This I Promise You

Chapter 11:

Denise washed her face and cleaned up before helping her mom finish cooking dinner.

Once everything was already, people starting coming from all directions. Vanessa and

Denise got Joey to hlep set the table and put the food on it. Chris and Lance came in

from outside and went to wash up. Justin walked out of the family room with Jeff

after watching a North Carolina basketball game. Both of them fans, were dicussing the

game as they sat down. Justin briefly looked at Denise busying herslef. He bittersweetly

smiled, then started to grab dishes to eat. Last to come in was Tomeeka and JC. They

seemed to be arguing about something. "Nu-uh!" Tomeeka said as she sat down to eat.

"Ya-uh!" JC said back. Back and forth they disagreed and agreed. They sat next to each

other still arguing ,while everyone watched in surprise. "You're wrong ,Unkle Josh! That's

not true!" Tomeeka stuck out her tongue and said as started to eat. "No way, Meeka! I am

right!" JC said as he opened his mouth and showed his food to her. Tomeeka stuck out her

tongue again and shook her head. Suddenly Denise yelled. "Tomeeka Jaycee Andrews! Stop

arguing with your uncle! If he's right about something, then he's right!" Tomeeka frowned

then whinned. "But mommy, I-." "Tomeeka." "BUT MOMMY!" Slowly, Denise took a dep breath

and then spoke. "What are you so determined to be right about, Tomeeka?" "That Bubbles is

way better than Buttercup!"

Everyone looked at JC and Tomeeka. "What?!" They all yelled. "What's a Buttercup?" Lance asked.

"Who's Bubbles?" Denise asked looking at everyone for an answer. "Meeka, for the last time;

Buttercup is better because she's stronger and kick serious butt." Jc said to his god-daughter.

Everyone else sat in total confusion but Vanessa. She looked at Tomeeka and JC as she laughed

so loudly. "Joshua, you two need to quit! I can't believe this!" "Mamma, what are they arguing

about?" "But, Mama Ness..?"Denise asked with a concerned look on her face. "The Powerpuff Girls!"

Vaneessa laughed."What ?!" Everyone else yelled. "The Powerpuff Girls. There's this show on Cartoon Network, that

I forgot that Tomeeka and Joshua watch religiously when he's home. It's about three sisters in

kindergarden and they're superhereos. Buttercup and Bubbles are two of the three sisters." "Yeah

and Buttercup is better than Bubbles, Meeka." JC mumbled with a smirk on his lips."But, Unkle Josh,

just get Bubbles mad; she'll yell and scream and fight hard. Plus she can talk in squirrel." At that

remark of Tomeeka's , everyone including her and JC burst into laughter, as they continued to eat.

Laughter just filled the dining room when there was as a knock on the door. Vanessa had disgust in

her voice when she opened the door. "Hello, Dylan. We just started to eat. Please come in." "Thank

you , Mrs. Marshall. Denise left a note inviting me to dinner tonight; if that's okay with you." He

said as they walked into the dining room. Everyone except Tomeeka and Jeff Marshall had thoughts run

through their heads while glancing at each other. Dylan sat down next to Denise while Vanessa fixed

him a plate. The table was quiet when Dylan sat down and started to eat. "Sweetie, I didn't think

you'd come." Denise said while Dylan stuffed his faace with meatloaf. "I'm sorry that I didn't call,

Brown Sugar. After building that new computer system, I was so hungry I remembered that note. That

and the fact I wanted to meet your parents' guests." Jeff then proudly spoke about the guys.

"These are my two surrogate sons, Joshua andJustin. And these are their friends, Joey, Chris, and

Lance." "And these are our friends annd very big, tough bodyguards Mike and Tiny." Chris said with

a disgusted look on his face. Dylan gave Chris an evil look and concetrated back on JC and Justin,

especially JC. "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" "Remember, I told you he's from NSYNC. You saw

the video last night. " Denise reminded him. Dylan turned to her briefly, then smiled crookedly.

"No, that's not it. Somewhere else." He spoke softly, leaning in. Everyone was focused on the

whole weird conversation. Suddenly, Tomeeka jumped on JC and gave him a big hug. "He's my god-daddy,

Dylan! Our picture is next to my bed. This is my Unkle Josh!" She squealed with delight, giving JC meat

loaf flavored kisses. Dylan's looked changed, but the evil smile remained. "That's where. So how

do you know my Brown Sugar so well?" JC cleared his throat and sat up looking Dylan in the eye.

"I've known Niecey since we were around Meeka's age. Our dads are best friends from school. Our

families are real close. She's like a - no she's my little sister." He said, holding Tomeeka in his

lap. Dylan looked over to Justin and stared at him intently. "So what's your claim? What part of

Denise's life are you?" Justin looked down at his hands on the table as his eyes started to glisten.

"Man, I'm nothing to her. I have no part. I'm JC's friend.I know her through him." JC gave Justin a

look like he was crazy. He knew Justin loved Denise. Denise looked Justin's way also. She gave him a

look of love that Dylan caught. He grabbed her hand under the table and twisted it. She held in her

pain as Dylan made her stand up and took her into ther living room. After a few minutes, Denise came

back with her coat. "I'm sorry everyone, but we have to go. Tomeeka , I'll see you tomorrow,okay?"

"Okay, mommy." After they left, Vanessa asked Lance and Joey to help her with the dishes. And Jeff

took Tomeeka into the family room to watch tv. Chris,Mike,Tiny, and JC continued to sit at the table

and stare at Justin. "Brown Sugar?! What the hell?!" Chris said breaking the slience. Jc's hand hit

the table haard, making them all jump. "Justin, why were you acting like an asshole?! You have no

part of Niecey's life?! Why didn't you speak up?!" Justin looked at JC and grabbed his jacket, standing

up. "I don't since that bastard got her pregnant!" JC's face went pale as the others sat therein shock

with their mouths wide open. "What?!" JC said, now all in Justin's face. "Get your jacket! I'll meet

you outside!" Justin spoke as he walked out the door.