This I Promise You

Chapter 16:

The doctors and the detectives walked over with JC and the Millers."We

have a good case and just we'll say that it was an accident." The laywer

spoke to them. "I don't think so." The first detective said." We just

found out that the charges are very good." "Well, what are these

charges?" Mr. Miller huffed. The second detective read from his notes.

"Two counts of attempted murder with intent to kill; One charge of

domestc abuse; and one charge of third degree murder." "MURDER?!"

Dylan, his parents, and their laywer yelled. "What are you talking

about? No one died!" His father exclaimed. The surgeon stepped up

and showed the files to the lawyer. "Someone did die. Miss Marshall

was almost five months pregnant and heading to her second trimester

of the pregancy. She came in earlier this week.Took a pregancy

test, which was positive. We did a pap smear and sonogram , in

which we saw how far along she was and that she was raped." The

first detective spoke up again." So, you see that when you murder

someone , even if its an unborn child ... its still murder. Dylan Miller,

you have the right to remain silent........." The second detective read Dylan

his rights as we was ushered into a room with his parents, the lawyer,

and the police. The doctors and surgeons went over all of Denise's

files with them.By the time they were through, Dylan had a look on

his face that told everyone it was true. He knew that he was headed

for prison, if not worse.

JC saw Denise laying on the gurney gently rubbing her stomach,

while crying. "Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry." He tried to comfort her.

"He killed my baby. He almost killed me and Tomeeka. Joshua,

what do I do now? How do I go on?" JC tried to find the right

words to say. "Niecey, you have to stand up for yourself and

Meeka. Even for the baby you lost. You have to tell everyone

what happened so he can get what he deserves and so you can

move on. You have alot of people who will satnd by you and

see you through this.We will all help you slowly and carefully.

You find the strength. You believe and trust in me, right?"

"Yes." She sniffed quietly. Everyone finally came out of the

room and gather around Denise. "Miss Marshall, before we get

you settled in your room we need to know are you going to file

charges of domestic abuse on Mr. Miller. We have him for the

attempted murders and the murder of your unborn child. This

may go to court and be in front of a jury." They al looked

at Denise as she gripped JC's and Justin's hands. She looked

JC in the eyes and whispered, "Yes."