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This is another section for my interracial fan-fiction site that deals with fiction/ fan-fiction that has a interracial theme to it. I waqs running out of room and needed to use this available space I had made a while back. My main /first section is at'Change of Heart'. These are my original fan-fiction stories that I've written ,so please don't steal any part of them. If you want my help with an idea, just email me,I'll be glad to help. I hope you enjoy reading them as I enjoyed writing them. This site and my others are not affiliated with *NSYNC, NKOTB, Jive, WEG, OLTL,any other celebrities, shows,.... etc. No stories on here represent any actual events. Any fictional characters are copyrighted/owned by me. Thank you, Plagiarism is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE THING TO DO AND WHAT GOES AROUND...COMES AROUND RIGHT BACK TO YOU!!!!

This is a site that showcase all interracial fan-fiction and fiction. If you do not support or like anything interracial, then please leave. This place isn't for you
The following work/writings are purely fiction/fan-fiction. All stories based on celebrities/real people,Soap Operas, Songs,etc.; are works of fan-fiction/fiction and do not
necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All my stories are my work. Please don't take them and put your name on them or I will hunt you down like the rabid dog you are. Any you know what they do to rabid dogs. Remember Cujo and what happened to OLD YELLER?? 'NUFF SAID!

In other words:

Zero Tolerance