Seven thirty on the dot, Latise heard a knock at her door. Opening the door she leaned against the door entry way. “Always the prompt one Josh. I see that hasn’t changed.” JC looked at her with his trademark bashful grin. “I’m always there when you call, and I’m always there on time… ” Latise rolled her eyes and stepped to the side. “Silly boy, get in here.” Latise noticed he had a bag with him. “Uh, Josh what’s up with bag.” Justin followed behind JC and he too had a bag. “Sleepover!” Latise scoffed as she closed the door. “That’s really nice of you both to invite yourselves to stay the night. Tell me oh uninvited houseguests, do I get to have any type of say in this matter?” Both of the guys looked at each other and then looked at Latise. “No,” they both flatly replied. Latise sighed and grabbed Justin by his arm and led him to the guest room. “You can stay in here.” Justin nodded and put his belongings into the room and took a look around. Latise came back out of the room and led JC back to her room. She stopped short as they stood in her bedroom entrance and turned towards JC. “Before you get any ideas yes this is my room.” JC started to beam like a light post. Latise was slightly amused at his reaction but even more so at the rock she was about to hurl at the light post. “But no I will not be in there with you. I am sleeping on the couch.” JC turned that smile upside down. Latise laughed at him. JC merely squinted his eyes at her. She walked away from him and headed into the kitchen. “You can eat dinner when you are ready.”

JC tossed his bag onto the floor in front of the bed and followed her into the kitchen. Justin was already there waiting by the table counter. JC was amazed at the spread she provided. “Latise you brought my favorite food Chinese.” He walked up to her and put an arm around her and kissed her on the cheek. “Did you remember the crab rangoon?” She mimicked his voice, “Yes I remembered the crab rangoon. It wouldn’t be your favorite meal if you didn’t have it.” JC smiled brightly. Latise went on the other side of her kitchen counter and pulled out some DVDs out of a plastic bag. “For your viewing pleasure I rented The Star Wars Triology and included the prequel as well.” Justin picked up one of the DVDs and read the back of it. “Good lookin’ out Latise. She handed each of them a tray with their own box of rice, beef and broccoli and crab Rangoon. “Shall we all retire to my family room?” JC sat on the couch next to Latise, while Justin sat in the loveseat.

Latise and the guys had forgotton how long the movies were. Latise retrieved pillow and blankets for them all. That gesture seemed to be a wrong move. That caused them to become more suseptable to sleeping. They fought to keep each other awake during the film. At the ending of the third Star Wars, Latise groggily opened her eyes and noticed Justin sleeping curled up in the love seat. He looked so angelic, Latise smiled knowing he was anything but. She soon felt a numbness in her lap. She looked down and noticed JC was sleeping on a pillow on her lap. She looked down upon him and noticed how long his hair had grown. She started playing with it and twisting it around her fingers. She heard JC breathe a little hard like he was going to awaken. She froze. “What would he do knowing she was playing with his hair? How could she play that off?” She worried needlessly as he turned to face her and continued to sleep. Latise let out a sigh of relief as she continued to study his features.

She noticed his thin nose and used her finger to draw an imaginary line down his nose. “How cute, its kinda like a slope,” she thought to herself. Latise raised an eye to check on Justin and noticed he was still sleeping. She returned her focus to JC once again and noticed his lips. She turned her head so she could look at him as if she was face to face to him. She closed her eyes and envisioned him using those very lips to place kisses along her neck. She licked her lips as she thought of him kissing her and then inching back down her neck. Latise moaned softly as she imagined JC’s hot breath against her skin as he placed kisses down her arm. Her heart rate quickened as she could almost feel his luscious lips wrapped around each one of her delicate fingers. She felt her lower half get antsy as he gave individual sucking attention to each finger. Latise could almost feel his tongue gently rolling over each of her fingers. The thought of it alone made her moan loudly, awakening her from her own trance.

Surprised she immediately looked to see if she woke up JC or Justin. Alas both were still sleeping. “Stop it Latise,” she internally chastised herself. “That thing with JC was a long time ago. It was a one time deal that should have never happened. He could never have those feelings for you. You’re the ‘good friend.’” She gently shook JC by his shoulder. She leaned her head over his ear and whispered to him. “Josh wake up and go to bed.” She shook him again and he gradually began to wake up. His eyes slowly opened and began to focus on the face in front of him. “Josh go to bed, okay?” He weakly smiled and lifted himself from her lap. “I’m sorry Latise, are your legs totally numb? Why didn’t you wake me?” She adjusted the pillow case on the pillow. “You looked so peaceful and I figured you need the rest.” JC yawned as he narrowed his eyes to see the clock on the DVD player. “Man it’s late. It’s like 11:30 pm” He rose from the couch to wake up Justin. He shook him and helped him get to his feet. Justin yawned and headed for the guest room. “Night ya’ll. I’ll see ya in like ten hours.” They both concurred with him as he left the room. JC walked over to Latise and hugged her again and kissed her on the cheek. “Thank you for opening your home and everything to me. I’ll see you in the morning.” JC yawned again and smiled one last time as he headed back to her room.

Chapter Six: