This I Promise You



The next morning, Denise decided this was the time to get enough

courage to not tell Dylan about the baby, but enough to

leave.Everything important that belonged to her and Tomeeka was

packed. Yesterday, she changed her mail address to her parents. As

she put the last thing in the trunk, Dylan came out getting ready

for work. He wondered why everything Denise and Tomeeka owned was

gone out of the house. "Denise, what the hell is going on?!" He

yelled at her, his green eyes piercing at her. "Dylan, I'm tired

of all this shit! I'm tired of all beatings and the fights! I'm-I'm

leavin' this stress of a relationship!" "The beatings and fights?!

You fuckin' whore! It's that Justin -guy or maybe that Joshua of

yours!You want him to fuck you! Well, you're going nowhere!" He

grabbed her hair through her jeep's window. Dylan started banging

her head against the steering wheel, causing her whole face to

bleed. She lost conciousness for a moment until he he banged her head

again, making her wake up.Denise slowly reached for the automatic

window button .It went up on his arm, cutting off circulation.In pain

he let her go. His arm freed , he went back into the house for his car

keys and something to make sure she'd never see another day again.

Denise sped off down the street , looking behind her to see Dylan

jump in his car after her.She grabbed her cellphone and called JC.

"Hello?" "Joshua! Help me!" JC stood up from his seat and yelled into

the phone."Denise!What's wrong?!" "It's Dylan! I told him that I was

leavin' him and he's after me! Josh, he's trying to kill

me!" "Niecey,where are you?! He yelled to her as he ran out the front

door. "I'm almost near you guys. I-." Click. The phone went

dead."Niecey?! Niecey?! Denise?!" Suddenly, Vanessa went to JC as

everyone followed him outside. "Joshua, what's wrong?" "It's Denise.

Dylan's trying to kill her!" "What?!" They all yelled.

Denise started to fade in and out as she crashed into a ditch. She

knew Dylan was still after her, so she jumped out of the car and ran

into street. Through the blood on her face and eyelids , she noticed

She was a block from her parents' house. Running down the street,

she heard a screech and saw Dylan driving his car chasing her.

"Chris, call the police!I'll handle Dylan!" JC yelled as Chris ran

inside to the telephone. "No, we'll handle Dylan!" Justin

said. "What's going on?" Jeff Marshall asked as he got out of his car.

"Dylan's tyring to hurt Denise!" Someone yelled as they looked down

the street. "What?!" He said as he made it up to the front porch, in

shock. From a few feet away; Justin, JC, and Mike saw Denise on foot

running as fast as she could with Dylan close behind her with a

butcher knife. Before JC or Justin or Mike could get to her, Dylan

grabbed her hair and pulled the knife on her. "Denise!" JC screamed

pushing Mike , who was blocking him, away."Dylan ,please no!" She

yelped in pain as Dylan moved the knife all over body while cursing

her out. "You bitch! I know you were listening to that bastard, JC

chasez! Well here he is!"Helooks up at JC as he holds the knife near

her breasts."You tried to take her away from me! Well, I'm taking her

away from you and everyone she cares about!" Dylan raises his hand

and stabs her four times in the stomach. Each stab deep in her womb.

"No, Dylan!" JC yells as he runs to her.Denise's eyes roll back as

he dropped her to the ground. "MOMMY!" Tomeeka screamed as she ran to

where Dylan was." TOMEEKA!" They all yelled trying to go after her.

Tomeeka starts hitting and kicking Dylan on his legs."Leave my mommy

alone!" He picked her up and threw her against an oak tree next to

him. Tomeeka's head hit the tree first as her little body slid down.

Justin finally pushed passed Mike and Tiny. He walked up to Dylan as

Joey and Lance went to Tomeeka ,while Chris helped JC with Denise.

"You motherfucka! You like hurting people! I'm gonna hurtt you!"

Justin screamed as he punched Dylan in the face and pushed him to the

ground."How you like it, bitch?!" Anger sped through Justin as he

kicked Dylan in the face and gut. JC and Tiny pulled him off. "Justin!

Stop! He's not worth it! Chris called the police. Let them deal with

the asshole!" Justin looked through JC.His chest moving fast and he

was breathing hard, from the fighting.He looked around and saw Mike

with the Marshalls, Chris with Denise, and Joey and Lance with

Tomeeka. He focused back to JC and Tiny, who were waiting on him to

make a move of some sorts. Dylan snickered as he watched Tiny move

Justin away. He coughed up blood from having the Justin kick the crap

out of him."Yeah, Justin. Cut it out. You and JC will never be able

to be with her. Especially, you JC.When I fucked that bitch last

week, I laughed at the fact she's just pussy that you'll never get a

chance to taste!" That sent JC off . He ran straight to him and

punched him so hard, he flew backwards into the street hitting the

pavement. JC walked up to him as he was still laying down . He looked

down at him, anger heating up his body. "You lousy motherfucka!You

hurt my sister! You hurt my baby! And now your punk ass will

certainly pay! And if you ever speak about my sister that way again,

if the justice system doesn't kill you, I will!" The cops came and

took statements and called for a extra ambulance. Chris nad Joey

soothed Jeff and Vanessa. Mike and Tiny talked filed the cops in.

Lance watched over Tomeeka, while Justin and JC took care of Denise.

JC took off his button-down shirt and tried to wipe some of the blood

that had mostly dried off her face.Justin put his jersey over the

wound that was where the baby was. They both looked at each other in

silence.The ambulances both arrived at the same time. One, taking

Tomeeka .The other taking Denise.They both went to Prince George's

Community Hospital.The police follwed to take Dylan there to get

himself fixed up also. Mike, Joey, Jeff, and Vanessa rode in one car

there. With Justin ,JC,Tiny, and Chris in another car right behind