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 *NSYNC Website/Webpage of the Week 

Forbidden Fantasty
Owner: Celeste (Cee)
Site address:

This is a great site.  The site is owned by Cee. This site is one the few interracial  nsync sites  that I know of that's always overflowing with hits. She has some of the best interracial nsync fan-fics out there. Her Joey  and JC fics are the best.

Here's a list of her Interracial Nsync fan-fics:

Fashionably In Love -JC story-1st in a series
Happily Ever After? -JC story- 2nd in a series
Through The Years-JC story-3rd in a series
The Competition-Joey and Lance story (has a latina girl they competiting for)
Good Night To Heartache- Joey story