guests at my home. Now the next time you visit, you'll be family, so then don't expect me to be this accomodating," she responded. She started to walk towards the sink when Justin never let go of her, he started lightly swinging her arm back and forth. Cocking her eyebrow up she spoke again, "Can I have this back?" Justin continued to swing her arm, "I suppose so. If you let me assist you with breakfast." Latise softened to him a bit. "Well that's very kind of you. Of course you can help me." Justin let go of her hand and joked, "I'd hate to have my momma read that I died of food poisioning." He quickly stepped away from him as she attempted to slap his arm. Pointing her finger at him she playfully narrowed her eyes at him, "You know I owe you one for that and don't think I won't forget." Justin put his arms in the air and went over to hug her. His muscular arms held her tightly, "I would hope you don't forget. It's way too much fun making you mad." She rolled her eyes and broke away from him. She opened the refrigerator door and grabbed an egg. "You just keep on and this egg is about to wind up on you!" Justin threw up two fingers for peace. "Stop the violence and increase the peace." They looked at each other for a moment and bursted out laughing.

Grabbing the rest of the food she made her way over to the stove. Justin came beside her and took some of the items from her, "What are we making Chef Wyatt?" Looking into an imaginary camera she jokingly replied, "For today's show, I thought we'd open up with a little milk or orange juice. For the appetitzer, I would recommend the microwaveable grits with a touch butter and grape jelly. For the main course, I am offering bacon, pancakes and eggs." Justin laughed as he grabbed the eggs. "I think I have this covered. Do you like scrambled, fryed hard, over easy, or boiled?" Latise mixed the batter for the pancakes, and was surprised Justin could cook. "Scrambled, please. So where did you learn to cook?" Justin broke another egg open and used a fork to whisk the eggs. "From my mom, I used to like to watch her cook." Justin leaned into her side and whispered, "Not many people know that I cook and watch alot of cooking shows. So keep that on the low." She leaned back into him, "I can keep a secret, but it'll cost you."

Justin raised his eyebrow and grinned evilly. “It’ll cost me huh?” he eyed her up and down and licked his lips. “And just what, will that cost me?” Latise’s mouth dropped open as she stood amazed at his flirtaeous nature. Justin acted like his comment was nothing and poured the eggs into the skillet and began to scramble them. He glanced back at Latise as she continued to stand shell shocked. He reached his hand underneath her chin to close her mouth. “Don’t keep your mouth open like that or else…nevermind.” Latise narrowed her eyes at him, “Or else what? What were you going to say?” Justin turned his attention back to the eggs. ‘Nothing. Nothing.” Latise stood closer to him and leaned against her counter staring at him. “I hate it when people do that! Just say what you were going to say!” Justin just laughed at her and ignored her comment, “Do you have to work today?” Latise got a little playful attitude in her voice, “Why you acting like you don’t hear me? Okay, it must have been a dirty thought.” Justin slyly grinned at her as he shoveled the eggs onto the plate. “I’m pleading the fifth on that one. So do you have to work today?”

She wiped his skillet out and brought her pancake batter over to the stove and began to cook them. “Yes I have to work today, why?” She was so focused on not burning the pancakes she didn’t notice Justin doing his own thing. He casually walked to her cabinet and grabbed a cereal bowl and rummaged through the pantry and found the Corn Puffs. The noise of the cereal hitting the bowl caught Latise’s attention. “Justin, I thought you were supposed to help me make breakfast.” Justin grabbed some milk from the fridge and commenced to eating his cereal. In a muffled voice he responded, “I will but I have to have my morning cereal. It helps me start my day. No cereal plus a Justin that just woke up equals one very moody SOB.” Justin took another spoonful of cereal as he eyed her. “And trust me, you wouldn’t like me if I had my morning cereal.” Latise shook her head and placed a pancake on a plate and covered it with foil. He quickly finished the cereal and was drinking the milk from the bowl. Latise stopped in amazement and frowned. Catching her glare he hunched his shoulders, “What? Where I’m from we don’t waste food around here.” Latise started laughing and focused on her own cooking, “I see that.” Justin stood beside her as he washed his bowl and dried it. “So why do they call you Lala? What’s the nickname come from?” He went to the refrigerator and grabbed the butter to put on the hot pancakes. “It’s a childhood nickname. That’s all.” Justin playfully knocked into her. “Spill it, sista.” She laughed at him and glanced at him like he’s short, like Bernie Mac would say. “I used to babysit JC’s brother and sister. Her little brother had the hardest time saying my name. That boy used to jack my name up so bad, it was unreal. Anyways, one day he was trying to call me and just kept saying La, La and finally I said what. And he realized I would answer him when he would call for me like that, and everyone sort of caught onto it. It’s become a family name so to speak. She placed the last pancake on the plate and put the skillet in the sink. When she turned around Justin was behind her and caught her off guard. He stepped closer to her placing a hand against the counter leaving her no where to move. Tilting his head he softly spoke, “Can I call you Lala? Can I be one of the special people to call you that?” Latise’s eyes widened a bit and she playfully batted her eyes, “I don’t know if you’re special enough to call me that.” Justin sighed softly chuckled, “Oh I’m not am I?” Justin started singing the “La la” part to “Loving You” by Minnie Ripperton and hit the high note of the song. Latise smiled brightly at hearing her name sung so beautifully. She turned the eye of the stove off. “Justin. That was so beautiful. Sing that to me again.” Justin smiled slyly.

