"So, you're seeing an ex-boyfriend, huh?!"

"No! He's a long time friend of mine and my family. He's

like my brother! You heard, Tomeeka call him ,'Uncle Josh!"


"Why didn't I know about him?!"

"I didnt think to - ."

"That's right. You didn't think and I think he wants you!

I'm gonna make sure he doesn't!"





Denise sat in the bathroom, early in the morning, reliving what

happened last night. She spent most of the night at

P.G. County Hospital's emergency room. Having them fix her and

Dylan's hand. He lied, saying they had been in

a small accident, swerving a deer in the road. Her car was dented some

what by Dylan to make it look believable.

Denise said she forgot to buckle her seat belt. The doctor had a hard

time her story, but had to accept it. Because

it what she stuck to. She put on some Blistex and medicine on her

mouth, because of the busted lips and her shades.

Walking out of the bathroom, dressed in sweats and tennis shoes, she

wore her beautiful long hair down to hide her

cheeks. She remembers Dylan's deep green eyes stare cold at the

doctor as she fixed up Denise. "Dylan? Dylan?" She

called softly and noticed he was gone. She quickly grabbed Tomeeka's

stuff and put it in her jeep. She started it up and

drove out of her neighborhood to her parents' house. She was that

Dylan was getting worse and she was going to make

sure her daughter was gonna stay away before something

unimaginable happened.

So, with all that talked about, we decided on doing the video here in

Maryland. Especially, so I can spend more time

with Meeka." JC said sitting at the table doing Meeka's hair. He was on

the last ponytail, while everyone was

starting to eat. "But, we have to deal with the subject of the video."

"Does anyone want more pancakes?"

"Yes, Mrs. Marshall. I would love some more." Joey said holding up his

plate, while Vanessa put more pancakes

on it. "Big shock, Joey wants more food. Is anyone surprised?" Justin

laughed. "So, I don't want to waste them.

These blueberry pancakes are the best, right Meeka?" "Yeah, Joey."

Tomeeka said as JC finished her hair

and she started to eat. I love Grammy's pancakes." Tomeeka smiled as

she ate. Everyone laughed as the door bell

rang. Vanessa went to open the door as they continued on. When she

screamed, JC and Justin jumped up. "Denise!

My baby! What happened?!" Tomeeka ran up to her grandmother, when

she heard her mom's name. That's when

Denise was scrambling to get her sunglasses that slid off as she

handled her mom the bag and ran back to the car

to get the suitcases. "Mom, I had an accident last night with the car. I

sideswiped a deer and hit a tree." "It's that

Dylan! I know it! I know I promised not to say anything to your father

about that bruise last time, because you said you

could handle it!" "Momma, I can handle it That's why Tomeeka is

staying here." "'Niecey!" JC yelled as he went to

her. Denise hurried to the car to open the door, when she didn't answer

him, JC yelled again. "DENISE NATALIA

MARSHALL!" Denise froze. When she heard JC say her full name, it

made her stop in her tracks. JC

turned her around and took the sunglasses. Her eyes were swollen and

she had a bruise on her left cheek .

And her bottom lip was busted. JC started to have tears form in his

eyes. She tried to smile as tears filled her

eyes also, as she held his hand away from her face and wiped his

tears. "Joshua, don't say anything . Just

promise me as my best friend, a member of this family ,and Tomeeka's

god-father; that you'll watch her and

protect her while you're here and always." "Niecey, I will I promise."

"Justin?" Denise as she got into her

jeep. "' I want you to watch out for Meeka and Josh, for me." She

spoke quietly as she held his and JC's hands.

"I will Denise." "Tomeeka Jaycee Andrews, be good for mommy and

listening to your grandparents, Justin ,and

Uncle Josh. Mommy will be back to visit you when I can." " Ok,

Mommy." Tomeeka said hugging Denise.

"Denise, where are you going?" Vanessa said worried. "To work, Mom.

I told Dylan I was coming to drop off

Tomeeka's stuff and then off to work. Don't say anything to dad or

Dylan , please everyone!" They all nodded

as Denise drove out of the driveway and down the street.

Chapter 6: