This I Promise You

Chapter 18:

A/N:I don't own the song,"This I Promise You" (duh), but I do own the video idea(c).It's best to listen to "This I Promise You" while reading my video idea. Also, the hotline info at the bottom is real. --------

"Hi, This is Ananda Lewis and I'm here in the studio with the members

of NSYNC. They would like to premiere their new video with a special

message." "Hi,we have a special message to say to everyone about our

new video, 'This I Promise You'." Joey said with a look of seriousness.

"Yeah, its about Domestic Violence and abuse." Chris added. "Everywhere

over the nation, someone is in a dangerous relationship or being

abused." Lance spoke next. "There are men,women, and children who need

help against the people who do this to them." Justin said as he turned

to JC. With tears in his eyes, JC spoke with a lump in his throat.

"If you know someone who needs help or you, yourself need the strength

to fight and st-stand up and say,'not anymore!' , at the end of this

video we will provide information for you to make sure you'll make it


Fade In

As Justin walks carefully on the rooftop of a building, the guys and

the police are around. He walks towards this beautiful, but sad

african-american girl who stands up on the ledge. This girl is close

to Justin. He calls her name and she slowly turns around as he starts

to sing.

When the visions around you

brings tears to your eyes

And all that surrounds you are secrets and lies

Justin slowly walks up to her as he continues.She gets a little scared.

I'll be your strength, I'll be your hope

Keeping your faith when its gone

The one you should callis standing here, all along

The girl's mind starts to flashback to memories of her and Justin

as kids, then when he moved away.

And I will take you in my arms

and hold you right where you belong

Till the day my life is through

This i promise you

This i promise you

She notices how close he's getting and starts to panick. They all

gasps as she almost slips, but gains her footing back. Still standing

on the ledge. She starts to remember how she got to this point. Her

boyfriend beats her and punches her until she can't hide it from

anyone anymore. Until Justin notices when he came to visit her. He

noticed her bruised cheek and her swollen left eye. Justin tried

talking her into letting him help, but she pushed him away. She comes

from the bad memories and remembers where she was. Justin watches the

sadness and confusion in face as her long dark brown hair flys from

her face, revealing her black eye. Tears pour from both their eyes

as JC walks near Justin with his eyes red and tears flowing. JC starts

to sing.

I've loved you forever

in lifetimes before

And i promise you never

will you hurt anymore

I give you my word

i give you my heart

This is a battle we've won

and with this vow

forever has now begun

JC's tears were uncontrollable as his thoughts turned to Tomeeka

and Denise. Especially Denise, it was like he was talking to her.

Just close your eyes

each lovin' day

And know this feeling

won't go away

'Til the day my life is through

This i promise you

This i promise you

The girl closes her eys and thinks of happier times and the

words that JC and Justin (and the rest of the guys) are singing.

It hits her heart. She steps down as JC and Justin take her down

to the ground with the police in tow. Her boyfriend waits there and

then sees her.He's about to get enraged. He raises his hand as Justin

stops it. JC faces her, blocking her view of her boyfriend.

Over and over, i fall (over and over, i fall)

when i hear you call

Without you in my life, baby

I just wouldn't be living at all


She walks up to her boyfriend and tells him that it's over. He won't

be hurting her anymore. She turns to the police with Justin holding

her left hand and JC holding her right. She looked at them as she

pressed charges. The police took him away as he fights and screams,

while they put him in the car. She goes into Justin's arms, as she

looks at all the guys and thank them.

And i will take you in my arms

and hold you right were you belong

'Til the day my life is through

this i promise you,baby

Just close your eyes

each lovin' day (each lovin' day)

And know this feeling won't go away

every word i say is true

This i promise you

Justin tilts up her head and looks deep into her eyes, caressing

her bruised and swollen cheek as he sings.

Every word i say is true

this i promise you

Ooh, i promise you



Camera pans wide overlooking the trees. The police cars that are leaving

and them. The camera pans the blue sky as two messages come on the







Second message.

RAIN HOTLINE (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network)


fade out.