Title:Lose Myself
Author: Kelley Li
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Drama
Category: Daytime -One Life To Live
Special Notes or Summary: This is a Todd & 
Evagneline Short Story.
(Song: Lose Myself is from JC Chasez.)

Lose Myself

By Kelley Li

Andrea sat in front of the mirror as she put on the finishing touches to her make up as it gave her dark skin a natural, smooth glow. Her friend, Evangeline Williamson, sat on her bed behind her, watching her through the reflection in the glass. “Evangeline, please tell me you are going to change.” Andrea stated as she pinned up her hair.

“Why should I? What I’m wearing is fine. Besides, it’s just Todd.” She waved her hand, nonchalantly. “I still can’t believe you are even considering going out on a date with Todd Manning.” Andrea spoke with surprise in her voice. “ I mean, I wouldn’t go out for coffee with him. Never mind a date.”

“So, what. He just wants to thank me for saving his life and proving that he didn’t kill Margaret or the baby.” Evangeline shrugged. “You say that like it’s a little thing. You found out about Margaret and the baby being alive as well as Dr. Spencer Truman and his plan about Blair.” Andrea stated as she turned around and faced her dear friend. “ Plus, you were the only one who really believed in him. I mean, I was right with my man in giving him the needle.”

“Well, I had faith in my client and believed he was innocent.” Evangeline looked Andrea square in the eyes. “You’re better than, me Vang.” At that moment the doorbell rang as the ladies went downstairs. Andrea opened the door to see Hugh Hughes stand before her looking dapper and handsome as usual.

“Hello, Hugh!” Andrea beamed. “Hey, Baby. Are you ready?” He smiled as he pulled her into his arms. His hands encircled her full-figured waist as he gave her a kiss. Andrea ended the kiss and pulled back some as she wiped the lipstick from his mouth. “I’m ready.”

Hugh glanced up to see Evangeline as she grabbed her coat and purse. “Hey, Evangeline. Congratulations on the win.” “Hi, Hugh. And thank you very much. It was an honor to work against you, Counselor.” She smiled before focusing on Andrea. “Enjoy yourselves you two. I need to stop at my apartment before it’s too late.” She spoke as she walked out the door. “Bye.” They said in unison as they watched her go to her car and drive away.

Evangeline was safely in her apartment dropping off her briefcase and some papers that were in her car, when there was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” She asked while looking through the peephole. “Evangeline it’s, me, Todd.” She slowly opened the door and looked into Todd’s face as she held on to the door. “I thought we were going to meet at Ultraviolet?” She asked with confusion.

Todd ran his hand through his Sandy blonde hair as he exhaled his words. “I know, but I got to thinking. What I need to tell you is very private and this town is smaller than we all think.” Evangeline looked off to the side as she nodded, thinking about the weird and complicated triangle she was in with John. “That’s so true. Come in.” She said as she moved aside to open the door all the way and let him in.

Todd stepped inside and turned to watch her closed and lock the door. “Aren’t you afraid of being in a locked apartment with me? You know I’m evil.” He spoke sarcastically as he arched an eyebrow. Evangeline moved her hands behind her back as she leaned against them and the door. “No, I’m not afraid. Should I be? As for you being evil, we all have things in our past that we aren’t proud of, Todd. That doesn’t make you the man you are today. The things you do in the here and now, makes you the man you are today.”

He stepped up to her slowly and carefully as he chose the words he rehearsed in his mind all the way over. “I’m glad you feel that way. I don’t want you to think I’m too forward, but I really appreciate you fighting for me. For believing in me. For having faith in me.”

“I just did what anyone would do?” She shrugged it off. Todd closed the distance as he reached out to move some her hair away from her left cheek. Evangeline swallowed as she felt a nervous excitement under Todd’s touch and noticed the look he gave her. “That’s the thing, no one else did. Not counting Starr, you were actually the only one who kept my head level and kept fighting until the end. I mean as the sentenced was given and still fresh, Blair jumps into Spencer’s bed.” He moved away as he tried to control his anger. “And right into his plan. And I can say it’s finally over.”

Evangeline walked up to him as her heart ached for him. “Todd, I’m so sorry. She’ll come around. And she’ll believe in you once again.” Todd shook his head as he made a face. “No, it’s really over. She didn’t want to fight for me. If she did, she would be here and not you. But, I rather have you as company. You are a wonderful person, Evangeline Williamson. Mc Bainno was a fool. You are million times better, classier, and worth more than my danger-prone niece.”

A small smirk crossed her lips as she held her head down to stifle the laughter. It was then Todd took his chance. He went back to her and took her face in his hands and made eye contact with her. “Thank you, for everything. Thank you for being you.” He spoke with certain huskiness. Taken aback, she opened her mouth to speak as he softly closed in. Todd’s lips perfectly connected with Evangeline as they both felt a spark.

