Kelley Li's NSYNC Interracial Fan-Fiction:

Thanks for reading this everyone. This took two years to

write...because of the nature and life -events that happened to my

friend around nine years ago. The guy she was dating tried to kill

her son..... and she tried to stop him..he ended up killing her and

her unborn child..her son had to learn how to talk, is learning how to

walk (with pyshical therapy..) he's in a special wheelchair...but he's

doing fine..going to school and being spoiled by his family and her

friends...when I first heard 'This I Promise You' that video idea came

to me in a dream... that's what I saw when I heard that song...someone

you love who loves you trying to help you find that courage, strength,

and power to go on... well that's all I want to say...Thanks

again for reading...if you need help or know someone that does.. those

numbers you read are real and can help.

Latise aka Kelley Li