JC and Justin headed for the small buildings entrance. At the side of the building they noticed a few teenagers playing basketball. As they entered the building they noticed a petite young woman manning the phones. “Yes Mrs., Johnson we are still having the computer classes. I’ll send a form home with your son, you can return it back in two weeks…No the classes are free….Microsoft Word…alright you have a good day too, bye bye.” She took a deep breath and looked up from her desk. “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. What can I do for you today?” She picked up a clip board and pointed for JC to sign. She looked up at him and was taken in by his striking blue eyes. For a moment she looked at him and thought he looked familiar to her, but soon shook the feeling off. “We ask all visitors to sign in. We have to document everyone that comes in and out of the building.” JC nodded and signed his name and handed the clipboard to Justin. “We’re here to see Latise Wyatt. Is she busy Natalia?” The woman ran her hand through her short spiky hair. “How did you know my name?” Justin laughed and handed her the clipboard. “Your name tag on your desk. It said Natalia Cigulio. That’s Italian isn’t it?” The young woman blushed at her momentary lapse of ignorance. “Yes it is. Uh, let me see if Latise is done with her conference.” As she walked over to Latise’s office, Justin lifted his eyebrows and nodded his head towards Natalia. “She’s cute. I think she likes you bud. Your so smooth that if it wasn’t for her name tag, she probably wouldn’t have remembered her own name.” JC pointed his finger at his friend. “She’s probably embarrassed enough. You be nice.” Justin folded his arms and huffed, “Fine. I’ll be nice. Latise is right. You really do suck all the life out of everything.”

Latise came barreling out of the office. “Hey guys. I’m so glad you came to visit me.” Looking over at Natalia she spoke again. “And before you ask, yes the are who you think they are.” She hugged them both and stood next to a even more embarrassed Natalia. Latise introduced them to each other. JC sensed her awkwardness and extended his hand to shake hers. “Natalia, don’t worry about earlier, I have those moments myself. A lot.” She had a sigh of relief and reciprocated the handshake. “It’s good to meet you. My mind sort of went blank. I’m usually a together type person.” Justin shook her hand, “It’s all gravy.” He looked around the room, “Ya’ll gonna give us a grand tour or what?” Latise grabbed them both by the arms and Natalia grabbed JC’s arm. The ladies led them of a tour of the center.

They walked around the computer center and checked the indoor play area as well as various areas in the building. “This is a very short tour as you can see, but this last area is the playground. The same teenagers were still there playing basketball. They were all pretty good and couldn’t have been older than 17 years old. When they entered the court they stopped their game to acknowledge their presence. All three walked towards the teenagers. “Hey guys I want you to meet some of my kids. This is Julio, Marcus, and Antwon.” They all exchanged greetings and handshakes. Marcus squinted his eyes at Justin. “Hey man, did anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like that Backstreet dude that dated Britney Spears?” Justin rolled his eyes towards the back of his head. He snapped out of that when Latise hit him. “Yeah man, I get that a lot. Don’t you think that group is played out?” JC covered his hand over his mouth like he was going to cough, but actually laughed. Marcus humped his shoulders. “Not my type of music, but that remix they did with Nelly was aw right.” His friends nodded in agreement. Julio started bouncing the basketball. “That Britney, I can’t believe he broke up with that. She’s got that crazy tight boo…” Latise raised her eyebrow. Julio rethought what he was about to say. “She’s very pretty.” Latise agreed with his better choice of words. “Thank you for cleaning that up, Julio.” JC pointed to the ball and Julio tossed it to him. “Ya’lls game was tight.” JC passed the ball to Justin who shot the ball into the hoop. “But our game is tighter.” Antwon turned to his friends. “I think these old timers need to get broken off.” Marcus retrieved the ball and hollered at Justin and JC. “You have no idea what you just stepped in, but you about to find out.” JC and Justin’s eyes met. JC grinned at Justin. “I think we’ve been challenged.” Justin turned his baseball cap backwards and started talking stuff. “You young’ins are about to get schooled. Class is in session.”