Justin smiled slyly, "I don't think your special enough to have your ears graced with my angelic voice." Latise's mouth dropped again. Justin put his hand under her chin again to close her mouth. He drew closer to her and whispered, "What did I tell you about that earlier?" Latise started to feel warm all over as she could feel his arms so close but so far away from her sides. Justin stared down at her, "So would you like to have lunch with me? I can bring something for lunch and we can get to know each other better." Latise shook her head, "I don't know Justin, I'm sure there other things you could do than waste your time trying to have lunch with me." Justin rolled his eyes and let them rest on her eyes. "Now do you really think you're a waste of time?" "Well, I know you have other females that need to occupy your time." Justin flashed an award winning smile and backed away from her. "The only female that I'm interested in occupying my time is standing in front of me." Latise started to blush and turned away from him as she fixed the plates. "I can keep you comapny." Latise said turing back to him. "Why do you always make me feel shy?" Justin stuck his hands in his pockets and stood beside her leaning against her off and on. "I make you shy? Why is that?"

"I have never met a guy like you, before in my life. You can ask Joshua. The guys I have mostly been into are bad boys and thugs. But you, you are something very different, Justin Timberlake." Latise says leaning back , with her arms crossed. Justin poked his full luscious lips pondering what she had said. "So, I'm different? I'll take that as a compliment...So what about lunch with the different guy?" "Okay ,I'll keep you company for lunch. Do I have to get dressed in fancy clothes or can i wear comfortable clothes?" Justin folded his arms and thought again. "I think you should wear comfortable clothes. I'm bringing luch to you. And no matter what you have on, or don't you'll always be the belle of my ball." "I guess I can take that as a complement." Latise smiled. Suddenly she got bold and walked up to him and reached up to his lips. "You have a milk mustache over your lip." She said as she wiped his upper lip with her fingers. Justin chuckled at her obvious attempt at just wanting to touch him. He began sing "Loving you" She smiles. Justin stopped. "I just like singing the Lala part. It brings music to the ears." He waved a finger in the air. "But if you want me to stop, I can." "What I want is you to kiss me." She mumbled as she went into the refrigerator to get some juice.Justin silently walked up and stood behind her. "If you would turn around you would find your request granted." Latise froze as she silently cursed herself for thinking out loud. She didnt realize that she said it to where he heard.) She had her back to him, scared to turn around , now that he heard her. "What request,Justin?" Justin grinned again. "I was wondering what would you like to have for lunch and I said I was taking requests." Latise chose not to face him as she slowly puled out glasses for the juice. "Whatever you want , Justin. I'm just along for the ride." Justin smiled again as he sensed her nervousness. 'Okay, it'll be a surprise. I'm gonna wake JC up for breakfast." Justin turned to walk away from her. "Wait!" She turned and walked up to him. Justin shoved his hands into his pockets and questioned why she stopped him. "Is there something wrong?" "It's now or never,Justin." She as she reached up quickly and kissed him before he can speak. Justin was dumbfounded by her sudden assertiveness. Latise finally broke away , waiting for Justin to speak.

Justin let his nerd side and was left speechles for a moment. "Wow!' he wiped his forehead and shook his head. "I'm sorry, but your lips they were bugging me for so long. I just had to taste them.Every since that day at my parents for dinner." She said moving away slowly. Justin exhaled quietly, "Well if you ever feel froggy like that again, feel free to jump again." "So, you didnt think I was too forward?" Justin leaned against the kitchen doorway rubbing his hand over his six pack abs. "No, I was just a little surprised." She fianlly moved away from him and smiled. "So I guess you want to go get Joshua now? Justin laughed loudly, "Actually I want to let his ass sleep, but I think we ought to eat that breakfast we worked so hard on." "Okay,I'll set the table and we can eat. Go get Josh , so we can hurry up and go to lunch." She smiled as turned back around and left him staring at her backside. Justin caught the vapors and had to leave before Big Jim and the twins decided to wake up.

"Justin." Latise said as he moved to the doorway. "If you hold them gently and think about your favorite part on a girl's body, you won't get blue balls." He shook his head as he heard her say, "I heard Josh and my brother, Darryl talk about it once."

Justin's mouth dropped as he looked at her carry the food to the table. He decided to go and wake JC up before things got dangerous in that kitchen with her.

chapter eight: