This I Promise You

Chapter 20:

A year later, Denise was getting better thanks to phsyical and mental

therapy, counseling, and her friends and family. Everyone came to visit

for a short summer vacation. They all seperated into different areas

after dinner. Justin asked Denise outside. The summer sky was still

light, with the help of a golden sunset. "Yes, Justin?" "Niecey, I

want to ask you again about what we talked about in the den that day-."

His voice faltered. "Yeah, I know." She said looking at him "Niecey,

if I had enough courage. We would have been together a long time ago

and you would have never gone through all this bulls-." "Justin,

that's the past. We we're kids, but now we're older. And I think I

know what you want to say." "You do?" He looked at her , hoping it

was what he wanted to hear. "Justin, I want to be yours." "I want to

be yours, too Niecey." He smiled holding her hands. "We can take it

slow,okay. You know I would never hurt you." "I know, Justin. And

of course we can take it slow. We've got all the time in the world."

She smiled as they hugged each other, staying in each other arms.

JC smiled as he watched and listened to them from the screen door.

"Finally." He whispers. Suddenly he hears his five and half year

old god-daughter yell. "Uncle Josh! Hurry up! The Powerpuff Girls

are coming on!" "I'm on my way, Meeka! And don't eat all the snacks

either!" He laughed, knowing that everyone's safe and sound and

god blessed him with not only his friends and his family. But this

house full of people, who he calls his second family. And his second