It was three versus two. The game itself lasted 20 minutes. Latise and Natalia sat on the bench taking everything in. Each time Justin tried to showboat, he’d look over to Latise and stick out his tongue as he went for the lay ups. He made it in the hoop every time. Natalia kept her eyes on JC never once looking away. “Natalia? Natalia?” Still unfazed she managed to mumble, “Uhhm?” Latise placed her hand in front of Natalia’s eyes to make her look at her. “I’m guessing you have a new crush huh?” Natalia finally looked at Latise. “He is so hot! Damn his ass is fine! The things I could do with that boy!” Latise started giggling as Natalia pressed on with her questions. “Don’t you think he’s fine? How could anyone pass that up?” Latise watched JC as he stole the ball from Marcus and ran to the opposite end of the court. “Yeah, Josh is attractive. But I see him as more of a friend and a brother. I never really noticed him as the “Guy you want to do the do with.” Natalia crossed her legs with her eyes still glued on JC. “Even better, that’s one less girl I have to push down to get to him. Does he have a girlfriend?” Latise shook her head. “No, he doesn’t. I’m guessing you want a hook-up eh?” Latise began watching Justin again. She was intrigued with his movements, the way he handled the ball with total control. Justin caught her staring and made a funny face that caused her to laugh hysterically. Natalia leaned her head on her shoulder. “I’ll call you my best friend.” Latise glanced at her watch and kidded with her. “How about you don’t and we’ll say that you did.” Latise moved away from her as she swatted at her. “It’s getting late we better stop the game.” Latise intercepted the ball from JC and held it behind her back as the rest of the guys ran up to her. JC stood there confused. “Why did you do that? The game is tied 14 to 14.” Latise noticed him panting and watched his strong shoulders rise up and down as he struggled to catch his breath. Latise thought to herself, “I’m starting to see what Natalia’s talking about.” She shrugged off her thought as the guys huddled around her. “It’s getting late guys and you should head home.” The teenagers started to talk at once but she gave them the evil eye and they quieted themselves. “You all had a good game and we’ll just call this a draw. You guys need to go home to your parents and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The guys all shook hands and gave each other the universal street hug as they all walked backed through the center. Natalia led the teenagers to the front area and waved goodbye to Latise and the guys. Latise walked JC and Justin out to their car. Leaning against the passenger side, JC took off his baseball cap and ran his fingers through his soaked hair. “Man J. We stink. I am definitely driving with the windows down.” Justin made a sound with his lips. “We don’t stink. That’s a man’s fragrance. We can bottle this stuff up and sell it on the market for $100 an ounce.” He tried to hug Latise but she backed away from him before he had the chance to put his arms around her. “Don’t even think about it.” They both had her cornered and hugged her. “Ewww! Now I need to shower too!” She pushed them off of her as they laughed evilly. JC grabbed the bottom of his shirt and started to wipe his forehead with it. Latise gasped silently as she noticed his six pack abs, “I see says I,” she thought to herself. Justin interrupted her thoughts, “So what’s up for tonight?” JC opened walked around to the driver’s side climbed into the car. and Justin got into the passenger side. Latise reached into her pants and pulled out a piece of paper and started scribbling on it. She handed it to Justin. “Dinner and a movie at my apartment. The three of us will hang out at my place.” Justin handed the paper to JC. “Here Jeeves.” JC raised his eyebrows. “Oh so like it “Driving Mr. Timberlake huh? Well then come on sir. I have to get you prepared for m’lady.” Latise giggled and couldn’t stop. “You guys can come over around 7:30. I’ll see you then.” Justin closed his door and the automatic windows came down. JC leaned forward to see Latise. “We’ll see you later, babe.” Latise waved to them as they left the parking lot.

Chapter Five: