As they were eating and talking about old times, there was a door

knock at the door. Mrs. Marshall got

up to answer the door. "Hi, Mrs. Marshall, is Denise here? I've been

worried, looking for her." A male

voice said concerned. "Yes, she's having dinner with us." Vanessa

Marshall said , her eyes showing disgust.

"Come in, Dylan." JC watched Denise's expression of wonder changed

to fear. Quickly, Denise jumped up as JC

and Justin looked at each other with concern. "Hi, Dylan. I'm surprised

to see you." "Denise, where were you? I

called your cell phone. I was very worried." Dylan said with frustration

in his voice. "She had to go do some errands

pick up some guest of ours." ,Vanessa jumped to her defense. "This is

Joshua Chasez, Tomeeka's godfather. And

these are his friends Justin , Lance , Mike, Joey, Chris, and Tiny." They all

said hello to him and Dylan said hi back, but

kept an eye fiercely on Denise. "Denise we have to go. NOW." "Okay

Dylan. Come on, Tomeeka." "Mommy,

can I stay with Unkle Josh, please?!" Denise silently thanked Tomeeka

for coming up with that idea. She didn't want

her daughter there, knowing what may happen. "I don't know,

Tomeeka. Joshua is busy and - ." "No, It's okay. I wanna

spend time with favorite god - daughter." JC said holding Tomeeka,

protectively for some strange reason. "Okay, then.

I'll bring some clothes over tomorrow. Bye, everyone." She said as she

left. Once they were gone, everyone finished

Eating; being very quiet. JC noticed that Dylan brought a kind of toxic

quiet to the house. He didn't trust who he just met.

That guy reeked of trouble, he just hope that knew would find that out

before it was too late; or was it already too late.

Thankful the Marshall had a huge house. Lance and Justin shared a

room. Mike and Tiny took the guest room .

Joey and Chris, took the room with the bunk beds ,which suited Chris

perfectly. Tomeeka wanted to stay with

Her god-father and there was no way of talking her out of it. Dressed

in her Blue Clues pajamas with her long,

thick brown hair hanging down, she started to jump on the bed. JC

walked in the room on his cell phone. He

had just finished talking on the phone to his parents, now he was on

the phone with Johnny. ".Yeah? Wow.

So, we got the photo shoot rescheduled? After RFK? Okay." JC said

sitting on the bed motioning Tomeeka

to stop and sit down. Tomeeka leaned to hear who was on the phone.

"Also you guys need to come up with a

video idea and location for the single 'This I Promise You." Johnny

yawned into the phone. "I know. And we will.

We're all here, so we can have the meeting here." "Ok. Well get some

sleep and check back tomorrow. Tell

Meeka I said goodnight." JC smiles at Tomeeka. "Johnny said

goodnight Meeka." "Night, Mr. Johnny!"

Tomeeka chirped into the phone. "Later, JC." "Later, Johnny." Click. JC

went to tell the guys about

what Johnny said . When he finished, he came back to find Tomeeka

fast asleep. He laid down and snuggled

near her. He smiled as he stretched out on the bed , protecting her as

they both lay peacefully.

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