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Denise walks out of the kitchen with Dylan's dinner and sat it down

in front of him with a beer. Denise finished folding the laundry as they

ate and television. Dylan stops the channel surfing and leans in to watch

while eating and drinking. The video,"It's Gonna Be Me", just finished

playing and there was a taped show that *NSYNC was on. "Hey I've seen

those guys!" He said with his mouth full. "Yes, that's *NSYNC remember?

You met them at my parents' house." Dylan turned to her slowly with a

sly grin creeping on his face.. "Who's the blonde ,curly haired guy?"

"That's Justin Timberlake, he's a friend of me and Joshua's." Dylan

pointed one finger to the screen as a picture of JC came up. "That's

the one I've seen alot,too." "Yeah, I tried to tell you that's Joshua.

He's Tomeeka's godfather." She said slowly. "Well, hasn't this become

really interesting..." He said, his thoughts starting to drift and

form a plan. Denise saw the look on Dylan's

face and became worried

not only aboutTomeka, but for Justin and Joshua

as well. Especially for Joshua.

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