He held both sides of her face with his hands as he kissed her deeper. Her hands automatically went up into his hair as she instinctly pulled him closer. A slight groan escaped as they both wondered whom it came from. The kiss intensified as their feet slow danced towards the couch. With injury or aloofness, they safely made it and sat down while they still continued to kiss.

Todd’s hands made their way down to the sides of her shoulders as they mutually broke away from the kiss. They rested their foreheads against each other as they tried to catch their breath. Evangeline was going to make light of the situation until she saw the look in his eyes. “Are you sure about what you just did?” She asked him. “Yes. Yes.” He repeated as he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. “May I ask you something?” He whispered. “Sure. What?” She said as her eyes searched his.

He pulled back some to take a good, full look at her face. “Why did you fight for me like you did?” Evangeline loosen her hold on him as she stood up and began to walk the room. “Evangeline? Are you okay? Did you hear me?” Todd asked her as he became concerned. She started to search her mind as she remembers what her words were every time someone asked her that one, simple question. But when she was faced with Bo, Natalie, Hugh, and even John; her answer always explained that she knew that deep inside Todd being guilty just felt wrong. Like the way the left shoe feels on your right Just because you can make it fit, doesn’t mean it will fit completely. And that it’s worn comfortable. Evangeline shook her head to herself as she explained it like that sort of, but not directly in that way.

She was so into her thoughts she never felt Todd come up behind her. She was brought out of her mind by his touch. “Huh?” She blinked as he turned her around to face him. “You don’t have to worry about the explanations you gave them. It’s just you and me. Tell me the truth, Evangeline. You always do.”

Evangeline exhaled a deep breath, as she looked deep into his eyes. There she saw the Todd that Vicki and Starr always talked about. She then wondered if Blair ever really saw it. If so, why did she stop believing it was there. “I know that you can sometimes be deceitful and manipulative when it comes to people, places, and things in your life and in the world, Todd. But to kill a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Your child. Whether or not she raped you. Whether or not you hate her with a deep unbridled passion, you would never kill a child. I see your children and how you are with them. I even know about when Blair lied about Jack, not being yours. You didn’t kill him. You stole him and gave him to someone. But never, ever did you once wanted to kill him.”

Todd looked off as he cleared his throat. “How did you hear about that?” She smiled some as she tilted her head to the side. “I’m your lawyer. It’s my job to know all your secrets, dirty or not, and to be in the loop so I can give you the best defense possible.” She proudly stated to him. He watched her hold her head high, before she got up and went to pour two glasses of red wine. “Here’s a toast to you, Todd Manning. Congratulations on being a free man and for the man responsible where he belongs in jail.”

They took sips at the same time as Todd kept his eyes on her. “So, where does this leave us?” Evangeline pursed her lips together as she began to think once more. Todd chuckled as he closed the distance and kissed her again. He lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom. He gently placed her down on the softness of the bed. He broke the kiss as he brushed her bangs from her face. “Stop thinking, counselor. Just feel. Now, where does this leave us?”

Evangeline closed then opened her eyes quickly as she searched his face. “What about your kids? What about Blair?” He caressed her cheeks and smoothed back the hair that kept failing to her face as he answered. “I talk to Starr about everything. She knows and after everything with her Mother and Spencer, she’s actually given me her blessing. And she says thank you for saving her Daddy’s life.” He smirks lightly as he continues. “Jack is young and okay. He’ll fully understand it better when he gets older. I will talk to him again. And then I know Starr will explain it to him, herself. As for Blair. This time she has no one but to blame but herself. You never gave up on the fact I was and still will be forever innocent on this. And you kept my faith in myself and my hope for my life alive through it all. And that made me fall for you. Question, is how do you feel? Am I too forward about all this? If so, -.” His voice trailed off, as he was about to give up and get up off the bed. Evangeline reached out and held his hand as Todd turned back to her.

“Don’t go. I need you to stay.” He climbed back on the bed as hovered over her. “Why? What for?” Her hands automatically went around his shoulders as she spoke with clarity. “I’ve fallen for you too. I want to be with you Todd. I want to be yours Todd.” She smiled as they begin to kiss and strip off each other clothing, becoming one as a tune played in the ground, fading into existence.

~I found myself intoxicated by this drug Sent to my knees cause I'm addicted to your love All because I lose myself in you All because I lose myself in you

All because I lose, I lose myself in you All because I lose myself in you

If you share with me Then I'll find you And I'll meet you there, Down in nowhere

If you share with me Then I'll find you And I'll meet you there, Down in nowhere

Baby my life is yours Just open up the door I can't believe I found you, yeah-yeah

'Cause if you share with me Then I'll find you And I'll meet you there, Down in nowhere

Down in nowhere

Yeah-yeah, oh Lose myself, yeah

Yeah... Oh... ~~

The End