"Ok, JC this the fifth time we've changed rehearsal routines. You

need to concetrate."

Chris said frustrated as they sat around the arena stage. "Calm down,

Chris. JC's worried about Denise."Lance said as he sat on a stool with

his microphone in his hand. "So are we going on to 'This I Promise You'

or ' I Thought She Knew' ?"

Joey asked as flipped through the rehearsal outline.

"Will you guys shut the hell up!" Justin yelled as he kicked over a stool.

"C, is not the mood for this and neither am I! Plus, Meeka is over there

trying to forget what she saw! Okay?!" Everyone looked in silence as JC

looked at Tomeeka coloring in her book and holding on to her favorite

doll, cabbage patch kid; JC gave her when she was a year old. JC sat

up straight on his stool near the end of the stage.

His head held high , as he gripped on to his microphone and finally

spoke. "Joey, we're gonna rehearse, This I Promise You'. Justin

walked over to him and put a comforting

hand on his shoulder. "C, you can take a break. We understand." "No,

Curly. The fans paid their money to see *NSYNC in concert. My

problems don't matter right now. Theshow must go on. " Everyone

lined up their stools next to JC's and had the band start

up the song. Tears poured out of JC's eyes as Justin belted out , " When

the visions around you brings tears to your eyes. And all that surrounds

you are secrets and lies. I'll be your strength, I'll give you hope .

Keeping your faith, when its gone...."

Chapter 7: