This I Promise You

Chapter 15:

Six hours later, Tomeeka was finally out of surgery. Doctors fixed up

Dylan's cuts as the police watched over him and then put him back

in handcuffs. His parents came with their laywer, demeanding that JC

and Justin be arrested. "I want these men arrested! They hurt my son!"

Mr. Micheal Miller yelled. "What?! Look what your son did to our

friend!" Justin screamed." "Listen, you hit Dylan Miller, that we know

of for sure. And we will bring charges upon you." The Miller's lawyer

said as searched through his briefcase. "I know who you all are, Mr.

Timberlake. And I will make sure you never record another album

again!" Mrs. Amy Miller said to Justin. A screaming match ensued as

the surgeon who worked on Denise and the chief of staff came out to

break it up. "Will you all calm down! This is a place where sick, ill,

and injured people come to heal in peace. And we like it quiet. If you

all don't tone down your voices, I will have you all thrown out."

The chief of staffsaid to them all with a firmness in his voice. "Now,

if you excuse the surgeon and I, we need to talk to the detectives and

the police. With the exception of the two, watching the young Mr. Miller."

They all walked into a conference room as a nurse came out of a nearby

patient's room. "Is there an Uncle Josh, here?" JC's head went up and

looked at the nurse. "I'm Uncle Josh. Is Tomeeka awake?" The nurse

smiled and motioned him to her. "Yes, and she wants to see you." He

followed the nurse into Tomeeka's room. He slowly walked in while

the nurse left them alone. Tomeeka opened her eyes as he sat on her

bed. "Hey, baby." He spoke horsely, reaching to her head. It was

cut and shaved in the back, so the dcotors could operate on the

swelling and bleeding. JC smoothed the guaze and bandage the

completely incircled her small head. "Unkle Josh. I'm sorry" She

spoke softly, still groggy. JC sat there wiping the staedy flow

of uncontrollable tears. "What do you have to be sorry for Meeka?"

"I was in the way. And Mommy got hurt. I guess I shouldn't have

told you my secret." "Oh, sweetie, you did good. You were trying

to protect your mommy. She loves you so much. So do the guys."

"Are grammy Ness and paw-paw Jeff, okay." He smiled ,still wiping

his face. "Yeah, everyone's okay." "Unkle Josh, I love you so much."

Tomeeka choked as she sobbed."Thank you for being my favorite,most

bestest and only unkle in the world." JC gently hugged and held her,

rubbing her back to calm her down. "Your welcome, baby.And thank you

for being my favorite, best , and most wonderful god-daughter."

"You welcome,too." She smiled." But I keep telling you Unkle Josh;

I'm your only most favorite god-daughter."

Justin sat there, staring off into space when he heard his mother's

voice. "Justin?! Oh my god! Are you knay, baby?" Lynn asked as she,

his step-father, Paul and JC's parents came up to him. "I'm okay.

I'm sure that Joey filled you you all in. Hey Mr. and Mrs. C."

"Hi Justin. Where's Josh?" Roy Chasez asked. "He's in Tomeeka's

room, right over there." Justin said as he took them to the room.

He knocked on the door as they all walked in. Tomeeka's face

brightened up. "Hi,Justin! " "Meeka, I brought some of your

favorite people." Tomeeka almost jumped out of the bed when she

saw the people who came in after Justin. "Grammy Lynn! Grammy

Karen! Grampa Roy! Grampa Paul!" "Hey there Sweetstuff!" Paul smiled

as he gave a gentle squeeze. "Hi, Tomeeka, baby!" Lynn spoke as she

hugged her also. " Is my little one ,alright?" Karen asked her as

she sat on the other side of the bed and caressed her cheek."I'm

okay. Unkle Josh has been takin' care of me." "We know sweetie.

Your uncle loves you so much, he'll always take care of you." Roy

smiled. They all had tears in their eyes, as they talked to Tomeeka.

They wondered how could someone do this to anyone, let alone a sweet,

innocent child. Soon the nurse came in and gave Tomeeka some medicine

so she could sleep. They all left out to go back to the lobby. Justin

went and talked to Chris, Lance, Joey and the doctors. JC asked Tiny

and Mike to watch Tomeeka's room for awhile. Roy tapped his son on the

shoulder and saw his weary eyes. "Son, your mother and I are going to

go comfort Vanessa and Jeff." "Okay, dad. I'll be over there in a few

minutes." JC said as they walked off.

JC walked over where the doctors were. Just then Denise was finally

rolled out of Surgery, very tired and weak. She noticed through

sleepy eyes, Justin and his parents arguing with Dylan's parents

and a man in blue suit. She looked around and her parents,JC's

parents,the doctors, the detectives, Mike, Tiny, and Dylan with

handcuffs on being watched by two policemen. Denise worried about

Tomeeka and the baby, put her hand on stomach and rubbed. She suddenly

felt an emptiness wash over her and started to cry. The baby she

had grow inside her was no longer there.