A/N: This story is based on a video idea , I wrote and created for the song, "This I Promise You ", Before the song had a video out and was released as a single. I am from (Landover, MD) Hyattsville, Maryland...so I thought it would be cool to have Maryland as the center of the story, especially since this is a JC fanfic ..you know I don't own *NSYNC, the state of Maryland...yadda,yadda.. I do own the fake people...yadda,yadda. This is an interracial/mutliracial story..for those who don't know me.. all of my stories are interracial/multiracial. But this story is rated R-because of domestic violence....so those who don't or can't read ..don't go any further....those who do, please R&R..AND ENJOY....KELLEY

ANOTHER A/N:(ONCE AGAIN) If you can't deal with domestic violence, I suggest you stop reading , because it plays a part with the story and video idea I had when I first heard the song. This story is dedicated to one of my best friends (and birthday partner...we share the same birthday- December17th..just a year apart ..she was born in 1973, me.. I was born would 1974) and the mother of one of my godsons :Monica Denise Decatur. Rest In Peace...I love you.

Joshua Chasez sat excited and nervous as the plane flew in the clear blue

sky. As he looked out the window, he knew once he got home to

Maryland; he would be among lots of family members and childhood

friends. But out all the childhood friends he wanted to see, the main one

was Denise Marshall. They had been friends since Kindergarden. Denise

had moved from Hyattsville to Bowie. Her dad wanted to move back where

he grew up. Denise's dad knew Joshua's dad from high school. Once little

Joshua and Denise met, they were connected. Denise is an only child, so

she though of Joshua as her big brother; even though he was only four

months older than her. They had sleep overs and at each other's houses.

The Chasezs thought of Denise as one of their own and the Marshalls

thought of Joshua as the son they wished they had. JC was snapped out

of his thoughts by a body sitting down next to him. "Penny for your

thoughts,C?", Justin said turning off his headphones. "What?!", JC said as

he shook his head to clear his mind of the sweet memories thatwere still

playing. "What's going on inside of 'Brain Chasez'?" "Oh, " He smiled,"Just

thinking about Niecey. After I see some of my family, she's the next person

I'm gonna see." Justin's face perked up. "Niecey! I haven't seen her since

we finally hit it big in the states with *NSYNC! What has she been up to?

How is she? What about Meeka?", Justin rambled on. JC laughed as

Justin's mouth just ran. "Woah! J, calm down. One: I heard she's dating

someone knew. Two: So far that I know of, she's ok. And three:Meeka is

being cute; adorable; and smart, which means Meeka's being Meeka."

"Sorry,C. You know how I.....", Justin mumbled as he blushed. JC chuckled.

"Yeah,I know. You've had a crush on her since we were on the Mickey

Mouse Club." "Yeah,I know she never liked me.", Justin said as he fumbled

with his cd walkman. JC smiled and lenaed over to whisper to him, "She

had a crush on you too, but left you alone." Justin perked up again.

"Really?! Why?" "All your fans and those younger girls that were your age

that you ended up dating. It made her think that you were out of reach.

That's why I took her to the prom. That and the fact, she was older than

you." Justin leaned back and smiled." Oh. I liked older women then, well

her anyway." " Please, will everyone fasten their seatbelts and raise your

seats. We're desending into Baltimore/Washington International Airport. We

will be landing in approximately fifteen meintues." "Showtime!" , Chris yelled

across the aisle. "How many dates we have in Maryland?" ,Joey asked

raising his seat. "We had three, but two had to cancel. The stadiums need

repair... so we only have one.And that's at RFK in D.C., then we have a

couple of phot shoots then we rest and then we come up with a video I

idea for our next single.",Lance said typing away on his laptop. The

moment they hit the runway,JC's heart started to beat faster knowing

that soon he'd see his old friend, Denise. Denise woke up with her side in

pain from last night,"When are you going to your parents' house?" Her

live-in boyfriend,Dylan, asked. "In ten mintues. Do you need me to go do

an errand,Dylan?" She said as she got up to put on her clothes. Dylan

walked up to her as she put on her jeans. He slid his arms around her

waist as flinched from his touch. "Sorry babe.I mean about last night and

all. I was stressed out . Then you made me angry about the living room."

Denise stared blankly in the mirror at him as she listened to his sorry ass

appology. She turned to him after putting on her University Of Maryland

sweatshirt. Forcing a smile ,she accepted his appology as usual. "You

know I love you, Denise. You're my 'Brown Sugar' ". He said nuzzling

upagianst her. Silently she cried inside, wishing Matthew was still alive. He

died of lukemia when he was Twenty years old. Tomeeka was barely five

months old. They had planned on getting married. Joshua was supposed

to be the best man. Matt and Joshua met in Orlando, when Joshua was in

last two seasons of the Mickey Mouse Club and Matt's mom worked at

Treasure Island. Denise first met Matthew,one summer visiting Joshua and

Justin. She'd given up trying to work up enough nerve to talk to Justin.

Denise realized with Justin ,came three strikes. One,there were too many

girls after him. Two, the difference in age, she being four years older

would have probably freaked him out. And three. she just thought that

she was simply out of his league. She remembered, when Joshua

introduced her to Matt. His dark eyes, and sweet smile made her smile

inside and out. But , Dylan's voice borught her out of her pleasant

thoughts. "....I knew you'd forgiven me, Denise. That's my 'Brown Sugar,"

Dylan mistakened Deinse's smile for her forgiving him. She didn't correct

him. She, just wanted to let him stay in a good mood, so she could get out

of the house while she can still move.

Chapter 2: