This I Promise You

Chapter 10:

Denise got up with the early light of the sun, as she finished the

laundry and made herself somw breakfast. She just finished folding

the last piece of clothing and was about to eat when the phone rang.

"Hello?" "Hey, Niecey. How are you?" "Justin?! Hey, I'm okay. What's

up? Is Meeka behavin'?" "Oh, yeah. We've had so much fun with her.

She helped us on our photo shoot and we also had fun at the concert.

Everyone's spoiling her. She's our angel." Justin smiled into the


Denise laughed at Justin's rambling. "I'm glad. So what's the

special reason for the call this morning?" "To invite you to dinner.

Mama Nessa making her delcious meatloaf and mashed potatoes! She's

makin't this huge dinner. Come on, Niecey." Denise laughed again as

she finished eating. "Okay, I'll be there after work." "Good, plus

we need to talk. i'll see ya later." Justin spoke softly before

hanging up. Denise hung up the the phone and got ready to leave.As she

left out the door, she wrote a quick note to Dylan, invtiting him to

dinner. Driving off , she suddenly worried if that was a good idea

after all.

Tomeeka ran around the room while Lance chased her. She slowed down

as Lance sped up and grabbed her in his arms while spinning her

around. "I got you, you sweet, beautiful little girl!" Lance laughed

out loud as he hugged her. Vaneesa walked from the refrigerator to

the sink, smiling and watching them. "Lance,stop it! You're spoiling

her. You guys are so good to her." She laughed at them while washing

the potatoes. Lance sat down as Tomeeka climbed on his lap. "She

deserves it. She's our angel." Tomeeka snuggled against his chest

she ate her pb and j sandwhich with her glass of strawberry milk.

When it was time for her to take a nap, Joey and Chris read her a

story. Later that day, Denise knocked on the door. Justin opened the

door with a smile slowly spreading on his lips. "Hey you! I need to

talk to you first." Justin said as Denise followed him into the

family room downstairs. Denise was really quiet as they both stood

there facing each other. FInally she spoke. "So, what's this all about

J?" Justin walked up to her and put his lips close to her face. "Why

didn't you ever tell me that you liked me?" "Justin, we were just kids

and -". She sighed, "I knew I couldn't be with you." "But I felt the

same way. And I still do." "Times have changed, Justin." "So you don't

feel that way about me, anymore?" He said caressing her cheek. "I do,

but I'm with someone now." The mention of Dylan; made Justin steam.

"He doesn't treat you right! And I would never, ever hurt you or lay

a hand on you sweetie." He said soothing her still bruised cheek. "I

still want you, Niecey. My feelings haven't changed." "But that

doesn't matter anymore, Justin!" She said walking away from him.

Justin went behind her and put his arms around her waist. Denise

wanted to cry. "Why not, Denise? What's wrong, baby?" She turned in

Justin's arms and held his handds on her stomach and loked deep into

his eyes. "I found out something, Justin. Something that changes

everything - at least for me." "What, Niecey? What could be that bad?"

Denise gave Justin a kiss on the lips and then whispered in his ear.

Each sentence made Justin cry. The whispered conversation seemed hours

instead of ten minutes. When she finished, they just stared at each

other. Both streaming tears from their eyes. Denise took one more

kiss before whispering,"I'm so sorry". Then she ran up stairs,

leaving Justin to sit on the couch; his face in his hands crying his

heart out.